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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 76
November 11, 1996

Sting Interferes in Jarrett's Match

Stone Cold "Declines to Prosecute"

Mean Gene Returns to WCW

Nitro Report

Review of Jeff Jarrett's statement from last week.

Chris Benoit vs. Jeff Jarrett - this match is JJ's baptism by fire for his place in the Horsemen. It should be a great match because Jarrett has something to prove and Benoit won't make it easy on him. (Sullivan interviewed in an inset - he says that he has felt the same "desire" as Benoit - that the "same words" have been said to he talking about Woman?). The match is pretty even - Jarrett has the experience edge - Benoit the power and raw talent. No clear advantage going into the first commercial.

Coming back the match has degenerated into a brawl. Jarrett seems to be out-wrestling his opponent. Benoit is getting frustrated. They're doing a lot of rolling around on the mat, trading head shots. Neither seems to be able to take the advantage until Jarrett suplexes Benoit from inside the ring out to the floor.

Suddenly Sting is in the ring. He comes up behind Jarrett and slop-drops him! The he leaves the ring. Benoit is disqualified for outside interferance. Nancy is trying to convince Benoit to help his opponent up, "He's WCW" she says. he points at the retreating Sting, "...we don't know what he is." Benoit seems more inclined to attack...but then helps Jarrett the hair! Cut to commercial.

We're back and Tony is starting to talk about Flair's surgery but he's interrupted by a fan who hands him a package with a videotape in it. He says the tape will explain a lot about the Piper/Hogan situation. There is a note that explains that the tape was shot in Europe in 1992.

Video of Flair's doctor talking about his treatment of Flair's injuries. The Doc says that Flair will definitly be back.

Zero (formerly Nagayo) w/Sonny Oono vs. Hosaka - Women's Title Tournament match. Hosaka goes right after Zero but can't make a dent in the much larger woman. Zero goes to work and it's no contest. Hosaka is game but ineffective. Zero wins with a modified "Razor's Edge" move.

Mean Gene(!) interviews Diamond Dallas Page - they show clips illustrating how the NWO have been cheering him on lately. Included is tape of the Outsiders' attack on Ice Train. Dallas denies the connection...the Outsiders show up and they are openly recruiting Page. He's upset because they didn't call on him sooner. They counter by saying that they were "looking out" for him...because of the "politics" of the situation. He isn't buying it...nothing is settled. Cut to commercial.

Ciclope (see-clope-pay) vs. Rey Misterio Jr. - (Ultimo Dragon is at ringside with Sonny Oono and is displaying four of his eight title belts). Misterio is really outweighed in this one but he is clearly the superior talent. But after a crashing dive to the outside where both men get smashed into the railing he is groggy. Back inside he goes for a springboard move and gets caught and powerbombed. Now its all Ciclope. (Dean Malenko is scouting the match from the foot of the ramp) The match goes on in Ciclope's favor (Now Sichosis has appeared on the ramp behind Malenko).

In the ring Misterio is getting creamed. He finally slips between Cyclope's legs then lays in a spin kick. Misterio pulls off a springboard Moonsault. He takes his opponent to the top and head-scissors him to the floor. Back inside he throws a springboard Frankensteiner to get the win.

Malenko turns away and is confronted by Sichosis, who turns and walks away. Cut to commercial.

Tony promos the WCW website then a parade of NWO fans with signs descends the ramp followed by the Outsiders and Syxx. They invade the broadcast position - Lengendary Larry seems inclined to protest but thinks better of it. Hall and Nash aren't satisfied with the portion of the Saturday show they've been given. They want to take over Nitro!! Cut to commercial.

We come back to find that Tony and Larry have bailed...Eric, Mike Tenay and Heenan are in charge.

Scott Norton vs. Lex Lugar - this match has excellent potential. We see Arn ranting about how he's going to take Lugar out - yatta, yatta, yatta...

The match ensues (Sting is looking on). Things are pretty even at the outset, then Norton gets Lugar outside and takes over. They're back in the ring just before we go to commercial.

We're back and Norton is really taking it to the "Package" (Eric says they are reviewing the tape that was handed to Tony earlier). Lugar makes a brief comeback but fails to get the pin. Norton comes back strong and puts Lugar down. But then he goes for an off-the-top move and misses. Lugar racks him.

Eric is talking about WW3 - Tenay picks Lugar as a favorite, Bobby's betting on Malenko.

Review of Sting's actions earlier in the program. The announcers seem puzzled by Sting's actions - I guess they don't remember that Jarrett has been dissing him for weeks.

Mean Gene interviews Lugar - asks him about Sting. Lugar repeats his mantra on the subject, offers another apology for not believing in Sting.

They have decided to show the "Mystery Tape". Eric has been told that it's "interesting". He says he talked to Piper on Tuesday and things are looking better...

Amazing French Canadians (w/Col. Parker!) vs Harlem Heat (w/Sherri) - a re-match from the Saturday program (we see a review of that matches ending on split screen as this contest begins).

The Canadians come on strong right out of the chute...they're looking good for about a minute. Then the Heat regain their composure (the Nasty Boys have shown up at the back door - they want to talk to Doug Dillenger who tells them to leave, they are escorted away and end up in a conversaton with Ed Leslie outside - another would-be NWO member).

Back in the ring the Heat are raving, the Canadians are gone, Sherri is threatening to kill Parker...I guess they all were counted out. Cut to commercial.

Konan vs. Chris Jericho - this is a great match. As it gets underway we review Jericho's father's hockey career.

The action is fast and furious untill Chris goes for an inside to out springboard bodypress. Konan sidesteps...Jericho splashes the concrete. back in the ring Konan punishes his opponent with a head vice. Jericho breaks free but the Konan gets him with a drop-kick in the knee. Chris gets powerbombed. Konan goes to work on the left arm then flings Jericho into the corner and drop-kicks him in the midsection.

Somehow Chris comes back and now things are more even, but Patrick is spoiling his progress because of his "sore neck"...Jericho almost runs him down but puts on the brakes. Then he gets shoved into the referree and Patrick disqualifies him!! When are they going to suspend this guy...?

Eric is saying that the "Mystery Tape" is a Piper interview and they plan to show it later (I wonder if that's legal if it's really a tape from another promotion?) Cut to commercial.

We come back to a match in progress between Miguel (the Gorilla) Perez vs. Guventud Guerrera (Perez may be the hairiest man I've ever seen). Eric says that Jericho was all over Patrick during the break (does that mean he attacked him?).

Things are very fast-paced in the ring. Juventude goes for a spectacular splash on the outside and misses! Then he gets powerbombed on the concrete. Yet he comes back! He's dominating things in the ring now - but then Perez rolls him up and gets the pin.

Debiasi is up in the rafters with a mic. He's trying to recruit Sting. He has a T-Shirt for him. Cut to commercial.

Faces of Fear vs American Males - I expect Bagwell to make his heel-turn this evening but it doesn't happen. In fact the Males are on top of their game tonight. (Eric says the video is a Piper music video).

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The Faces are overwhelming as usual - Bagwell starts to get his clock cleaned. Riggs gets in and starts to clean house untill he goes for a drop-kick and bagwell trips the Barbarian from the outside. Riggs drop-kicks the air and falls to the mat. Meng gets in a kick and finishes it.

Piper Video - it is a music video - Piper is singing a love song called "I'm Your Man"...catchy tune actually. We see Piper working out in the gym, frolicking on the beach with an unidentified woman (probably not his wife - this lady hasn't had 6 kids...) In several scenes we see the electronic sign outside the Hollywood Bowl which reads, "The Ultimate Bout - Roddy Piper vs. Hulk Hogan".

Hogan time - he has Elizabeth in tow dressed up as a Santa's Helper (very fetching actually) - she looks disgusted. The Giant, Vincent and Debiasi are along for the ride. Hogan shows off Liz then banishes her from the ring. He touts his "Santa With Muscles" movie. Nick Patrick is in the ring as well. Hogan does his posing schtick...fade to black.

This has been one of the better Nitro programs lately with several decent matches and a little drama with the Sting/Jarrett incident - maybe Eric is getting the message that he can't just coast week after week...

RAW Report

Review of the Sid/Michaels face-off last week.

They're opening the show with the Sid/Shawn vs. Owen/Davey Boy match for the Tag Team Titles. Sid enters and then Michaels does his thing. As they prepare for battle we see Austin a split screen - he's threatening Bret Hart who's also in the arena tonight (or whenever this program was taped).

Owen attacks Sid before the bell but only succeeds in getting his attention (barely). They have an exchange then Shawn is tagged in. HBK clotheslines Owen to the outside as we cut to commercial.

As we return the Bulldog is in with Shawn - HBK is in control. Tags in Sid who takes over until he puts his head down and gets caught and suplexed. He comes right back however and tags Michaels in. Owen cheap shots Shawn to turn the tables. Now their taking turns on the downed HBK (inexplicitly, Vince is crowing about there never having been a "betting scandal" in the any body bets on wrestling matches). Sid is cheerleading from the apron. Shawn is getting clobbered. Sid is not helping the situation by distracting the referree while Shawn gets double-teamed. He seems to be doing it deliberately as we cut to commercial.

We're back and HBK is still getting stomped. Suddenly Michaels starts a flurry but gets cut short by a boot to the groin from the Bulldog (ouch!!)

Owen goes for an off-the-top dropkick as Bulldog holds Shawn but Davey Boy gets it instead. Sid tags in and he's cleaning house but gets sucker punched by Owen. Shawn is in and is going for his super-kick - Owen ducks and Sid gets it on the chin (of course). He's out cold.

Outside Owen and Shawn go at it while Davey Boy stomps on the unconscience Sid in the ring. HBK wins his fight and goes back in to drive off the Bulldog only to get caught by Owen in another one of those back-of-the-head kicks that Owen loves to put on him. Now HBK and Sid are both out in the ring as we go to commercial.

We see a review of the closing moments of the match as we return. Apparently Shawn and Sid came to and went after each other during the break. They have been seperated by the officials in the back. Cut to Survivor Series promo with Doc Hendrix.

Kevin Kelly is ready to interview Sid as soon as he cools off.

Mankind vs. Freddie Joe Floyd - Floyd holds his own at the beginning but it can't last. The Executioner stands at ringside (I keep hearing that this is Terry Gordy but the close-ups of this guy's face don't look like him to me - his body looks leaner than I remember Gordy being as well - maybe he's been sick...) Of course Mankind gets his fingers down Floyd's throat and its all over.

The Undertaker's music tolls and the lights go out. Here comes that cage agin with the Paul Bearer effigy hanging inside lowering from the ceiling. The voice of the Undertaker rings through the arena - he's threatening Paul Bearer with torture and torment...

Rocky Maivia video - this kid has a great heritage. He should be getting the push they're likely to give that greenhorn Mark Henry...

Kevin Kelly with Sid - Sid still thinks HBK hit him with the chair last week (I guess he doesn't pay attention to taped replays...) He plans to win next week (well duh!) - he's still the ruler of the world etc. This guy goes over great with the fans but his interviews are way too predictable.

Steve Austin says Bob Holly will get squashed later...he invites Bret to watch the match, then watch out cause he's "...comin' after you, son". He says he plans to go find Bret in his dressing room...maybe Bret will have his Glock on hand...

Another round of "Karate Fighters" - Sable beats a drooling Doc hendrix...

Kevin Kelly with Shawn Michaels (first lets review his appearance on Regis and Kathy Lee) then to the interview - Shawn complains that everybodies ragging on him (Bret, Sid etc.) Says he knocked Sid out cold tonight and he'll do it again on Sunday.

Austin vs. Bob Holly - Jim Ross comes to ringside for this one. Says he had lunch with Steve Austin today (whenever). In the ring the match is a back and forth affair with Stone Cold dominating for the most part. Holly is giving a good account of himself but he's losing ground. (JR announces that he's signed a match between Austin and Vader for next week)

Bret hart is watching the match in split screen - drinking decaf coffee - he looks pretty calm. In the ring Holly is getting waxed...cut to commercial.

Coming back - Austin has about three minutes to wrap up the match and go after Bret. Bob Holly isn't cooperating - he gets a weak Frankensteiner then a very effective drop-kick on his opponent. He tries to come off the top on the prone Austin but gets a boot to the jaw. Austin gets the pin after a Stone Cold Stunner - rolls out of the ring and heads for the locker rooms.

He gets to Bret's door - then turns to the camera and says he won't give us the Survivor Series match for free - we're going to have to pay for it. He rattles the door knob, shouts some threats and walks away...fade to black.

One good (if predictable) match, some guns (thats a plus). Not bad but not a great show either.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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