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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report: EXTRA!

Volume 1, Issue 91
December 14, 1996

Solie's Exclusive!

A Summary of Bret Hart's Weekly Column in the Calgary Sun

by Solie's Calgary Correspondent Rudy Van Koll

Weekend Review Edition: Part 1

Edior's Note: I will publish the first part of my Weekend Review today and then combine the Sunday review with my In Your House Report tomorrow night.

Gene Okerlund is reporting on the WCW Hotline this today that there is a good chance we will see David Sammartino (son of Bruno) in the WCW in the near future. He also mentioned that Randy Savage was on the radio in Tampa, Florida recently in the company of an un-named someone. He said it was a surprise and hints that the Macho Man could be headed back to WCW. Consider the source, of course...

Mean Gene also talked about the Sullivan/Benoit feud and revealed the fact that Woman (Nancy Sullivan) is Kevin's wife.

WCW Main Event

Of course the main topic of discussion on this quasi-journalistic show was the recent Piper/Bischoff dust-up. Not much light was shed on the situation. I understand there was a confrontation between NWO and WCW members after the cameras went off in which the NWO had there clock's cleaned. In the aforementioned Hotline Report, Mean Gene hinted that we would hear more about that on WCW Saturday Night.

The feature match of the program was the semi-final Womens' Tournament contest between Medusa and Zero. As I mentioned before I was surprised to realize that this match wasn't going to be the final.

Zero looks like a man and fights like a man. At one point Medusa bridges out of a pin attempt and right to her feet - very impressive. The contest was disappointingly short. Zero lost thanks to the interference of her manager, Sonny Oono. Afterward she chokeslammed him and otherwise mauled him. That was fun to watch...

WWF LiveWire

Todd Pettingill and Jim Ross hosted the program. First up on the show was a review of the Marc Mero/Hunter Hearst Helmsley feud which was curiosly skewed. They outlined the Mr. Perfect connection and betrayal and showed the outcome of the title match. Then they showed Hunter slamming the rolling case into Perfect's knee and implied that that action was in anticipation of Hunter's dismissal of Hennig from his service. An interesting little exercise in what George Orwell would have called Doublespeak - changing history to fit their current version of the truth.

HHH was the in-studio guest on today's show. My personal opinion (as I've stated before) is that Helmsley is extremely overrated and I find him boooring...Lord Steven Regal does that act so much better. The only thing he had going for him was the connection to Hennig, with that gone I can't imagine the WWF will let him keep that Title past tomorrow night.

Interestingly, the only caller who sided with Hunter (identified as "Craig in Florida") sounded suspiciously like WWF Magazine editor-in-chief Vince Russo (aka Vic Venom). HHH left the studio right after that call.

Russo later made an appearance on the show via remote broadcast - sure sounded like the same guy to me...

A number of callers were speculating that Shawn Michaels, who will be at the broadcast position for tomorrow's main event, will have a hard time restraining himself from interfering in the match. This would, of course result in a DQ screwjob and assure that Sid retains the title. There has been a lot of this kind of ruminating all over the Internet this week and I would not be surprised to see such an outcome, but I would also not be surprised to see Bret win the title. Sid strikes me as a transition figure who doesn't really have the fan support needed to sustain an extended title reign. Despite the huge pop that accompanies some of his entrances, he's a one-note competitor whose appeal, I believe, is very shallow.

Jim Ross made an interesting statement impying the possibilty that the Undertaker might use tomorrow's event to introduce a new manager. Two callers had pointed out that UT usually ends up wrestling "...about 10 other guys" and suggested that he needs to get somebody to watch his back.

Towards the end of the program Mr. Bob Backlund (wearing flip-up sunglasses) interrupted the proceedings to rant about role models...then he left the immediate area but continued to lurk about the premises throughout the remainder of the broadcast.

A caller mentioned some comments made by ECW head honcho Paul Heyman putting down Jim Ross as "...another of Vince McMahon's flunkies". Ross sarcastically talked about the ECW "...putting on matches in Bingo halls in front of 300 people" and suggested that any ECW personality would be thrilled to be standing where he (Ross) was that moment. I'm sure that's true...

WCW Saturday Night

Young Billy Kidman showed us something in his opening contest against the Cruiserweight Champion, Dean Malenko. It wasn't enough but the "Kid Man" has evidently been studying the moves of Rey Misterio - he was flying around with the best of them. This kid is going places, no doubt about it.

High Voltage's superior teamwork should have taken them to a victory over the "Jobber Express" (Joe Gomez/Renegade) but of course the latter team is getting the push (sorry Troy...)

Has anyone else noticed that Jeff Jarrett has been gradually putting more and more color into his ring attire as the weeks go by? It started out pure white but each time I see him now he seems to be sporting more gold bands. First they showed up among the straps covering his upper body, now they are appearing on his tights.

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Diamond Dallas Page showed us a new wrinkle in his Diamond Cutter finisher by picking Rex King up as if to back drop him then whirling around and grabbing his head to apply the move. In a post match interview he still insists he doesn't want or need any help from the NWO.

Roadblock and Big Ron Studd combined to make a gargantuan tag team to face the Faces of Fear today on the program. Sort of an ersatz Natural Disasters... Roadblock doesn't seem to know how to apply his massive body to his blows until he takes it to the top rope and launched it onto...nothing...too bad.

Kevin Sullivan was made to suffer through another of those scandalous videos involving his wife and Chris Benoit. By the way, one of my correspondents pointed out to me that the "Erin" that Sullivan referred to last week was Arn Anderson's wife Erin (the daughter of Arn's former partner and mentor Ole Anderson)...I should have known that.

Lord Steven Regal (the better version of Hunter Hearst Helmsley) faced off against DOD's Hugh Morrus with the TV Title at stake. The high-flying Morrus gave the Champ all he could handle but succombed in the end to Regal's more intelligent attack.

This week's NWO segment featured another squash match between the Giant and a nothing jobber (I think it was the same guy that Kevin Sullivan beat up last week...KC something). Kevin Nash got in a great line - referring to the jobber "Hmmm...blond hair and black eyebrows - he must be dying those eyebrows..." The match ended after the Giant gave Marcus Bagwell an in-ring, close-up tutorial on the finer points of applying the choke-slam. Funny stuff, I guess...

Arn Anderson took the floor at the end of the show to tell Chris Benoit that he needs to get his act together and stop messing around with Kevin Sullivan's family life. One of my regular correspondents on the Readers Forum is convinced that all of this is leading to a set-up of some sort directed at Benoit by Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan...he could be right there.

Bret Hart's Weelky Column Summary

Today's column is titled Date with Destiny Near.

Bret mentions that tomorrow night is IYH:It's Time, a PPV from West Palm Beach, Fla.

He says he won't have time to thaw out in the sun, but he'll work up a sweat in the gym getting ready for his match with Sycho Sid. He says that lots of people figure you can't have a plan of attack for someone as unpredictible as Sid. But Bret says "I have one that I'm confident will earn me the WWF world heavyweight title for the fourth time!" He says he can't say he'll do it, or Sid might somehow find out. He mentions that he beat Sid last year in Regina, Saskatchewan. But that he had help from Glen Kulka and other members of the Saskatchewan Roughriders football team to counter Sid's cheating ways. (Rudy note: The Roughriders play in the Canadian Football League and Glen Kulka plays for that team).

He says, "speaking of Kulka-he's been my sparring partner over the last few weeks". And he says that Glen wants to join the WWF in the future.

Next, Bret discusses about what the readers wrote concerning some of the newcomers to the WWF. He says that a few months ago, he mentioned that there would be a lot of changes by the time he got back and he is happy to see that readers are pleased with this, as is Bret.

Some readers wanted more information, so here goes. He starts with Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon. He says that although they are new to the WWF, they have been together for 11 years, working mostly in Japan. They were known as the Can-Am Express, but decided not to use this name in the WWF. He says that Furnas says "we're trying to establish ourselves in the US first. Later on we might come up with a name." Bret says it all started for Furnas back at Virginia Tech, where Furnas watched wrestling on TV more than doing homework. He thought he could do better than the wrestlers he saw on TV.

Kevin Sullivan was impressed with Furnas when he saw him working out at a gym and helped get Furnas in top shape. Phil LaFon saw Furnas in Montreal at a strongman competition & the two hit it off right away.

In 1988, Giant Baba teamed the two of them up in Japan. They did great against established teams and it was clear that they would go far. And now, they've come to the WWF. Funas says "that's because they're looking for the toughest competition in the world." Bret says that although Furnas thinks he could be succesful as a single wrestler in the WWF, both of them are interested in earning the WWF Tag Team title.

Bret then goes on to discuss another newcomer, who is a veteran in the ring. This is Flash Funk, better known as 2Cold Scorpio. Bret says that 2Cold had to change his name due to legal problems, "but says he's still 2Cold Scorpio in other clothes." 2Cold says "I want to have a good time and work my way to the top."

Bret than briefly discusses the Nation of Domination. "They haven't said what nation they are, or who they're trying to dominate." He says so far, they consist of Farooq, who is "some sort of a leader figure for them", and Crush and Clarance Mason.

He ends his column with more trivia. Furnas and LaFon were the Can-Am Express. Who was the Can-Am Connection? (Editor's Note: that would be Rick Martel and Tom Zenk) "Stay cool."

And that's it for another week Earl.

Thanks Rudy, another great report!

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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