Solie's Tuesday Evening Special

Volume 1, Issue 7
May 28, 1996

In Your House II

This is a special report on the Replay of the IYH PPV.

It all starts with a replay of the Sunday night matches. Not surprisingly... the results are the same.

First up for the live matches - Vega vs. Austin: The Carribean Strap Match (Note: Ted DiBiasi has stipulated that he will leave the WWF if Austin loses this match)

This was definately a see-saw battle - Vega seems to have a better idea of what to do with the strap throughout the match (his stated record is 31 wins in this type of contest). He uses it at the beginning to smash Austin into the ring apron. The fight rages in and out of the ring, Vega fairs better during the first outside battle, later Austin sees some of his better moments out there as well. Both wrestlers attempt to make the circuit but can't get passed the third turnbuckle. Finally, Austin gets the upper hand and starts his progression. But wait! Savio is touching the corners right behind Austin - as they approach the last turnbuckle the score is tied! In trying to jerk Vega around, Stunning Steve manages to pull him right into the final corner! Vega wins. DiBiasi is outta here! Free to go to the WCW.

The battle of the Monsters. Vader vs. Yokozuna. Interestingly Yoko pinned Vader in the contest Sunday night. I have this information from a fan who was at the card. It was not revealed on TV.

The two giants go right at it. Yokozuna takes the early advantage but Cornette and Vader halt his momentum by complaining of a throat shot. Vader is obviously stalling - he doesn't want to engage the larger man. They face off - Vader in a three-point stance, Yoko in a Sumo crouch. Vader avoids he collision twice - then they collide and Vader goes down. Vader come back briefly but gets toppled then has his leg squashed. Vader is outside the ring and limping now. Yoko goes out after him and gets pounded. Back in the ring, Vader is again upended and has his leg squashed again. Another slug fest ends when Vader tries to slam Yoko but can't pick him up. Yoko turns the tables and chokeslams Vader. Picks him up in a fireman's carry and then slams him again. He drags Vader over to the corner and tries to drop on him. Cornette starts to interfere and gets dragged in and creamed. Now Yoko is getting ready to squash Cornette - but Vader is up and pulls him out of harms way. Yoko squashes his own butt, Vader bombs him and gets the pin.

Matches announced for King or the Ring include Lawler vs. The Warrior - sounds like a long night for the Burger King.

Time for the Casket Match (last night's Goldust/Ahmed Johnson encounter is reviewed). Goldust makes his entrance - then the lights go out. When they come back on Goldust is watching Paul Bearer approach the ring - Undertaker is behind him! The contest is all Undertaker in the early going. The fight goes outside where Goldy gets slammed headfirst into the top of the casket. Back in the ring UT gets downed twice - the second time its a tombstone piledriver - and does his pop-up routine both times. Goldust gets UT into the casket but can't get the lid closed. UT fights his way back out and into the ring. Then its back out to the floor. Goldust with the advantage (I keep expecting Mankind to show up). Back in the ring UT gets caught in a sleeper hold. Then he's out cold. Goldy rolls him into the casket but again UT fights his way back out. Undertaker takes over back in the ring - clotheslines both of them over the top and out to the floor. Now Goldust takes over - pummels his opponent and gets him back into the ring. Tries to pin him!!! Wrong rules Goldy! Dustin then tries UT's rope walking stunt but gets pulled off to the mat. UT piledrives Goldust - drags him to the casket, He opens it...theres Mankind - inside the casket! He surprises UT, dumps him into the casket and then proceeds to seal it up with Undertaker inside!! Smoke starts pouring out of the casket ...what's going on? They finally get it open...and the undertaker has vanished!! Wow! Two magic tricks in one match!! The lights go out...the program ends on this mysterious note.

All in all - between Sunday and tonight one of the better PPV shows I've seen.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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