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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 68
October 28, 1996

Monday Night is Okay - No Surprises

Nitro Report

Stills of last night's Piper/Hogan confrontation. Tony is promising we will see that interview in it's entirety.

Juventud Guerrera vs. Lord Steven Regal for the TV Title - good to see Regal back even though I hate the guy. I can't imagine that the youngster has much chance in this match. We see Sting sitting up in the stands. He looks pretty dour tonight.

Juventud is wrestling a pretty good match as we cut to Syxx in the stands with a microphone welcoming the crowd to "NWO Nitro" - he invites Sting to join the NWO yet again. Stng continues to scowl.

Back in the ring things seem more even than I would have expected. In fact Juventud is in control until he goes for a high-flying somersault move and misses it. Regal makes him submit with a Regal roll.

Sting gets up and leaves as we go to commercial.

Stills of Lugar vs. Arn from last night. Tony mentions that Eddie Guerrero suffered broken ribs during his match with DDP last night.

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Mean Mike Enos - this could be a barn burner, certainly Page will not be the bigger man in this confrontation. He is smarter though and gets under the youngster's skin early on. Enos comes on strong then makes a mistake - Dallas is right there to capitalize. The NWO is cheering him on from the stands. Enos makes another short comeback and gets in some heavy shots. But then he pauses to gloat. He stays on top but keeps wasting time between assaults. As he's holding DDP on his shoulder trying to get in position for something, Page wiggles around and shifts his weight enough to get the Diamond Cutter and the win

Stills of the Cruiserweight Title match form last night.

Dean Malenko vs. Jim (the jobber) Powers - this one should be a squash but they have been letting Powers look better than he is lately for some reason so you never know what to expect when this guy wrestles. There's A.C. Green of the Phoenix Suns at ringside wearing an NWO T-shirt. Nick Patrick is officiating (and holding his neck already).

Powers is bigger and stronger (and dumber) then his opponent. He grabs a headlock and holds on for dear life. Unbelieveably (very unbelievably) Powers is out-wrestling Malenko at first. This can't last and be credible. It doesn't. Malenko gets his shots in but Powers over-powers him (why are they pushing this loser?). As usual, Teddy Long manages to distract the referree just when his man has the chance for a pin. Powers gets up to complain, turns his back on Malenko and never knows what hit him as Dean jumps on his back and uses leverage to pin his opponent. Cut to commercial.

Stills of the Faces of Fear vs. Benoit/McMichaels match - Tony says "...there is something beneath the surface" between Sullivan and Woman but "we're not sure what it is..." - they're married you dolt!!

Jeff Jarrett vs Ricky Morton - to really fine light-heavyweights. Ricky was always the heavy hitter of the Rock and Roll Express and he shows it here. This is a pretty even match. In fact Jarrett is largely frustrated during much of the action but eventually he gets the upper hand. Once in that positon he is relentless. Morton makes some room for himself using that lethal right hand but can't seem to follow up.

Jarrette's first Figure-Four attempt is twarted. After another quick exchange two's the charm.

The Giant taunts Jarrett from up in the stands. Calls the Horsemen pathetic. "You fight scared, you walk scared and you are scared" he declares. He promises to choke-slam Jarrett one of these days. And he promises to take all of the Horsemen out.

Jarrett in not intimidated, he invites the Giant to come down to the ring "right now". No takers of course. He promises the NWO will crumble - he calls for the WCW to unite to defeat the enemy. Cut to commercial.

High Voltage vs. The Amazing French Canadians - (yawn) Who really cares about either of these teams? As the Canadians sing the Canadian Anthem they are (predictably) Pearl Harbored by their younger opponents. (Hour two begins)

Back in the ring High Voltage is still in charge but not for long. The Canadians show that it's really no contest here. They are a great team...they use all their doubleteam Quebeker moves.

Suddenly the Nasties hit the ring - the Canadians split and High Voltage gets smashed.

Nasty Boys interview - they got fooled, they're pissed and they're still nasty...yadda, yadda...

Eric talks about Roddy Piper's appearance on the show last night. He claims that Piper asked for five minutes to confront Hogan and they granted him the time. The claim is that Piper has no professional connection with WCW. We'll see about that I'm sure.

Jimmy Grafitti vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - Bob Backlund's little brother (aka Jimmy Del Ray) is quite a wrestler to say the least...but Misterio dominates this match. Grafitti starts strong but loses the advantage right away. A little later he comes back and gets in some licks before Misterio takes over again and puts him away in short order.

The announcers mention that both Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero were pretty severly banged up last night. They will face each other next on the program. Cut to commercial.

Eric says they will address the Nick Patrick situation this evening.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit (w/Woman)- Benoit comes in with his shoulder heavily taped. Eddie is looking a little peaked as well. Cut to commercial.

Hogan is demanding interview time to reply to Piper.

Now that Eddie has his ring jacket off we see that he is also heavily taped up. Why is this match even happening? In fact Guerrero is clearly the one in the most pain. He winces with every move. A mid-ring collision renders both wrestlers immobile for several moments. The pace is definitely slower than usual for these two speed demons. Mr. and Mrs. Mongo come down to ringside.

Bischoff is declaring that he's certain Nick Patrick has joined the NWO (duh!). In the ring Benoit is relentless on Guerrero's injured ribs. Eddie finally suckers Chris into the corner and gets in some licks - but his pain is too great to sustain it for long. While Woman distracts Nick Patrick, Mongo sneaks in and whacks Guerrero's ribs with the Haliburton case. Benoit gets the pin.

Nick Patrick interview - Nick's lawyer does all the talking. He claims that Chris Jericho caused all the problems last night by attacking Patrick early on. Jericho comes out to dispute the claim but the lawyer is there to incite anger with his slurs. Teddy Long comes down and gets the same treatment - nothing is settled about Patrick.

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Booker T vs. Lex Lugar - this should have been a better match then it was. Lugar is bigger and stronger but Booker T is the better wrestler by far. He just can't seem to get started in this one however. Lugar is clearly more aggresive than we've ever seen him. Booker has to use a thumb to the eye to finally take the advantage about a quarter of the way into the match - and he loses it almost immediately. Lugar is in control again as we go to commercial.

Coming back, Booker has the upper hand briefly then Lugar is back. This time Booker maintains his cool and a series of kicks puts him back in charge. He puts Lugar down and goes for the Harlem Hangover...and misses it. Lugar starts to put Booker T into the rack but then notices Sting up in the aisle. He leaves the ring to confront his former friend and gets counted out.

Review of the Piper/Hogan confrontation - Eric says we'll get to see what we missed after the broadcast ended.

We come in as Hogan is admitting that he and Piper ran "neck and neck" in the WWF. Roddy points out that he started in the business at 15 when Hogan was still "playing bass at the Bar & Grill" and claims that he made the Hulkster a star by being such a great heel. He reminds Hogan that "...the fans made you a star" not the other way around. Pipers cajoles then him into shaking his hand and says "straighten up" as he leaves. Hogans parting shot (see Issue #67) brings Piper back into the ring...he tells Hogan that "...I'm the one who made you lose all that hair!"

The clip ends there because its time for Hogans live response. He demands that they dim the house lights and give him a spot. He claims to respect Savage but then insults his "...teeny tiny Slim Jim" He promises to "...take good care of Elizabeth." He praises the new Tag Champs then he spins the confrontation with Piper around and claims that Piper kowtowed to him and was afraid of him (yeah, right...)

Debiasi says that now that they (the NWO) have all the titles (he claims that the Giant is the US Champ) its time for Hogan to "entertain the crowd". Hogan goes into his old posing routine as we fade to black... What a gyp! We were promised the end of the confrontation and didn't get it so we could watch Hogan pose...give me a break (to quote Gorilla Monsoon).

A couple of good matches but not much excitement in this one I'm afraid.

RAW Report

Another Live broadcast this evening. Shawn Michaels will face the British Bulldog in the Main Event (Non-Title match). Bret Hart will face-off by satelite with Steve Austin who is chomping at the bit and complaining that he was brought to the arena while Hart gets to phone in his comments.

Double J Jesse James vs. Salvitore Sincerely - Vince refers to JJ as "Double J Jeff Jarrett" but the King corrects him. Apparently he knows who the "real" Double J is...

During the first exchange Salvitore and JJ trade reverses until Sal tumbles out of the ring. Back inside Sal takes charge briefly then loses the advantage and gets knocked off the apron into the railing. He never really regains his momentum after that. The match is hard fought (if uninspired) and Double J gets the duke. Austin is still having a fit because he isn't on camera yet. Cut to Survivor Series promo.

Crush approaches the ring as Marc Mero rags on Mr. Perfect by phone. Aldo Montoya is the opponent for this squash match. Early on Crush gorilla presses Aldo and then drops him face first out of the ring. Amazingly he gets back in and gets in a couple of shots in before the heart punch takes him out.

After the match Crush attacks a security man and has to be pulled off of him by the referrees. Of course there have been no repercussions for the attack on a "fan" that took place on SuperStars two weeks ago. What a farce.

Review of the "Perfect Plot" that gave Hunter Hearst Helmsley the IC Title. Cut to commercial.

Review of the SuperStars mayhem done to Pillman over the weekend by "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Stone Cold rages on as he waits for his interview time. Cut to another commercial.

Stone Cold and the Hitman are ready for their "confrontation" but the audio feed is breaking up. Sunny struts to the ring to call the action for the next match between Billy Gunn and Freddie Joe Floyd. Floyd is the better wrestler here but Billy's got the killer instinct. In the midst of the match Bart shows up.

Billy has come out to talk to Sunny but gets Bart in his face instead. The "brothers" are seperated before they can come to blows and Billy goes back to the match. Freddy takes advantage of Billy's distraction but doesn't stay on top long. Billy puts him down then drops a leg from the top.

Hart/Austin interview - Austin taunts while Hart calmly states his case. After the interview Austin attacks a production assistant and starts trashing the studio.

The British Bulldog enters with Owen Hart in tow. Owen takes a seat at the broadcast table. Backstage Austin is threatening a security guard sent to eject him from the building as we go to sell something.

HBK enters and does his dance routine - as usual he takes a few shots before ripping into his opponent. The Bulldog threatens to leave but thinks better of it. Michaels is taunting him back in the ring, lounging on the turnbuckle etc.

Another swift exchange and Shawn grabs a side headlock and works it. Bulldog eventually throws him off and after another flurry he presses his oppoentn over his head then drops him on the top rope. Backstage Austin is still raging - the police have been called. Cut to commercial.

We're back, and as usual at this point, the Bulldog is in charge (these HBK matches are getting too predictable). He's really taking it to the Champ now - Michaels can't seem to get anything going. Bulldog has s Shawn on his knees and is pounding on him as we cut away.

We're back and HBK starts to gain ground. A flying forearm puts both men down - but HBK is playing possum...he kips up as Bulldog is regaining his feet. Shawn tries a whip into the corner but gets reversed. Coming out of the corner he gets caught - the Bulldog has him in position for his patented running powerslam. He goes for it but HBK gets behind him and shoves him off and then scoop slams him. He climbs the ropes and hits the big elbow.

He's setting up for the super-kick when Owen interferes. They double team him in the corner until (naturally) Sid shows up. Together they clear the ring until Shawn gets back elbowed. Sid and Shawn go nose to nose (what again?). Will they come to blows?

Nah! Owen wants to challange them to a Tag Team Title match...sure this makes sense...of course they agree.

We see Austin being escorted into the waiting arms of the law as we fade away.

This show wasn't bad but it was definitely a letdown after the fireworks last week. The Steve Austin stuff seemed like a pale imitation of the NWO backstage shenanigans. I'd call it a toss up because the best match of the night was between Booker T and Lex Lugar. Shawn/Bulldog was okay but we see this match every time Shawn wrestles these days. Both ended in screw no winner there.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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