Here is the view looking East as you round the corner of our orchard on the right. The tall trees on the left, behind the barn are 2nd growth redwoods (about 100 years old and more than 60 feet tall). We have 30 redwood trees on our property - 28 in that stand behind the barn and 2 at the opposite end of the orchard from the house. The orchard has 8 apple trees and two plum. There is also a plum tree in the front yard and various small fruit trees that we have planted. If you look closely at the right center of this shot you can see the bent over stump of the largest apple tree, which blew over in a storm last winter. The house was built in 1918 and was the original dwelling for a 70 acre dairy farm. The late afternoon fog seen here is a frequent occurance in this part of the world. Some mornings I open the back door and see deer in the orchard. Click here to continue. Back to the diary.