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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 80
November 18, 1996

Eric Bishoff Joins the NWO

Roddy Piper Accepts the Hogan Match

Austin vs. Mankind in a Barn-Burner

Nitro Report

The scene opens on the wreckage of a dark Triangle match with the Nasties and High Voltage laid out in the ring and the Outsiders standing over them with chairs. Hall and Nash then go out and try to intimidate Tony and Larry. Tony takes the brunt of it as Larry stands aside. The Outsiders taunt the Faces of Fear then head to the back where they are met (and attacked) by the Faces. We go to commercial as the battle erupts.

We're back and they're showing a replay of the Outsiders entering the ring before the broadcast began. Tony is upset with Larry for letting the Outsiders push him around - says he has 5 kids and an injured neck and he "doesn't need 7 foot athletes getting in his face" - then he walks off the program!! Larry goes on with the show...

Juventud Guerrera vs. La Parka (a newcomer from Mexico) - this is a very fast paced match. Juventud is outweighed here but holds his own at the beginning of the match. Both of these guys are almost suicidal in their high risk moves. La Parka hits a spectacular leap from the top rope to body press Juventud on the outside at one point. (Mike Tenay joins Larry at the table) Juventud starts to flag as it becomes obvious that LaParka has done his homework. He finally downs Guerrera with a half-twisting somersault off the top for the pin.

Ultimo Dragon video - this guy holds eight light-heavyweight titles from all over the world. He wants to add the WCW Cruiserweight title to his collection.

Ultimo Dragon vs. Dean Malenko - Cruiserweight Title match - another excellent contest. Ultimo Dragon is possibly the quickest wrestler I've ever seen and a superb mat wrestler to boot. Malenko has his hands full here until UD goes for a moonsault and misses it. Dean tries to slap on a Texas Cloverleaf but gets distracted by Sonny Oono who gets pulled into the ring. Dragon goes after Malenko and gets deliberately hoisted over the top rope. Malenko is disqualified. Cut to commercial.

Review of Harlem Heat vs Canadians from last week.

Amazing French Canadians (w/Parker in a Foreign Legionaire outfit) vs. American Males - Males look good at first but the Canadian's teamwork is second to none. Plus Bagwell and Riggs aren't seeing eye-to-eye - Bagwell is still hinting at his coming heel-turn but its taking longer than Glacier's build-up...and like the Glacier thing it's doubtful that anyone really cares...

For a change it's Bagwell who gets pinned after Riggs knees Rougeau in the back and propells him head-to-head into Bagwell. They're arguing about it as we cut to commercial.

No confirmation yet about Piper's appearance...

Hugh Morrus vs. Lex Luger - two powerhouses go at it. I think Morrus is slightly more cunning then the "Package". Lugar comes at you straight ahead but Morrus seems to have more guile. After a strong start Lugar gets suckered into the corner and starts taking some shots from the DOD member. Morrus is also a high-flyer and that proves to be his undoing. He misses a splash attempt giving Lugar the chance to put him in the rack.

Lugar interview - he starts his rant but gets cut off when Sting apears with a baseball bat. He pushes Lugar around with it and then hands it too him! He leaves Lugar speechless in the ring - Lugar ends the interview - cut to commercial.

Hour two begins - Eric and Bobby in the broadcast booth.

Review of the Nick Patrick interview from last week.

Johnny Grunge vs. Chris Jericho - Grunge is showing some wrestling skill during this one. Patrick is scouting the match - wearing black and a neck brace. In the ring Grunge is staying one step ahead of Jericho. Chris finally gets on top with a series of flying moves. Grunge brings a chair into the ring but gets cut off. They struggle for control and Grunge lays out Jericho across the top rope. He sets up the chair and sits Chris in it - then clotheslines him. Now he brings a table in and bangs Jericho's forehead into it. He lays Chris out on the table and climbs to the top turnbuckle with the chair in hand. He comes off the top, chair and all but Chris is playing possum. He slides off the table and Grunge breaks it right on the cut line. It only takes a drop-kick to put him away.

Jericho interview - Teddy Long wants to apologize for getting Jericho into this "one-hand-behind-the-back" match but Chris says no sweat - he's ready to go. Cut to commercial.

We're back and Eric's speech is cut short by the NWO music. Hogan, Debiasi, Vincent and Liz show up and invade the broadcast booth. Heenan splits, of course. Hogan forces Eric to say that he's a bigger icon then Piper and that Piper is afraid of Hogan and not as rich...Hogan says now "everyone knows that Hollywood Hogan is in charge..." They leave.

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Mean Gene is with Diamond Dallas Page - Hall and Nash interrupt and they continue the argument from last week. Nash says DDP "just doesn't get it" then quotes Stanley Kubrick (I guess) "Something beautiful is going to happen here tonight..."

Bobby Eaton vs. Jeff jarrett - Jarrett is his usual cocky self - strutting around - slapping the back of Bobby's head etc. Eaton gets mad - but Jarrett can back it up. He makes short of Eaton with a figure four. As Eaton is submitting -Ric Flair arrives at the ring in a shoulder brace. He and JJ trade struts.

Interview JJ and Flair - Flair endorses JJ again and tells the rest of the Horsemen to get in line behind him.

Jim Powers vs. Big Bubba - the last time we saw this match Powers pinned Bubba but referee Nick Patrick disallowed the pin. Powers starts out strong this time. Eric is calling the Piper rumor "internet gossip" (hmmm...that's funny...I heard that rumor first over the weekend on the Saturday show on TV...)

In the ring Powers has lost the initiative an Bubba starts to pound on him. Powers makes a brief come back but Bubba catches him in a sidewalk slam and its curtains.

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero - great to see Eddie back and ready to rumble. Benoit has taken off the bandages. Eddie looks determined - Benoit, as usual, looks angry. Another whirlwind match - Eddie takes the early advantage but Chris comes right back and things are pretty even. Guerrero goes for the first pin attempt but fails. Now Benoit takes over. He's working on the left arm of Guerrero. Chicken-winging it and slamming him on it. I'm surprised he's not going after the ribs - Eddie can't be 100%.

Oops! He must have heard me - he switches to an abdominal stretch. Eddie escapes and there's a furious exchange of chops and punches. Benoit pulls Eddie into a surfboard as we cut to commercial.

We're back and these guys are still going a million miles an hour...Benoit is maintaining his advantage just barely until he gets dumped out to the floor. Eddie goes out an pounds on him but Woman interferes - Chris back in charge - under cover of the distraction he blindsides Guerrero. They take it back inside - Eddie goes for a somersault off the top which Chris ducks. Somehow Guerrero turns it into a forward roll and comes back to his feet. He throws a Frankensteiner and gets it but Benoit rolls right through it and comes up with the pin. Cut to commercial.

Eric is in the ring and starts to apologise for allowing Hogan to intimidate him - he says he's trying to sign Piper...then Piper shows up. Piper comes to the ring with a microphone. The crowd is chanting "Roddy! Roddy!"

Piper says he's here to talk some truth - says he's never heard so many lies when he wasn't telling them. He says he came to talk about liars and jerks...Eric is squirming for some reason...Piper is implying that Eric is the liar he's referring to...

Piper quotes LL Cool J " slap Roddy Piper and you didn't get a hassle you're a liar"

The NWO shows up and surrounds Piper. Eric embraces Hogan!! The gang pins Piper while Hogan rants. He calls Piper a "loser fighting a losing battle" and calls him a coward while the thugs hold Piper back. Hogan refers to Eric (who is looking cocky now) and says "Now you know whose really in charge" saying that Eric now works for the NWO. The Police and security personnel are in the ring now. Hogan takes off his belt but doesn't use it. The Police restrain Roddy as the NWO and Eric leave together.

Left in the ring - Piper accept the match with Hogan and yells challanges at him - calls him "baldy". fade to black...

RAW Report

Steve Austin enters to face Mankind as we begin the program (Vader was injured by Yokozuna's slam last night). Mankind attacks in the aisle and they start slugging it out. They're rolling around on the floor and the bell hasn't even rung yet. Three referees and Tony Garea are trying to get them into the ring. They fight down to ringside where Austin gets flung into the steps hard. The fight goes on at ringside - then they finally get into the ring and the bell sounds.

Austin pounds Mankind out of the ring and we're out on the floor again where Mankind regains the upper hand. They crawl back inside. Mankind is still on top then Austin explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Austin goes out and now the fight is right in front of the broadcast table. Back in the ring Austin is whipped and runs right into the Mandible Claw. He escapes by kicking his opponent in the groin ala Davy Boy Smith. They both collapse - cut to commercial.

We're back and it's still crazy in the ring. They tumble out and Mankind regains the advantage - Austin looks wobbly - No! He's back! They struggle on the apron to see who gets to suplex who - Mankind wins and suplexes Austin into the ring. Austin is out of it right in the center - then he's up and gets a sleeper on Mankind. Mankind smashes him back into the turnbuckle - Austin comes back out and gets clotheslined. Mankind is getting the better of this now until he climbs to the top and gets caught. Austin is all over him - stomping a mudhole in him you might say...

They go back outside and trade devastating blows. Back inside Austin makes the first pin attempt of the match - no soap. As Austins is beating on his opponent the Executioner shows up - it's two on one until the Undertaker comes down and chases them off - Austin repays him by clotheslining him out of the ring!

When Austin realizes that the Undertaker has landed on his feet - he splits. Cut to commercial.

Ahmed Johnson comes down through the crowd and finds a seat. Sunny comes to the ring and introduces Farrooq. PG-13 precedes Clarance Mason and Farrooq (carrying a 2 X 4) - they're rapping the Nation of Domination theme.

Farrooq vs. Savio Vega - Savio starts out fast and generally out-wrestles his opponent from the get-go. Farrooq finally turns the tables using pure power. He starts working on on Vega's kidney. He stops to give the Black Power Salute in Ahmed's direction. Vega uses the distraction to gain ground but then gets belly-to-back suplexed as we go to commercial.

We're back and Farrooq is still in charge. He puts a suplex on and hurts himself. Savio tries to splash him but Farrooq gets his knees up. Both men are down again. Vega recovers first and attacks but gets caught again. Farrooq climbs the turnbuckle but Savio falls against the ropes and upsets him. Now they're both up there struggling for control. This time neither man wins as they tumble to the floor in a heap.

PG-13 gets involved - hitting Vega with the board. Ahmed comes down to ringside and uses the board for leverage to throw the rapper to the floor. He then uses the board to clear the ring - the Nation of Domination scatters. Ahmed grabs a mic and challanges Farrooq - yatta, yatta...

Vince makes an impasioned speech about the humanity of Shawn Michaels who essentially gave up the Title last night in order to tend to his stricken mentor.

Bob Holly/Leif Cassidy vs Doug Furna/Phillipe LaFon - Cassidy (Al Snow) is looking decidedly less dorky these days - he and Holly are unusual combination to be sure but each has demonstrated good tag team skills in the past - they have surprising continuity in this contest but are no real match for Furnas and LaFon's teamwork. The latter are firmly in charge as we go to commercial.

We're back and Holly /Cassidy have taken over - but it doesn't last. Now it's back and forth for a while until LaFon grabs Cassidy in a Sleeper hold and uses it for leverage to suplex him. He gets the pin easily after that.

Sid interviewed by Jim Ross - he has no remorse about last night. Says he respects lothario but he shouldn't have been up on the apron. He promises Shawn a re-match and says he'll be a fighting Champion "for the people" (hmmm...Ahmed should approve...)

He promises to end Bret Hart's come back on December 15th...he's the ruler of the World etc, etc.

Both programs were pretty good tonight - several good matches (Austin/Mankind was a real barn-burner). The Bischoff turn was not that well done but it did catch me by surprise...I've been predicting that move for so long that I didn't see it coming...all in all an entertaining evening of wrestling action.

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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