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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 74
November 7, 1996

Bret Hart on AOL

Editor's Note: Here's an America On Line Chat with Bret Hart

Question: Bret, here is the first question. Why did you come back to the WWF?

Bret: I came back to the WWF to put the REAL back into wrestling and to bring a little more integrity back to a profession that sometimes appears like it's going down a toilet. I feel I have a responsibility to millions of wrestling fans and in particular to all of my "Hit Man" friends. I wanted to come back and put wrestling back in focus because I feel that wrestling is getting far to "hokey".

Question: Bret, why did you accept Stone Cold's challenge? Why not go after WWF Champion Shawn Michaels?

Bret: Well, for one, I think that Shawn will be very tough to beat right now. After watching him fight Mankind, I felt that it was his best match to date and he looked absolutely fantastic! I need to take my time and work my way back up to a title shot and not blow it when I get there. All good things come to those who wait.

Question: Last night on Raw, Stone Cold broke in to Pillmans house. Comments?

Bret: I thought that whole segment was deplorable! And I feel that my coming back to the WWF is very much parallel with a sheriff coming back to a wild west town that has gone bad...I can't wait to face Steve Austin and all the other excrement roaming the WWF.

Question: Bret, why did you pass on WCW's offer to wrestle for their Federation?

Bret: It was a very tough decision because the WCW made me a splendid offer, but you can't put a price tag on loyalty. The WWF has been very good to me over the years and despite how things might seem to some people, they are definitely still at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. The WWF is without a doubt the biggest named company in the world. My legacy in the WWF is priceless and my relationship with my fans is honest and true and I could never sell them out.

Question: Bret, how do you feel about the WWFs current lean towards a more "Extreme" style of wrestling? Do you feel it will benefit in the long run?

Bret: Not at all. I think it was deplorable and I think that it is a poor strategy to make wrestling more hokey than it was. Basically there are two kinds of wrestling -- real wrestling and fake wrestling. I am coming back to the WWF to professionally wrestle for real. It is one thing to dress wrestling up to make it more exciting and it is another thing to take its credibility altogether and turn it into a farce. People are sick and tired of wrestling becoming a stage for bad actors and bad athletes, instead of the other way around.

Question: Bret, do you see any reconciliation with Slammy Award-winning Owen Hart in your future, near or far?

Bret: Doesn't look like it, but you never know when the sun is going to break through the clouds.

Question: I am saying hello to Bret. I met him in 1983 in Stampede wrestling when I worked for a professional theater in Calgary. I would like to know if his oldest son wants to carry on the tradition of the Hart Family?

Bret: No, I would guess that it looks like he is shying far away from that, and I will never push him in any way to becoming a wrestler. At the same time, I never had any plans to be a wrestler at his age either. However, wrestling in the WWF for starters, to be quite honest, it is a much better than average way to make a living and as he gets older it wouldn't surprise me if he found himself craving the adventure and the excitement of being an international superstar in the wacky world of wrestling.

Question: Bret, how are the Hitmen(your Hockey team) doing? And where can I get one of those Hitmen hockey jerseys?

Bret: Well, they are playing like !@#$!!! Unfortunately, we had an unfortunate incident at the start of the season and we lost our head coach for reasons I'd rather not go into, but we now have a new head coach and I am more confident than ever that we can turn things around very shortly. We have our big gun back, Schultz, who is the toughest player in the League. As for where to get the uniform the address is Suite 120, 1212 First St. SE, Calgary, Canada T2G 2H8. You will also be able to buy some new WWF merchandise of my hockey team at the arenas.

Question: How's Stu doing?

Bret: He is doing excellent. He worries a lot about Jim Neidhart but, don't we all? Thanks for asking!:)

Question: After the South Africa tour you tagged with the Wildman. Is this something you would be interested in doing it in the near future?

Bret: Not particularly. I am in search of bigger game...maybe someday way down the line.

Question: Bret, if you didn't return to wrestling, what would you be doing?

Bret: I would probably be actively pursuing my acting career, which I am still actively pursuing and shall continue to do so. I am not really sure, but I kind of get the impression that of all the wrestlers that have tried to break into Hollywood or acting in general, that I have been the best one. I would like to stay involved with that and I am always looking to break new ground whenever I get the right chance. Being home a lot would be nice, too.

Question: Hit Man, if you didn't return, could you live with the fact that you lost the WWF Title to Shawn Michaels?

Bret: Sure. I have no regrets about that match. I gave 110% and I am proud of myself! I think my true fans were proud of me and that is all that ever counts.

Question: BRET, what do think about the ratings war? Do you feel you can help the WWF's ratings? What do you think of the NWO angle in WCW?(KCurrah sent this in.)

Bret: I like to hope that people will tune in to me, but it might be a little unfair for people to expect me to solely turn the ratings war around. But I would most certainly like to watch me on the WWF than anything or anybody in the WCW. As for the NWO and the latest goings on down would think most people would rather watch some old Wrestlemania I or II tapes rather than watch Hulk Hogan and his entourage. I am not trying to be mean, but a couple of days ago I saw Hulk Hogan on TV and I really think he is starting to look like Colonel Sanders. I think the best wrestlers down there in the WCW are their little guys and I don't believe that they will ever get any recognition competing against the NWO.

Question: Bret, where do you see wrestling in the next 5-10 years?...Will technical wrestlers like yourself be replaced by high-fliers?

Bret: I would like to hope not, the backbone of professional wrestling has and always will be carried by the likes of Lou Thez, Dory Funk Jr., Harley Race, Bob Backland, Bret Hart and even Steve Austin. Wrestling will survive... if it is built on wrestlers that can really wrestle. As a person who grew up being a great fan, I never particularly liked wrestlers that were too loose and I believed solely in wrestlers that could look the part, talk the part and wrestle the part. Thanks for having me, I look forward to whoopin' Stone Colds @#! at Survivor Series in New York City. I will see everybody there. Thanks and good night.

OnlineHost: Yes, we will see it...The match of the year...Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold!! November 17th LIVE at SURVIVOR SERIES!!

End of Chat Transcript

A very classy interview and a far cry from the usual "in character" stuff we get on AOL. Sounds like he's not too worried about Steve Austin.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

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