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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 89
December 9, 1996

Monday Night Wars Editon

DDP Advances to the Finals in the US Tourney

Mankind vs. Undertaker No Holds Barred!

Nitro Report

From Charlotte, North Carolina this evening

Piper opens the show with a statement. He recalls his early days in the sport and in Charlotte. He hops around to show that his leg is still intact despite the beating he took previously. He talks about his boxing match with Mr. T a few years ago and reveals that he was expected to take a dive but refused - so they over-padded his gloves so that "...the actor wouldn't get hurt." He again declares that he is not with WCW - he's Roddy Piper! He admits that Hogan is a true superstar...then he calls Hogan out...but Hogan doesn't show.

Mike Enos vs. M. Wallstreet - Debiasi shows up ringside with what looks like a contract. Wallstreet makes short work of Big Mike then takes the paper from Debiasi.

Review of the Benoit/Woman tape and Sullivan's reaction on the Saturday show.

Hugh Morrus vs. Renegade - the Warrior wannabe is way over-matched in this contest. He comes on strong at first but it can't last. Is this guy related to Ed Leslie? - he sure looks like him...oh yeah, Hugh Morrus won.

Kevin Sullivan complains that the use of the Benoit/Woman video is a ratings ploy - he seems genuinely upset - but then he always does...

Video Review of the Sting thing...

Mean Gene with Kevin Greene (Hey! That rhymes...) - Kevin is still pissed at Mongo, thinks he could beat Hogan...says "...this NWO stuff is crap..."

Jimmy Grafitti vs. Dean Malenko - Cruiserweight Title match - Mr. Backlund's little brother is an excellent mat technician in his own right and tries to out-wrestle his opponent in the beginning. His superior size helps him as well and things are pretty even going into the commercial.

We come back to find Grafitti firmly in charge - he seems to have abandoned his mat-wrestling game plan. He's unloading some pretty heavy shots. Several pin attempta are unsuccessful. The action goes outside and Malenko is still taking it. Back in the ring, the Champ slips in a superplex which puts both men down. After more back and forth with Grafitti mainly holding the advantage, he goes for a standing suplex. Malenko somehow changes the balance point and rolls his opponent up for the pin.

Mean Gene w/ Sonny Oono - Sonny reveals that his Japanese accent is faked. Says he does it to take advantage of the American system...

Review of the Triangle match from WW3 - not surprisingly the Outsiders still win it...

Nasty Boys vs. Faces of Fear - nobody waits for the bell in this one. Knobbs/Barbarian are inside - Saggs/Meng out on the floor. During the opening melee the Outsiders make an appearance on the ramp. Back in the ring the mayham continues.

Hard to say which is the better team here. Both have excellent teamwork - the Faces probably have more raw talent and certainly more power. The Outsiders seem content to watch. Lots of "clubberin'" going on in this one. Knobbs gets a good splash on the Barbarian and could have had the pin but the referee is outside trying to break up the action there. Hart gets involved, trying to brain Knobbs with the megaphone he gets his own man instead. Knobbs dumps him out over the top rope... then turns around and gets the megaphone upside the head by the Barbarian. Faces win.

Mean Gene w/ Ric Flair - Flair introduces Piper as one of his " friends in this sport". The embrace. Flair call Piper an "icon" and recalls how Piper got his moniker "Hot Rod". The he admits that he "fumbled" his chance against Hogan - he expects Piper to "rectify the situation" and declares that he, the Horsemen and the WCW are behind Roddy.

Piper says "they don't come any better then Ric Flair..." but he doesn't want any help. He says he has to do it alone.

The 2nd Hour Begins

Review of Piper's opening statement this evening

Bobby Eaton vs. Chris Jericho - here's a good match-up. Jericho has the youth and speed, but he's green. Eaton wrestles cautious in this contest and it serves him well. Most of Jericho's worst moments come about because he makes mistakes for Bobby to capitalize on - still he gets his missle drop-kick in and wins the match.

Review of the Sting/Steiner confrontations.

Mean Gene w/the Steiners - Scotty says he thinks maybe Sting is nuts, but he's trying to figure out what the bat schtick means...

Sgt. Craig Pittman vs. Arn Anderson - Pittman comes down alone - evidence of his recent attitude adjustment. Arn shows up with the McMichals'. We see Kevin Sullivan speaking in an inset - he seems to be talking about someone named Erin (or Aarron?) but apparently he's calling Arn out for a match next week. Things are pretty even in the ring as we go to commercial.

We return to find Arn in charge but he goes to the top rope and geta caught. Pittman slaps on the Code Red but he's too close to the ropes. They go outside where Debra provides a distraction while Mongo brains the Pitbull with his briefcase...a DDT puts him away.

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Horsemen interview - Arn is not happy with Woman (who's in Germany with Benoit)

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Jeff Jarrett - US Title Tourney Semi-Final match - both of these guys are way too cocky - it's sure to be the downfall of one of them. They're jockeying for position as we go to commercial.

Page takes the advantage as we return - he starts delivering some heavy shots but Jarrett is tough. The tables turn but Jarrett is being too cocky. Still, he's effective. Now DDP is taking it. After some more exchanges, Jarrett slaps on a sleeper. DDP goes down but fights back to his feet. Another exchange and Dallas gets a clothesline - both men are down. Then they are up and exchanging blows. Page shows uncharacteristic agility as he hops up on the top turnbuckle in one move. He downs Jarrett with a flying clothesline but then gets dumped out of the ring.

Suddenly the Outsiders show up. While Nash distracts the ref and Jarrett, Hall sneaks into the ring and gets Jarrett in a "Razor's Edge". Jarrett is out - DDP rolls in and gets the pin. Page advances.

In an interview Page says he doesn't want or need the Outsiders' help. "leave me alone!" he demands...

We're supposed to see Rick Steiner vs. Scott Norton but Piper shows up with a chair and sits down in the center of the ring - he's calling Hogan out again. Bischoff shows up, sporting a three day growth of beard and looking real cocky - Gee! maybe Piper will clean his clock...

Piper tells him to run along but Bischoff makes a speech and ends it by calling Piper a gimp and starting to limp away...Piper attacks him (good!). Of course Bischoff falls to the floor and just tries to protect himself...Piper stomps on him.

The Outsiders, Bagwell and Debiasi show up but Piper holds them off with the chair - Kevin Greene joins him in the ring...the standoff continues as we fade to black...

RAW Report

Sid attacks Hunter Hearst Helmsley before he can get to the ring. There is absolutely no contest here. Helmsley's offense is a joke... Sid dominates the IC Chump right up to the time he first chokeslams and then powerbombs him. Hunter rolls out and crawls away as he is counted out.

Clips from the Boiler Room Brawl match accompany the anouncement of a No-Holds-Barred contest between Mankind and Undertaker later in the program.

Goldust enters - on film, in letterbox format - Marlena looks bustier than usual she pregnant?

Bart Gunn enters as a review of yesterday's IC Title match is shown. We come back to the present to see Marlena distracting Bart in the ring - he turns around and gets a facefull of glitter (goldust?). He never really recovers - oh he has a few moments but the younger Rhodes has him well in hand throughout the match.

We see Billy Gunn watching on the monitor backstage and ranting about being the one who carried Bart to their three Championships. We go to commercial as Goldust is re-asserting himself.

We're back and so's Bart - he gets a bulldog and almost pins his (man?) Moments later he goes for a high-risk move and misses. he sprawls on the canvas, injuring his knee in the process. Goldust pins him. Billy comes down to the ring and grabs a microphone so he can rant some more. They get into a slugfest which Billy loses - he splits.

Clips from the Buried Alive Match

Double J vs. Justin Hawk Bradshaw/Uncle Zebakiah (Dirty Dutch Mantell) - handicap match. This is really one-on-one between Bradshaw and James because Zeb is largely ineffective throughout the match. Bradshaw makes up for his manager's shortcomings. Duble J wrestles his usual uninspired match. I think what bugs me most about this guy is that stupid outfit he wears. Anyway, Mantell eventually provides the mistake that allows Jesse James to win the match. Afterward, Bradshaw attacks Zeb and brands him.

Jim Ross interviews Bret Hart - Bret is wearing street clothes - jeans and and a Hitman levi jacket. Ross wants to talk about Davey Boy Smith but Hart ignores the question to focus on Sid. He says that Sid will be "...excellently executed".

Mankind enters - we see a clip of him in the desert in Dubai - throwing sand on himself and asking to go home...

Undertaker makes his entrance - at first I thought he had yet another new outfit, but actually he is wearing a leather duster over his new leather ring attire. He ties his hair out of his face these days.

The Undertaker dominates the early going. He goes for a Tombstone right away but the Executioner (Terry Gordy) shows up and distracts him. He leaves the ring and Mankind is right behind him as we cut to commercial.

We're back and the battle rages on outside the ring (this is a no-countout match). Undertaker is trying to damage the Claw hand of his opponent. He picks up the top portion of the ring steps and smashes it down on the offending arm and wrist, which are layed out on the lower part of the steps.

Back in the ring mankind manages to clip UT behind the knee then starts laying on the heavy artillery. Undertaker is coming back as they fall out onto the floor again. Foley is throwing his body around with his usual abandon. He sets Undertaker's leg up on a chair and then flings himself onto it off of the apron. UT is crippled. They're back in the ring, Undertaker can't stand but he's still fighting. He kicks Mankind off and then follows him outside. Just before the commercial he slams Mankind into the Spanish announcers' table.

We're back and mankind is in control - he's still working on the injured knee. He goes out and gets a chair - when he tries to use it, Undertaker kicks it into his face. None-the-less (and from there...) Mankind comes back and puts on the claw. Undertaker is going down slowly...then he starts to fight back to his feet. They stumble into the corner and then backout again. UT scoops up his opponent and delivers the Tombstone Piledriver. He pins Mankind - then the Executioner is back and puts on the Oriental Spike. Undertaker is going down as we fade to black...

Both shows weren't bad tonight - but neither was anything to write home about. The Mankind/Undertaker contest would have to be considered the match of the night but we've seen it sooo many times before...

I thought the DDP vs. Jeff Jarrett match was outstanding - too bad about the screwjob ending...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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