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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 79
November 17, 1996

Survivor Series 1996

Bret Hart Defeats Steve Austin

Psycho Sid Wins the WWF Championship

Undertaker Defeats Mankind

ECW/WWF Angle Fails to Materialize

Weekend Review II

WWF Superstars

The announcers were hinting at Curt Hennig's expected departure this morning. Claiming that he and Hunter Hearst Helmsley had a "not too pleasant" meeting before last night's Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Mr. Perfect, who was supposed to be on the dais, was a no-show for the ceremony. Looks like I might have been right after all about the non-existence of the "Perfect Alliance".

Shawn Michaels delivered another great interview this morning, sitting in the stands at MSG with Vince McMahon, he answered questions about what being in wrestling means to him and displaying a refreshing humility that doesn't surface that often in today's crop of young athletes.

Jim Ross is saying that the "Mystery Partner" for tonight's PPV will be someone not on the current WWF roster. (I will "stake my journalistic integrity" on the fact that it won't be Sting :-) I've heard speculation that it could be Randy Savage, Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka or any number of other well-known wrestlers. I would be surprised if it is Savage - I still have a feeling that the talk of his leaving the WCW is a bit premature (I read yesterday that there was a segment taped right after Halloween Havoc showing Savage in a violent argument with Eric Bischoff to be used in case he does decide to jump ship).

There was a very competitive match pitting Bob Holly and Billy Gunn on this mornings show. JR referred to Holly as possibly the "most underrated athlete in the WWF". I would tend to agree with that assessment.

In an unusual Tug-of-War competition we got to see Mark Henry put his "world's strongest" body up against the power of Crush. Predictably, Henry won the encounter despite the assistance of HHH and Goldust on the side of Crush. Also predictably, the three Survivor Series partners attacked Henry en masse after the contest. Look for Henry to be out of the competition tonight...

Survivor Series 1996


Bart Gunn/Bob Holly/Aldo Montoya/Double J vs. Billy Gunn/Salvitore Sincere/Hawk Bradshaw/the Sultan - Sultan dominates Aldo at the beginning and eliminates him with a Camel Clutch - Holly rushes in gets a sleeper then turns it into a bulldog. Sultan counters with a belly-to-belly (cut to Hart/Austin promo).

We return to Bart in with Salvitore - Bart gets double-teamed in the corner and gets knocked to the outside - but he comes back in and manages to eliminate Sal. Bradshaw in and the two rawboned cowboys face off. Pretty even match here. Holly tagged in and Bradshaw takes over. (Doc Hendrix is back in the locker room area trying to let Austin know that his match with Bret is for World Title contention status - he gets thrown out by Austin before he can deliver the news) Bradshaw gets eliminated as we come back (looked like a short count to me) then Double J eliminates the Sultan. Immediately Billy eliminates Double J. Now its the Gunns one on one. Billy calls his "brother" an S.O.B. - right away Bart throws a flying body press and gets the pin. Bart's team wins.

Doc interviews Billy whose fuming - he challanges Bart to get in the ring "right now" (didn't we just see that?).

Todd Pettingill is in the ring whipping up the crowd - the King comes down and gets in his face - their stalling for the beginning of the PPV. Cut to another Austin/Hart promo.

Pay-Per-View begins

British Bulldog/Owen Hart/New Rockers vs. Phillipe LaFon/Doug Furnas/Godwins - LaFon vs. Jannetty to start - LaFon takes early advantage - Cassidy tagged in - LaFon retains control, goes for submission hold which fails - tags in Phineous. Cassidy is overpowered (I hear catcalls at ringide that include the phrase "ECW" - maybe that thing will happen tonight)

Tag Champs double-team PIG - Owen in and takes over control. Another double-team ensues then Cassidy is back in - tags in Jannetty after one exchange - good strategy. Jannetty maintains advantage but then goes for a high risk move and misses it. HOG tagged in and eventually eliminates Jannetty with a Slop-Drop.

Owens rushes in and pins Henry. Still three on three. Bulldog in and powerslams Phineous for pin. Three on two now. Furnas in vs. Bulldog - good power matchup - Furnas goes for a dropkick but Bulldog ducks it, Furnas ganged up on in the corner. Owen in and softening Furnas up for the Sharpshooter. He goes for it but gets cradled and almost pinned. Now their taking turns on Furnas. Cassidy in - LaFons gets tagged in and eliminates Cassidy. Now it's LaFon and Furnas vs the Tag Champs.

Owen is in with LaFon and is dominating him but can't get the pin. Bulldog comes in and kicks his opponent in the groin (he's getting pretty free with that move lately). After a couple of exchanges LaFon eliminates Bulldog. Now it's two on one. Owen is in with LaFon and still in control. He gets a sharpshooter - Furnas breaks that up. LaFon kicks Owen right in the chops - Furnas tagged in - his second pin attempt is successful.

Ahmed Johnson interview - it is one day until his suspension is up...

Kevin Kelly with Mankind and Paul Bearer - Mankind says he'll "stomp the Undertaker like a cockroach..." Bearer says he won't go into the cage.

Back to the ring - Mankind and Paul Bearer make their entrance - the cage is waiting in the ring. Bearer tries to leave the ring and he's arguing his case hen the lights go out...the Undertaker is descending from the rafter wearing bat wings!! (sort of a dark angel if you will...) He's got a new all-leather get-up on and his hair is braided and held back out of his face. Paul jumps into the cage to avoid contact...

The match goes outside immediately then back in. The Undertaker is actually wrestling! He takes Mankind down with a drop-toe hold then goes for an arm-bar submission hold. It becomes apparent that he is pursuing a strategy of neutralizing Mankinds claw-hand. He stomps on the fingers (like they were cockroaches...) then takes his opponent outside and smashes his hand into the ring steps. Match is in and then outside again. Mankind is getting creamed until he starts throwing his body around. His hand is hurting him but he seems to be recovering. Undertaker gets back in control and bites the hand! Mankind comes back with a piledriver then goes for the claw but it's blocked, moments later Undertaker goes for his Tombstone but Mankind gets his hand in his mouth. Undertaker uses the hand for leverage and flings his opponent outside. He goes out and bashes Mankind's head into the steps.

Back inside he pulls off his rope-walking stunt but Mankind comes right back. He puts Undertaker down and goes to the top...but gets caught. They're back on the mat and Mankind gets the claw but its not having it's usual effect. Undertaker grabs him by the throat gets to his feet and chokeslams him. Undertaker rushes his opponent who ducks. Undertaker to the floor. mankind throws a body block and misses. Back inside Undertaker is again working on the injured hand. They both go down, now Mankind has a weapon in his good hand. He uses it on Undertaker's head - twice - then he starts grinding it into his head. They struggle in the corner - Mankind is still trying to use the weapon but Undertaker gets the Tombstone and pins him.

Paul Bearer's cage is lowered tothe mat. Of course the Executioner interferes - Paul Bearer flees the ring - Undertaker wins but doesn't get his revenge - damn! that means we'll have to suffer through yet another Mankind/Undertaker match...

Sunny comes down to ringside and joins the broadcast team. Jim Ross has been taunting McMahon all evening but he just laughs it off.

Goldust/Crush/Lawler/Helmsley vs. Marc Mero/Stalker/Rocky Maivia/Jake Roberts (replacing the injured Mark Henry) - Windham and Helmsley, make that Goldust and Mero. Mero takes control right away. Windham tagged in and takes over. Helmsley tagged in - Windham tries to get Mero in with him but Hunter tags Crush. Mero controls Crush -tags in Maivia. He's pulled into a corner (the wrong one) and ganged on. Lawler tags in and gets his clock cleaned (I loved that part) - he tags in HHH. Hunter has better luck and suplexes Maivia then tags in Goldust. They continue to beat on Maivia - Crush in - keeps up the pressure - King back in and maintains control. Hunter in again - Maivia starts to come back with great right hands. Jake tagged in and is a house afire but he gets suckered into the opposing corner and gets nailed. Lawler is in (of course), throws a few punches but then starts showboating - he gets DDT'd and eliminated. Goldust comes in fast but Jake manages to tag in Windham who looks amazingly like his dad with that moustache. Goldust gets the Curtaincall - Windham eliminated.

Mero rushes in but gets caught - Helmsley tagged in and is very aggressive. He delivers some punishment and then tags in Crush who can't seem to put Mero down. They move him into the corner and pummel him. Goldust comes in and attempts a pin - no soap - Crush back in, then Helmsley again - Mero is really taking it. Amazingly, after Jake creates a distraction, the Wildman gets a Mero-sault on Hunter and pins him.

Crush comes in but gets knocked outside. Mero throws an inside-to-out splash and hits the concrete instead of his intended target. While we watch an instant replay - Mero is eliminated. Crush heart-punches Roberts and eliminates him.

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Maivia in against Crush. Gets suckered into a test of strength and gets cheapshot. Goldust and Crusgh double-team him, Crush goes for the heart-punch but gets Goldust instead. Maivia eliminates Crush while he is confused then moments later pins Goldust.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Bret hart - they face off in the ring and Austin flips a "double bird" in Bret's face! Austin is trying unsuccessfully to get Bret's goat during the first part of the match. They exchange arm-wringers and then hammer-locks. Bret puts Austin on the mat and drives the knee into his tricep. Both guys are consentrating on mat wrestling. Austin finally breaks free and goes to the heavy artillary. Hart out-wrestles him and regains the advantage. Still working on the left arm.

Steve turns the tables with a Stun-gun - now Austin is cheapshotting - using the ring ropes to his advantage. This is when Bret Hart is most dangerous of course, when you think you have him down, get overconfident and he springs back...

Still - Bret is really taking it. Austin alternates rest holds and punishing knee drops. They get to their feet and a fist fight ensues which Austin wins. Hart comes back with a flurry and goes for a bulldog but gets shoved off into the turnbuckle. Austin takes him up and tries for a superplex but gets shoved off. Hart drives his patented fist from the top but can't follow it up. Goes for his backbreaker over the knee but gets a finger in the eye. He gets flung to the outside and crashes into the barrier. Austin goes out and continues to work on him. Hart gets posted back first. Austin is distracted by some ringsiders - Bret nails him and throws him back into the ring. Now its all Hart inside and out. Austin catapults Hart onto the Spanish commentators' table. They roll under the table, Hart gets pummeled then slamed on the table. Austin leaps off the apron and delivers the point of his elbow to Hart's chest (ouch!) Hart manages to climb onto the apron and is suplexed into the ring. Austin goes for the pin but fails - twice. Then he slaps on an abdominal stretch - he's using the ropes for leverage but gets caught by the referee. Another slugfest ensues and this time Bret wins it. Bret gets Austin in a Stun-gun! But he's almost out on his feet - goes for the pin but fails. He piledrives Austin, another pin attempt fails.

Bret gets his Back-Breaker this time but goes to the top rope and gets caught. Austin super-plexes him off the top - both men are hurt and Hart gets up first. He goes for a pin but fails again. Austin gets his Stunner (neck-breaker) - pin fails - Austin is getting frustrated - he punches Hart several times about the face then goes for a Texas Cloverleaf (is this the "secret move" JR hinted at earlier today?) Hart reaches the ropes. Steve pulls him into the corner and punches his ribs. He whips Hart toward the corner, Hart loses his footing and slams his ribs into the post. Austin tries a Bow-and-Arrow, again Hart reaches the ropes.

Austin slips on the Million Dollar dream but he's too close to the corner...Hart uses the ropes to lever Austin off, as Steve tries to maintain the sleeper hold, Hart turns him on his shoulders and pins him. Austin stalks away, which surprises me - I expected him to attack after the least he wasn't a spoil sport about the loss.

Farrooq enters with Mason and a couple of white rappers. His Nation of Domination theme music is playing.

Vader/"Razor"/"Diesel"/Farrooq vs. Savio Vega/Yokozuna/Funk Flash (2 Cold Scorpio)/Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka (the Mystery Partner) - Vader in with Funk to start. 2 Cold is looking good, he throws a moonsault off the top rope onto Vader who is out on the floor. Back in the ring Vader is overpowering Funk when Yokozuna comes in (no tag) and chokeslams him (Vader). Vega and Farrooq are in now - then Farrooq tags in "Razor" - Vega dominates the imposter at first then "Razor" takes over and tags in "Diesel" - Flash Funk comes back in and maintains the advantage. Farrooq tags in and muscles Funk into the corner where he slips out. Vega tagged in against "Diesel" then he tags in Snuka. The Superfly is a shadow of his former physique but he still has "it". He actually slams Vader! Savio tagged back in but gets catapulted over the top rope then posted by Farrooq. He's thrown back in and "Diesel" jack knifes him - Vega eliminated.

Snuka rushes in and downs "Razor" - he climbs to the top and flies spectularly to splash "Razor" and pin him. "Diesel" hits the ring with a chair and a melee ensues. Both teams are disqualified.

Psycho Sid vs. Shawn Michaels - WWF Title match main event - Sid goes right to work knocking Shawn down several times in the first minute. HBK comes back by slipping between the big guy's legs - puts on a headlock. Sid head scissors to escape then puts Shawn in a gorrilla press - Shawn slips away before the slam can happen. This is a very fast pased match so far. Shawn chop-blocks Sid's left knee - gets booed by the crowd. Starts to work on the leg - the crowd is chanting Sid's name and they continue to boo Michaels. Shawn gets a Figure Four Leglock - Sid is screaming. After a while the big man reverses the hold. HBK escapes and gets to his feet - he continues to pound on the leg. He goes for the Figure Four again but gets shoved shoulder first into the post.

Sid is limping but in charge. Crowd seems to be wavering now - not really supporting either man. Sid rushes Shawn in the corner but misses. Shawn drop-kicks the knee - they're booing Shawn again. Shawn kicked off twice then clotheslined out of the ring. Outside Shwan is slammed back-first into the apron and then gorrilla pressed and dropped onto the railing. Sid pounds on him some more and then tosses him back into the ring.

Sid goes for a pin and fails - he gets a giant back-drop on Shawn then pounds him back into the corner. He runs up and kicks him in the head a couple of times. Shawn whipped into the corner but does a modified "Flair Flip" and climbs to the top - he goes for a flying body press but gets caught in mid air (huge pop!)

Shawn is being manhandled - he keeps motioning Sid to bring it too him - Sid obliges and they trade punches. Shawn scoop slams Sid - the crowd is booing again. Shawn comes off the top and gets a boot in the face. Sid slaps on a sleeper. Shawn collapses on the mat but can't be pinned. Sid goes for a chokeslam but gets a thumb to the eye. Shawn goes for a superkick but Sid blocks it and gets a huge chokeslam. He goes for the Powerbomb but gets cradled and almost pinned.

Shawn charges and gets caught and powerslammed - then he's up and whipped into the ropes only to come back with a flying forearm. Sid commandeers a camera and threatens Shawn with it - then he whirls around and smashes it into the chest of Jose Lothario whose up on the apron. Shawn gets a super-kick but then leaves the ring to help Lothario.

Sid comes out and throws Shawn back into the ring. Jose is clutching his chest.

Back inside Shawn puts Sid down once more and again goes out to tend Jose.

Sid comes out and grabs the camera again and brains HBK with it. He takes him back into the ring and powerbombs him for the pin and the Title.

Shawn is out going nuts as the paramedics are trying to help the old man. Sid is celebrating with his fans as he goes back down the aisle - the new Champion.

There are a couple of things i noticed here tonight. First: Mr. Perfect was never mentioned during the broadcast. And Second: There was no sign of the ECW angle, which several of my correpondents swore would manifest itself at this PPV. Guess maybe I was right after all about that too...what do you think, Spade? Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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