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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 88
December 8, 1996

Solie's Exclusive!: A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column

By Solie's Calgary Correspondent Rudy Van Koll

Weekend Review

Bret Hart's Weekly Column in the Calgary Sun summarized by Rudy Van Koll

Today's column is from South Africa and is titled "Owimp blowin' smoke!".

Bret starts out by saying that the WWF storyline has gotten complicated once again. He brings up the fact that his brother Owen, was shooting his mouth off that the two had reconciled. And that Owen and Brian Pillman had arranged for Bret to be at the September "In Your House" PPV.

He says that he never had any intention to be at that Pay-Per-View, and that he "certainly hadn't patched things up with Owimp." He was upset that Owimp was misleading his fans. He talks about wrestling Owen at RAW a few weeks back, and says he "was looking forward to pinning him clean in the middle so he'd stop his claims of being the best Hart." He then goes on to recap what happened. He says that Austin ran in and hit Bret in the head with a chair. "He's obviously not dealing with his loss to me at Survivor Series very well!" He then says how Stone Cold tried to 'Pillmanize' his ankle and "the hartless Owen" helped Austin try to inflict a possible career ending injury. But then, much to Bret's surprise, the Bulldog ran in and saved Bret.

Next, on to London, where Stone Cold was trying to beat Sid for the title, when Austin tried to hit Sid with a chair. And again, the British Bulldog ran to the ring and grabbed the chair from Austin. Sid got DQ'd, and went after the Bulldog. When he tried to powerbomb Davey, "I ran in to recriprocate for RAW". He says that he suspects "Davey's got some self-serving agenda in mind, because that has always been the case with him."

Then there was an incident back at the hotel between Sid and Bret. Aparantly Sid got on Bret's face and had a fit about being the ruler of the world and that Bret had better watch his butt "cause he's the man." Then the police intervened which was OK with Bret "because then at least if he did like he's done in the past and pulled out a scissor, the cops would be witness to attempted murder this time." He says Sid is just a 'big little man' who has to cheat to win the belt and "now has the mistaken impression that he's worthy of wearing it!"

Bret says he's ready to cut Sid down to size at In Your House on Dec 15.

Bret then talks about a 20 man over-the-top battle royal in Dubai. He won it and says "not bad for a guy who's only been back a few weeks, eh?". Then he won the Dubai King of the Ring. This was a 8 man elimination tournament. He beat Bulldog with a cradle in 14:47. Vader and Faarooq ended in a double count-out. On the other side, Undertaker finally beat Mankind with a piledriver, in a very gruelling match. Stone Cold Steve Austin beat Owen with the Stone Cold Stunner in about 15 minutes.

It then came down to Undertaker and Austin with the winner to face Bret. Austin brought a chair with him, and the Undertaker took it away and got DQ'd. He says "Stone Cold is a very good wrestler with a very bad attitude". He says it's too bad he "doesn't have enough confidence in his ability that he needs chairs as a crutch. " So the final match of the Dubai KotR, was a rematch. Bret won with a cradle.

And lastly, more trivia. Bret asks "Do you know how many times the Hitman has won the King of the Ring title?" He says it's not that easy an answer. When you write about KOTR, he says "I'd be curious to know which one of the new guys in the WWF you think has the most potential to go all the way to the top." Next weeks column will be a behind a look behind the scenes of the WWF and a look at the new names in the WWF., and an update on IYH. "Stay Cool!"

That's it for another week Earl.

Thank Rudy - you always do us proud...

The snail mail address to contact Bret Hart c/o the Calgary Sun is:

Bret Hart c/o The Calgary Sun
2615 12 ST NE Calgary, AB
T2E 7W9

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Weekend Review

I'm afraid I missed the WWF LiveWire program this weekend. I went out with my wife to get a Christmas tree and forgot completely about it. Probably says something about how interesting I generally find it...

The Main Event program featured a replay of the Benoit/Regal showdown from last week's Nitro. Thanks to all of you who pointed out that the reason they used a wide camera angle throughout the bulk of that match was because of the cut that opened up on Lord Regal's forehead towards the beginning. I noticed it at the time but didn't put 2 and 2 together when I was writing up the newsletter from my notes later on.

WCW Saturday Night

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker has decided to keep his "Jack Boot" character but has returned to his old name. He and Chris Jericho opened up the program with a spirited match. Jericho won, not surprisingly. It looks like Nick Patrick has disappeared for the time being...although they did show a video recap of the Patrick angle (which included some footage from his match with Jericho) on the show.

Dusty Rhodes is speculating on Saturday very much along the lines of many of my correspondents concerning the the Sting situation (see the "Sting Thing" story below), he predicted that something "dramatic" would happen soon...since we all know that he has a lot to do with WCW bookings, his musings would seem to be significant. He also spent some time talking about the supposed Benoit/Woman/Sullivan love triangle.

Later on the program they showed some videotape footage from the WCW tour in Germany which added some fuel to that fire. The video suggests that Nancy has left her husband and keeping company with Chris Benoit. It showed the two of them together, drinking wine and talking directly to the Taskmaster. For his part, Sullivan appeared to overcome with emotion to comment on the video after viewing it prior to his interview time. He left the set without saying anything. It was pointedly similar to the incident when Eric Bischoff showed the Elizabeth tape to the Macho Man a while back. Mean Gene Okerlund also alluded to the Sullivan/Benoit situation in his weekend Hotline report.

A great match took place between Rick Steiner and Bunkhouse Buck (Jimmy Golden). Buck was more than up to the challange from the Dog-Faced Gremlin.

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Ric Flair made an appearance on the show, he endorsed Roddy Piper and hinted that he would be watching Piper's back along with the other Horsemen on this Monday's Nitro broadcast in Charlotte. Meanwhile it was confirmed today that the Outsiders will battle the Faces of Fear for the Tag Titles at Starcade. This was announced just before an extended squash match between the Faces and High Voltage. Rage (the blond one, right Troy?) sat this one out for the most part as his partner Chaos took the brunt of the Faces attack.

The NWO segment featured a "US Title match" between Marcus Bagwell and Pistol Pez Whatley. Apparently the NWO feels that any of its members can defend the belt they don't hold...

Another great match pitted Squire Dave Taylor vs. Diamond Dallas Page. I notice that they have been steadily upgrading the calibar of competition in DDP's matches. This contest provided DDP with yet another opportunity to show off the ways he can get you with the Diamond Cutter. In a post match interview DDP is still resisting the blandishments of the New World Order, he says he likes to do what he wants "not what he's told..."

Lord Steven Regal bore the scars (and bandages) of the aforementioned match on Nitro as he faced Arn Anderson at the close of the program. I would have expected this to be a TV Title match and apparently it was. Both competitors were obviously respectful of each others abilities in this one. It was about 10 solid minutes of mat wrestling from two of the consummate professionals in the sport. Regal began to dominate the action about 8 minutes in and it looked like Arn was in for it. At 1 minute to the time limit the match went outside, coming back in Arn took the advantage and almost got the cover just before the time expired.

WWF SuperStars

Rocky Maivia put on another fine exhibition of his high-flying prowess against T.L. Hopper ("Dirty White Boy" Tony Anthony). Anthony is a formidable opponent although he has not been allowed to show much of this quality so far in the WWF. Maivia is a little too much of a showboat for my taste but there is no doubt that he is an up and coming athlete. As I've mentioned before, Maivia can only be considered a rookie in the WWF. His shoulder-breaker finishing hold is becoming his signature move (as well as the exclamation point to each of his matches). A later promo of the recent world tour showed Maivia getting into the ring in Birmingham, England against Hopper - guess it's a series

Savio Vega next faced a jobber who looked like he could have been his brother. He (Vega) will have a match with Crush next week on the show.

The Karate Fighters finale comes down to Jerry Lawler vs. Sable - Thank God! Its almost over...

Is it me or is "Razor" too big...or maybe "Diesel" is too small..? Jim Ross keeps saying that "Ramon" is 6' 7" while "Diesel" is "over 7 foot tall" - so how come they seem to be the about the same size when they stand together in the ring? Of course we see that these imposters are set to challange the Owen Hart and Davey Boy Smith at the next PPV. Right...if they win, the WWF Tag Team Champions would be perceived as a bad imitation of the current WCW Title holders...I don't think so. Look for Owen and Bulldog to retain the belts.

Ahmed Johnson (the new Hacksaw Duggen?) showed up for his interview carrying his two-by-four. He was interrupted by the Nation of Domination (in the persons of PG-13) of course. Next came two bodyguards in bowler hats followed by Clarance Mason in a bow tie and then Farrooq (Crush trailed in their wake but stayed in the background). They merely showed themselves then turned on their heels and left. Their entire appearance (right down to the bowler hats and bow ties) is calculated to ape the trapping of a group of Nation of Islam disciples. I wonder what the real Black Muslims thinks of all this...

There was a great Tag Team match between two of the newest teams in the WWF. Doug Furnas and Dan Kroffit (wrestling under his real name, Phillip LaFon) faced the bizarre Head Bangers. Both teams showed fine teamwork and some very unconventional moves. The Head Bangers are classic brawlers in the Nasty Boys' style, but much more athletic. Furnas and LaFon, after taking a beating through much of the match, won it with a quick exchange right at the end - Furnas' twisting belly-to-back sulpex is an awesome move.

Today's main event is an Intercontinental Championship match between Bart Gunn and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. One has to wonder why Marc Mero hasn't been given a re-match on TV...considering how he lost the title. Oh, that's right, that match is scheduled for Summerslam... I notice they are talking about Curt Hennig as if he's still lurking around somewhere. The claim is that Helmsley tossed Perfect off the team, the implication seems to be that Perfect is off somewhere licking his wounds...uh huh...

We know, of course that Gunn's IC challange is doomed to failure...who's going to be interested in a Summerslam title match between Marc Mero and Bart Gunn?? Billy comes down just before the commercial to help assure the proper outcome. His appearance distracts his "brother" enough to give Hunter the advantage.

Coming back Helmsley is still in charge but not for long. As Billy is having conniptions at ringside, Bart starts coming back. His first bulldog attempt fails but (in this case) two's the charm. He is only prevented from getting the pin by his "brother's" interference. Hunter and Billy start to beat him up...Mero shows up to make the save...fade to black.


Not much of importance happened on the program today.

One good match featured Bobby Eaton taking on his former Blue Bloods partner Squire Dave Taylor. After a hard fought match, Eaton was supposedly pinned even though his feet were under the ropes - Hacksaw Jim Duggen, who we haven't seen in a while, rushed in to protest the call and ended up getting a piece of Taylor for himself. Look for a Duggen/Eaton tag team to surface soon and challange the remaining Blue Bloods.

Billy "the Kidman" gave Rey Misterio Jr. a decent run for his money but no cigar...

A fine woman's Title Tournament match pitted Miko Satamoro against Akira Hokato. Too bad its all a farce, since we know the finals will come down to Medusa vs. somebody. I originally figured it would be Medusa vs. Zero but now they say that match will be in the semi-finals. I guess that means Zero is a strawman (strawwoman?).

The Sting Thing...

I've gotten a lot of mail concerning the Sting storyline in WCW. The concensus seems to be that Sting is testing his fellow wrestlers and will eventually form a taskforce to try and defeat the NWO. This sounds plausible to me, although I have to wonder if they will prove successful or whether what we are really seeing is the inevitable collapse of the WCW and it's replacement by the more dynamic NWO (which could also stand for "National Wrestling Organization" or something like that...). It isn't like there isn't precedence for such an outcome (for instance, the World Class promotion metaporphed into the USWA after an attempted Japanese takeover a few years ago...Eric Embry was active in that fight during one of his infrequent face tours). I would almost bet money that the key to all this will be the showdown coming eventually between Kevin Nash and Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

I used to think that Hogan would turn face again before the end of the year but now I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that it will be Nash who wages the battle for the "heart and soul of the NWO" against Hogan somewhere down the road. I see the Hogan/Piper feud as a come-on to build up the gate for the coming battle (much the same as the Hogan/Savage feud). I would be surprised if anything significant (as pertaining to the NWO and the World Title) comes out of the Starrcade event.

Of course I could be wrong...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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