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March 2, 1893--April 3, 1908

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.Evan "Strangler" Lewis
03/02/93-New Orleans, LA
Evan "Strangler" Lewis unified the Catch-as-Catch-Can Title and the American Greco-Roman Titles on 03/02/93 by defeating Ernest Roeber on 03/02/93 in a mixed match with Greco-Roman and Catch-as-Catch-Can styles in best of 5 falls.
Due to the unification, the belts merged into what was from then on called the American Heavyweight Title.

2.Martin "Farmer" Burns
04/20/95-Chicago, IL

3.Dan McLeod
10/26/97-Indianapolis, IN

4.Tom Jenkins

5.Dan McLeod (2)
12/25/02-Worcester, MA
Tom Jenkins was forced into forfeiting the match in the third fall due to blood poisoning in his leg.

6.Tom Jenkins (2)
04/03/03-Buffalo, NY

7.Frank Gotch
01/27/04-Bellingham, WA

8.Tom Jenkins (3)
03/15/05-New York, NY

9.Frank Gotch (2)
05/23/06-Kansas City, MO

10.Fred Beell
12/01/06-New Orleans, LA

11.Frank Gotch (3)
12/17/06-Kansas City, MO
Frank Gotch, American Champion, defeated George Hackenschmidt, World Heavyweight Champion, to unify the two titles on 04/03/08 in Chicago, IL. The World Heavyweight Title is claimed by Gotch and the American Heavyweight Title was forgotten and abandoned.

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