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Solie's Tuesday Morning Report

Volume 1, Issue 94
December 16, 1996

NWO Takes Over the the 1st Hour of the Nitro Broadcast!

Bret Hart Jumps Stone Cold and Hands Him a Victory

Billy Gunn Suffers a Neck Injury in a match Against His Brother

Nitro Report

Tonight's program is from Pensacola, Florida.

The NWO guys (Bischoff, Debieasi and Vincent) show up and take over the broadcast booth. Lengendary Larry stands his ground for a moment then decides to leave.

They review the Piper appearance on the program last week. They announce a Sting/Steiner rematch as Sychosis comes to the ring to face Lord Regal.

Sychosis vs. Lord Steven Regal - TV Title match - Regal grounds the high-flyer from the get-go. Sychosis is a pretty fair wrestler but he's no match for the master. Regal has his opponent tied up as we cut to commercial.

We come back to find Regal still pretzeling the Mexican star. Sychosis ducks away from an arm bar and wrenches Regal's left arm pretty good. Regal rolls outside and gets splashed. Now Sychosis holds the high ground. He knocks Regal off his feet several times in a row - they climb the corner ropes and he gets a piece of a Frankensteiner. He stays in control and delivers an Alabama Jam type legdrop.

Sychosis' belly-to-belly suplex puts both men down. Sycosis recovers first and goes for a pin to no avail. Regal grabs a cross-face and starts to wear his opponent down. Then he starts kicking him in the head. He stands him in the corner and pummels him. Next a vertical suplex. He puts Sychosis on the top turnbuckle and goes for another suplex but gets shoved to the mat. A spectacular swan dive splash doesn't quite do the trick. Sychosis delivers a spin kick then goes for a head scissors but gets shrugged off. An STF finishes him.

Video review of the Sting/Steiner incident from three weeks ago.

Big Bubba Rogers vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. - Chavo handles himself well in this one. After Bubba's initial assault, Chavo takes the reins and controls the latter portion of the match. Great Butt Bump!! Eventually however, he gets caught in a sidewalk slam and pinned.

Gene Okerlund with Masa Hiro Chono and Sonny Oono - Chono declares himself part of the NWO - Sonny is speechless...

Masa Hiro Chono vs. Chris Jericho - Chono tosses Jericho out of the ring right off the bat. Chris comes back in and delivers a flurry of kicks that stagger the big man. But Chono recovers quickly and gets in a boot of his own to the face. It's all downhill for Jericho after that. Chono starts unloading the heavy artillery. Chris finally turns the tables when Chono takes too long to climb the ropes - but he can't sustain it. Chono is overwhelming. Eventually Chris ends up suspended by one foot hanging upside-down outside the ring. Chono won't let up on him and gets disqualified. A rather hollow victory for Jericho...

Video review of Piper's appearances last week. Eric claims that after the broadcast the NWO came into the ring and kicked the WCW guy's butts...funny, I heard it was the other way around...

Horsemen interview (Flair, Arn, Mr. and Mrs. Mongo) - Arn threatens Kevin Sullivan with bodily harm in their match later tonight - Flair seems to be encouraging Benoit in his conquest of Mrs. Sullivan (do he and Arn ever coordinate their speeches??) The McMichaels' rant (who cares...)

David Sammartino(!) vs. Dean Malenko - Sammartino is looking lean and mean. He seems to have lost all of that baby fat he used to sport. He still has that trademark Sammartino pectoral developement. His wrestling skill is the equal of his opponent - something we rarely see... This is a great scientific match! After a masterful demonstartion of mat wrestling by both competitors the ending is a disappointment. Malenko puts on a backslide and holds Sammartino's shoulders to the mat for the three count (although it looked to me like he got a shoulder up - the announcers felt that way as well). Cut to commercial.

The WCW announcers are invited back to the broadcast position for the second hour.

Review of the Masa Chono defection from earlier tonight.

Jerry Flynn vs. Ice Train - The Train is a powerhouse but Flynn is far superior as a wrestler. He also demonstrates some solid martial arts skills. He keeps Ice Train off balance through most of the match. Finally Ice Train just muscles his way into a heel-lock and makes it into a submission hold through pure unadulterated power.

Syxx interviews the Outsiders - they challange the Faces of Fear to a match tonight.

Sting video - The NWO guys are claiming that Sting has joined their group (dream-on fellas)

Bobby Eaton vd Rey Misterio Jr. - surprisingly Bobby dominates the preceedings. Maybe not so surprising since he outweighs Rey by quite a bit (it looks like a man wrestling a boy actually). Eventually Misterio's speed and agility start to take their toll. But it's a hard row to plow - Bobby keeps him grounded much of the time. In the end Bobby takes a moment too long getting to the top and gets caught in one of Misterio's patented Frankensteiner variations.

Another Benoit/Woman video - their still cuddling and drinking wine. Benoit is taunting Sullivan - calling him a loser...

Kevin Sullivan vs. Arn Anderson - Sullivan meets Arn in the aisle and tears his shirt off while pummeling him. Starts biting his stomach! The he throws a chair at him. Arn tries to return the favor but misses. In the ring (finally) Sullivan pounds Arn into the corner. It goes outside again - they fight out among the fans for a while then head back. In the ring the ref gets decked by Arn - then Arn gets blinded by a thumb to the eye. He turns around and finds the ref as he's getting up. He DDT's him! Sullivan mauls Arn into the corner and hangs him up for the "Tree of Woe" - he comes carreening across the ring only to be met by a fist to the groin!!

Hugh Morrus hits the ring and gets DDT'd. Konan gets as far as the apron before he's knocked to the floor. He recovers quickly and hands Sullivan a wooden folding chair. As Arn is distracted by Jimmy Hart, Sullivan breaks he chair across his back. He rolls him into a pinning predicament as Hart shoves the dazed referee into positon for the pin. Cut to commercial.

Rick Steiner enters with his brother. Sting is in the rafters - he makes his way the ring rather slowly - the Steiners and Randy Anderson wait nervously in the ring. Here he comes...wait, there are two Stings...the fake one has a bat...oh I see the real Sting has one as well. He pretends to be friendly with the NWO Sting (Stink?) but as soon as Stink gives up his bat (Sting tosses his to Rick) - they turn their backs (the usual Sting gesture) - then Sting grabs Stink and drops him with the reverse DDT. So much for Sting as an NWO member.

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Hulk and Company (the Giant, Debiasi, Vincent, Liz) stroll down the ramp to the ring. Debiasi introduces Hogan who brings out a chair and imitates Piper from last weeks show - he's calling Piper out (Piper isn't around, of course). Hogan sends Vincent to the back to "dig Piper up" as he intimidates Liz into kissing him on the cheek.

Now they're claiming that Piper "ran out the back door" (yeah, right...) Hogan rants for a while then goes into his posing routine. Cut to commercial. Outsiders vs. Faces of Fear - this one is a brawl from the beginning. Bubba shows up and surprises us by attacking the Faces - he's turned NWO - now the entire Dungeon of Doom hits the ring - then the rest of the NWO - the locker room is emptying - it's a regular Battle Royal...

Scott Norton enters the frey on the side of the NWO - then Sting shows up. He shoulders his way into the ring - people are parting before him. Arn grabs him and spins him around - gets a knuckle sandwich for his trouble. Mongo goes on the attack next and gets in some good shots - but Sting blocks a punch then puts him down - everyone else has stopped to watch Sting...

Misterio jumps on his back and gets dumped to the mat before Sting leaves the ring. The camera follows him as he strides away - fade to black...

RAW Report

Bret Hart makes his way to the the ring for an interview. He says he should be the Champ but Shawn Michaels spoiled it for him last night. He says there are no rules anymore and that's fine with him. He calls Shawn a "little prissy" and says that he has no integrity. He announces his entry into the coming Royal Rumble battle royal. He tells the other 29 guys to watch themselves and complains that Shawn Michaels caused him to lose the match last night. He plans to call the opening contest and promises not to get involved.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Vader - the combatants enter the ring and go right at it. They lock up a second time then Vader bulls Austin back into the corner and pounds him to the mat. Austin takes it for several moments, offering no offense at all then suddenly he explodes on Vader. Now its Vader being pummeled as we cut to commercial.

The match is outside the ring when we return. They are starting to use furniture on each other. The audience is chanting "Cornette Sucks!!". Back in the ring Vader goes up for a Vader bomb but takes to long bouncing on the ropes. Austin gets up and crotches him (ouch!) and they both tumble to the mat. Another exchange and Austin gets dumped out to the floor.

Bret Hart gets up and rushes Austin - clipping him Stone Cold style behind the knee. Then he puts the Sharpshooter on him and won't let go. Vader is DQ'd for outside interference. He attacks Bret and he and Bret slug it out. They are seperated and Hart goes back and slaps the Sharpshooter on again. Eventually he is led away.

The Godwins vs. "Diesel" and "Razor" - the Godwins are the superior team here but the two imposters are more devious. They are outclassed throughout the match but manage to distract PIG long enough to get him in position for a powerbomb.

Shawn Michaels interview - he says there will be no excuses when he beats Sid in San Antonio (his home town).

We join Furnas/LaFon vs. TL Hopper/Mr. X in progress. Doug and Phil make short work of the jobbers.

Billy Gunn interview - he has a match with his brother tonight - naturally he plans to win...

Karate Fighters Finale - Lawler vs. Sable - Marc Mero and Hunter Hearst Helmsly in attendance. Sable wins, of course - the Burger King demands a re-match...of course. Mero steps between them and Hunter blindsides him. They start to work him over when Goldust shows up and goes after Helmsly.

Goldust returns to the ring as Mero chases Hunter up the aisle. The King is still in the ring and has a mic to taunt the Golden one with. He struggles to find a word to describe Goldust's lifestyle - finally uses the "Q" word and gets flattened by a punch to the jaw - Goldust has just declared his sexual preference. The King flees and Marlena comes to the ring - the happy couple depart...

Billy Gunn vs Bart Gunn - Billy attacks before the bell. They tumble outside ad have a slugfest. Back in the ring it looks like Bart has the upper hand as we go to commercial.

We're back and now Billy is in charge. After a few exchanges Bart turns the tables with a Stun Gun type move. Billy tumbles to the mat and lies still. The referee stops the match. Billy seems to be injured. He's awake but saying he can't feel anything - he sounds panicky...both mens wives are there and Billy's wife is getting hysterical. Bart is overcome with remorse and is frantically calling for help as we cut to commercial.

A we return the trainer is in the ring...they're immobilizing Billy's head and preparing to cart him away as we fade to black...

Both shows had their moments tonight - neither really rang my bell..I must be getting jaded. I thought the Regal/Sychosis match was pretty good, Sammartino vs. Malenko was excellent. Austin/Vader had some good action and drama at the end. I loved seeing Austin with his face grinding into the floor as Bret worked on him...

Anyway, that's the way I see it...

Earl Oliver,
editor Solie's Wrestling Newsletter

(Editor's Note: If you have found anything I have said here to be particularly offensive please read this disclaimer).

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