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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 82
November 23, 1996

When Did Eric Bischoff Join the NWO?

A Reader's Take on the Bischoff Turn

Weekend Review: Part 1

I will be breaking the Weekend Report up into two parts this weekend. With the Eric Bischoff turn and WW3 to report on there is just to much material for one issue

When Did Eric Join the NWO?

On the WCW Main Event program Saturday Morning, Tony Schiavoni went through a litany of circumstances that point to the suggestion that Eric Bischoff has been a member of the NWO all along.

First he mentioned the fact that Bischoff was absent for the broadcast at the "Bash at the Beach" PPV when Hulk Hogan was revealed as the "third man". No one seemed to know where he was that night, and his explanation later was that he was "taking care of business..." He cited a second absence without leave on a Nitro program shortly after the Bash.

He mentioned the mysterious WCW logo briefcase found by Sting and Lugar in the NWO limosine - speculating that it was Bischoff's ("Eric always carries a black briefcase..." according to Tony).

Finally he cited the Nitro program last summer where Miss Liz showed up at Hulk Hogan's hotel room. Bischoff abruptly left the broadcast to go "find out what's going on". No explanation was ever given of where he actually went. Tony also pointed out that Bischoff was the one who sold Elizabeth's contract to the NWO.

On this same subject I received this e-mail message from Matantisi, one of my regular correspondents, which mentions several permutations of the Bischoff turn which hadn't occurred to me:

'Morning, Earl!

As usual, your take on Eric's turn is close to mine. (Could this be why you're my favorite commentator? ) (Editors Note: Gosh! Thanks!)

I have a friend with whom I keep up a pretty continuous wrestling-chatter; here's some of what I said to him about the general 'net reaction that the turn "makes no sense":

"In fact, Eric's turn plugs most of the logic holes -- obvious and not so obvious -- that have had this angle leaking like a sieve.

"Finally we know: why, as Tenay repeatedly asks, Eric gave in so easily to DiBiase's demands; how the nWo always manage to get past security and into backstage areas at the arenas; why Nick Patrik hasn't been suspended and is always the ref for the nWo matches and DDP's; why Eric showed that horrid video of Liz to Savage when he did; why there was all this nonsense about having trouble signing Piper when, as Dusty said this weekend, it was obvious that Piper wouldn't have confronted Hulk Hogan that way if he wasn't looking for a fight; how Eric knew that the Nasty Boys were only being suckered by Hogan (when he said it, there was nothing to indicate that was true); and -- my *personal* favorite -- how it happened that no one at WCW knew Sting was in Japan in September and how the nWo *did*. (They had to know, since they wouldn't have pulled an imposter stunt if there was any chance that the real Sting was around.) It doesn't explain everything, of course. We still don't know why Sting and Luger aren't doing time for Grand Theft Auto or why Team WCW went into the cage at Wargames without designating a fourth man when they thought Sting was the nWo's fourth man, but you can't have everything. (I do understand why Wargames had to work out that way but as far as the angle went, they never explained it.)

"As you say, in retrospect, it's obvious. It's actually the only thing that makes sense; even Dusty, who certainly isn't portrayed as a rocket scientist, has been insisting for months that someone high up in WCW is ratting them out.

"Eric's turn puts a new face (so to speak ) on Sting's attitude as well. Maybe he became a "free agent" because he realized that being in WCW wasn't necessarily safe. My favorite logic hole *must* have occurred to him, too, and maybe he isn't just hurt and angry, he's been trying to figure out who the rat was and smoke him out. That could explain why he's been haunting the arenas and watching Luger so intently; Sting may have had the same problem I did: not just that Luger didn't trust him, but was Luger part of the setup? *Someone* in WCW *had* to be and, since Luger was the only one who saw Stink (the nWo "Sting") close up, and was the one who insisted it was really Sting, he was a strong possibility. That would fit in with your suggestion that Sting might have been accusing or testing Luger last night. I hadn't thought of that possibility until you mentioned it, but the more I think about it, the more I like it. When he tapped Luger's chest w/the bat -- which *had* to be a reference to the nWo's attacks -- then lifted his chin with it, Sting may have been watching to see if Luger showed signs of guilt. You could imagine him thinking, "Was it you, ol' buddy? Did you set me up? And Marcus? And Scotty? And Flair and AA?" Luger didn't look guilty, of course, he just looked bewildered -- like the rest of us .

"Shoving Lex and then turning his back after he handed Lex the bat *could* have been a test to see if Lex took the opportunity to attack him, given both provocation and a weapon. If so, you're right, he passed.

"This would also explain why Sting hasn't just attacked Lex the way he did Stink and JJ: it isn't simply personal pique, he's been trying to find a traitor. 'Course, he's watching JJ now, too; that may just be the early stages of a feud, or it may be that he thinks JJ is a spy (which has been rumored on the 'net). (BTW, did you notice that Flair said "I'm here to tell you that -- *at this particular point in time* -- this man is good to go?" That fits with the possibility of JJ refusing to step aside when Flair gets back.)"

"What I like best about my interpretation is that it makes it likely that Sting will get back in action this weekend. Like you, I've sorely missed the Stinger. Eric has really been *torturing* Sting fans for the last three months.

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(In a second e-mail, Matantisi goes on) I find it interesting that after continually accusing Bischoff of never having an original idea, when he does something the 'net fans haven't seen before, they don't like because it isn't familiar and, therefore, "doesn't make sense" to them.

One other hole did occur to me, though. As the angle played out, Eric came clean because the guys had to rescue him from Piper *who wasn't supposed to be there*. Certainly when he came to the ring, he was planning to continue the charade about trying to sign Piper. Given that, how did Hall and Nash know that "something beautiful" was going to happen later? I'll be interested to see if they ever explain that or they just let it hang.

(Editors Note: Thanks Matantisi, you've given us all a lot to chew on)

Later in the Main Event program, Tony made an interesting mistake by saying that the winner of WW3 would get a shot, "...the first shot" at Hogan's WCW World Title. He seems to be forgetting that Randy Savage had a shot at the Title at Halloween Havoc. Or maybe it wasn't a mistake. Savage has not been mentioned throughout the period that his future has been up in the air, perhaps they're trying to get us to forget about him just in case he decides to jump ship...

Speaking of Savage, correspondent Paul Perez reports that he watched the Roy Jones jr. fight on HBO and saw Savage at ringside with (it appeared to be) Elizabeth by his side.

There was one excellent match at the end of the program. La Parka vs. Eddie Guerrero saw La Parka dominate the entire match - quite a surprise actually - until he started to go for some kind of Indian Deathlock type submission (Sting's Scorpion is a variation of same) only to be pulled into a cradle and pinned.

Mark Madden on the WCW Hotline was predicting Friday that Diamond Dallas Page will win WW3 and then defy the NWO. By the way, Mean Gene is back on the Hotline doing the Saturday editions.

WWF LiveWire

Vince McMahon subbed for Todd Pettingill at the beginning of the show (Todd got caught in traffic). They seem to be responding to some of the fans' concerns lately and have taken to showing more match highlights. This morning they showed some of the best parts of the Hart/Austin match from RAW. They also showed stills from the Title contest at Survivor Series.

Vince re-iterated his praise of Shawn Michael's compassion for Jose Lothario during the match and mentioned that Lothario has expressed concern that he caused his protege to lose the title. It was also announced that HBK will have a World Title match at the Royal Rumble in January. Later there was a set of video clips shown from the Royal Rumble press conference in San Antonio, Texas last Wednesday. Taking a page from WCW's playbook, a joint venture was announced between the WWF and Mexico's AAA promotion to feature Lucha Libre stars on WWF shows.

One good moment came about when a fan named Dominick took Vince to task for using all the "gimmicks" in his promotion. "Get rid of the plumbers and the Hockey players...have the wrestlers come in under their own names..." Vince's response was to ask the caller if he was associated with Jim Ross.

"Vic Venom" (WWF Magazine editor Vince Russo) was back on the program this morning replacing scheduled guest Rocky Maivia who had plane connection problems. Unfortunately he had toned down his "WWF Critic" personna considerably. He practically gushed over the quality of the recent Survivor Series PPV. He also hyped the coming Bret Hart/Sid Title match, referring to Hart as a "man on a mission". Since he didn't show up until the last 15 minutes of the show, he really had very little to say. A disappointment to say the least. The best program of this series was the time Russo appeared with Vince McMahon. He did predict that Hart and Austin will be "poking their noses" into each others' matches from here on out.

I'll be back tomarrow night with the rest of the weekend news and my commentary on the WW3 PPV. Stay tuned...until then...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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