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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 71
November 3, 1996

Solie's Exclusive!
Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column in the Calgary Sun

Report by Rudy Van Koll
Solie's Calgary Correspondent

Editor's Note: In this issue of Solie's Wrestling Newsletter we present our regular weekend feature - a summary of Bret Hart's weekly Calgary Sun column.

This weeks Calgary Sun column is titled "One tough decision!".

Bret starts off by mentioning most that readers have by now seen his RAW interview. He says, readers knew he that he was going to tell Vince McMahon whether or not he would return to the WWF or go to the competition. He wanted to go on RAW to tell WWF fans his plans were. He then goes on to tell us what happened before he appeared on RAW.

He says that when he was in his hotel room, "I was beginning to think I'd gotten myself into a heck of a predicament, because I had no idea what I was going to do!" He says it was mainly due to legal stuff. When he got the call, he went to the arena and walked out to tell the fans what he had just decided a few minutes earlier. "I had no time to prepare my speech and I'd have to think on my feet - on live international TV." He hoped what he would say would make sense to his fans. He then goes on to say how his Calgary Sun readers have had the inside scoop on what's been going on in his mind due to his column. He says "It didn't all come out exactly like I wanted it to, but I think I got my meaning across."

He then discusses Survivor Series and his match with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. He mentions how he has been away from the ring for 8 months and some fans are asking him if he has gotten rusty. He is wondering too, since this is his first prolonged break in 12 years. He says "I'll be coming back in much better shape than when I left." He says he is looking forward to the Austin matches, "It's obvious that his stone cold attitude needs some warming up, but his wrestling skill is red hot." He thinks Austin is the best wrestler in the WWF today-until Nov 17.

After that night, Austin will be the second best. He figures when Austin drops a notch in the standings, it will help motivate him. He says he finds "that the time to work the hardest is when I've got the #1 spot and I'm fighting to keep it." He figures that Austin's biggest problem, besides Bret, will be his inexperience. Austin has good moves but he (Bret) wrote what Austin's reading...and that book doesn't tell everything that the Hitman knows. He mentions that this is Austin's first Survivor Series and that this is also one of the toughest fights of the year. He mentions the Thanksgiving tradition, "and Austin still thinks they're talking about turkey."

The last part of his column today is a trivia question, about Survivor Series '90 - who was the mystery partner on the Million Dollar team, which had Dibiase, Valentine & Honkey Tonk Man. And what was the outcome of the match? (Any takers?)

In next weeks column he he will write about his own personal history at Survivor Series. All of his matches and "the high points and the crushing defeats." He then asks what his readers think was his best Survivor Series moment so far and invites them to write him c/o the Calgary Sun.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that WCW doesnt come to Calgary and isn't seen on local TV. Well, I stand to corrected. On Sunday nights, there is a one hour edited version of Nitro on our local Ch 7. And as mentioned in The Bagpipe Report, Jaques Rogeau says that the WCW is coming to Vancouver, Calgary and Montreal. So we'll have to wait and see.

Till next week - bye.

Rudy Van Koll

As always Rudy has given us an excellent report - thanks again Rudy!

Weekend in Review

It was reported on the WCW Main Event program this morning that Eric Bischoff flew out to Oregon this weekend and is in negotiations with Rowdy Roddy Piper to book a match between him and Hulk Hogan - the 1980's live again...but I wouldn't mind seeing that match all the same.

The fate of Macho Man Randy Savage is apparently still up in the air. Despite conflicting reports on the WCW Hotline and all over the Internet, as far as I can tell there has been no definitive word on whether Savage will jump to the WWF.

LiveWire continues down...

WWFLiveWire was a dud this yesterday morning. They really haven't had a good week since the time Vince McMahon was on. Telephone problems early in the show didn't help the situation any. Farrooq made an appearance with a new image (I hope this means he's getting rid of that stupid ring attire he's been wearing) and Clarence Mason at his side. They talked about something called "The Nation of Domination" (which sounded like a take-off on the Nation of Islam - the new outfit was suggestive of the Muslims as well).

He got into it briefly with Ahmed Johnson over the phone but they really just talked past each other - neither of them scored any points. No familiar sounding voices today - but they didn't take that many phone calls because of their connection problems. One caller told Farrooq to "...cut the crap.." and took him to task for changing his name from Ron Simmons. He mentioned Simmons impressive amateur and professional athletic career. Another echoed those sentiments, a third (female) caller called Mason a "Johnny Cocheron wannabe".

WCW Saturday Night

"Jack Boot" made his second appearance yesteday on WCW Saturday Night in a match tagging with Chavo Guerrero Jr. against the DOD's Bubba and Kevin Sullivan. Isn't this guy Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker (aka the Leprechaun)?

Dusty Rhodes got off a great line - referring to Big John Tenta as he layed a big forarm on the back of Jeff Jarrett "...excuse me, here's a big piece of meat on the back of your head!" (Jarrette won the hard fought match with a bull-dog off the top rope).

Pat Tanaka took on the Giant for the NWO's extended squash farce match in an empty arena. The Giant entered wearing the WCW US Belt and was introduced as "the US Champion" by ring announcer Syxx. Commentary provided by the Outsiders (Scott Hall has dropped his latino accent entirly for this one). This stuff is so silly...

Right at the end of the segment they seemed to be announcing an NWO PPV for sometime in January - no confirmation on that as yet.

Speaking of the NWO - we have still not seen the end of the confrontation between Hogan and Piper during the PPV. Bischoff promised to show us this footage last Monday on Nitro but failed to deliver when they cut it off to show Hogan's pose-down instead. Since then they have had two opportunities to show the tape but have cut it off each time even earlier than the broadcast on the PPV (which faded out in the middle of a Piper haraungue)

Chris Benoit's shoulder injury hardly seemed to slow him down at all in the early going of his WCW Saturday Night main event match against fellow Hart Dungeon alumni Chris Jericho. Jericho took maximum advantage of the injury and might have got a submission if not for the interference of Nancy Sullivan and Nick Patrick's seeming indifference to same. Benoit and Sullivan's wife seem to have patched up their differences. He was calling her "Nancy" during an interview following the Jericho match by the way. Benoit and Kevin Sullivan have been signed for another contest coming up in Baltimore (the site of their infamous "bathroom match").

WWF SuperStars Doings

At the top of the program the announcers (Ross/Perfect) are talking about Steve Austin missing several house shows this week - speculating that he is making his way to Cinncinatti (apparently he's hitch-hiking...) to be on hand for Brian Pillman's live satelite interview coming up on RAW Monday night (and yet he's in the arena for this broadcast - puzzle that one out). I wonder if Monsoon will slap an appearance bond on him (ala the Warrior)...

Jesse James wrestles another un-inspired match against a jobber (Frank Stiletto). Vince and company are trying really hard to put this guy over but I think they're doomed to failure. They could start by getting him a less "dorkish" wrestling outfit...

Yet another Bret Hart interview conducted via satelite (clearly Bret isn't buying into the idea of having Austin attack him in the middle of an interview - I wonder if that was one of his "conditions" for re-signing).

In the interview Bret says that he had taken a lot of beatings prior to his Title contest with Shawn Michaels and that he wasn't 100% and that's why he lost and why he decided to take six months off to recover. To Mr. Pefect's question about whether he's ready to face Austin Bret answered that he hasn't been "...twiddling his thumbs", he says he's been training and he's ready for the match. He reiterates his feeling that Austin is the best wrestler currently in the WWF. Ross asks if Shawn Michaels should consider that statement as a slap in the face and Hart replies, "I hope he does..."

When asked to comment about Austin's attack on Brian Pillman he states that he's trying to feel some sympathy for Pillman but he doesn't know where Pillman is coming from. He likens Austin to a Hyena who "...eats his young".

Somehow Crush managed to get away from the ring area after his match without assaulting anyone.

As usual the main event pitting Marc Mero vs. Goldust was held off until the last few minutes of the broadcast thus insuring a screwjob ending. Obligingly Perfect and Hunter Hearst Helmsley provide it - Perfect accosts Sable while Hunter attacks Mero in the ring. Then the "Stalker" (Barry Windham) shows up to assure that the DQ happens as planned. This "bait and switch" tactic is really getting old...

A Correction

By the way, my apologies - I told you that last Monday's RAW seemed to be a live program but in fact the only live part was the Hart/Austin joint interview. The rest of the show was cleverly integrated taped footage. The WWF is undoubtedly the best at this type of post-production work.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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