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May 21, 2005

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Salvatore Rinauro and Seth Delay
05/21/2005-Cornelia, GA
Defeated Azrael and Gabriel, Ace Rockwell and Shaun Tempers, Shadow Jackson and Nemesis, Iceberg and Jay Fury, Cru Jones and Biohazard, and Adam Roberts and T.C. Carnage in a gauntlet match to become the first champions.

2.Alabama Attitude (T.C. Carnage and Adam Roberts)
08/06/2005-Cornelia, GA

3.Urban Assault Squad: Shadow Jackson and Nemesis
10/29/2005-Cornelia, GA

4.Pomp & Circumstance: Ace Rockwell and Shaun Tempers
12/30/2005-Cornelia, GA
Defeat Alabama Attitude, Urban Assault Squad, and Jeremy V. and Jason Blackman in a 4-way match.

5.Jason Blackman and Jeremy V
01/07/2006-Cornelia, GA

6.Urban Assault Squad [2]
04/15/2006-Cornelia, GA
Defeat V and Hotstuff Hernandez, subbing for the injured Blackman.

7.Tank and Shawn Tempers
06/17/2006-Cornelia, GA Defeat UAS, Seth DeLay and Patrick Bentley, and Alabama Attitude.

8.Urban Assault Squad [3]
11/04/2006-Helen, GA

9.Jason Justice and Mike Free
01/20/2007-Cornelia, GA

10.Awesome Attraction: Austin Creed and Hayden Young
04/07/2007-Cornelia, GA

11.Devilís Rejects: Azrael and Shaun Tempers
12/29/2007-Cornelia, GA

12.NWA Elite: Shatter and Kimo and Abomination
07/19/2008-Cornelia, GA

13.New Wave: Derrick Driver and Steven Walters
08/16/2008-Cornelia, GA

14.Talent & Money: J.T. Talent and Andrews Pendleton III
02/21/2009-Cornelia, GA

15.New Wave [2]
04/18/2009-Cornelia, GA

16.Talent & Money [2]
08/29/2009-Cornelia, GA

17.Wild Bunch: Billy Buck and Chris King
03/06/2010-Cornelia, GA

18.Skirra Corvus & Orion Bishop
05/29/2010-Cornelia, GA

19.Billy Buck & Andrew Alexander
09/18/2010-Cornelia, GA

20.Hate Junkies: Stryknyn and Dany Only
01/22/2011-Cornelia, GA

21.Youth Gone Wild: Anthony Henry and Dustin Knight
04/09/2011-Cornelia, GA

22.For the Love of Money: Bryan Casanova and Andrew Pendleton III
08/27/2011-Cornelia, GA

23.Bryan Casanova and Slim J
10/08/2011-Cornelia, GA

24.Slim defeats Pendleton to replace as Casanova's partner.

25.Se7en and Lane Vasser
01/28/2012-Cornelia, GA
Casanova turned in Slim to join the NWA Elite; any combination of NWA Elite: Se7en, Lane Vasser, Bryan Casanova, Jacoby Boykins, and Shaun Tempers are allowed to defend the title.

26.Azrael and Slim J
07/12/2012-Cornelia, GA
Defeated an NWA Elite combination of Jacoby Boykins and Shaun Tempers

The Urban Assault Squad [4]
10/27/2012-Cornelia, GA (Anarchy Arena)
Barbed Wire match.
Anarchy Wrestling Fright Night

27.Movement (Najasism and Vandal)
02/23/2013-Cornelia, GA

28.BJ Hancock and Joey Rhymer
06/22/2013-Cornelia, GA (Anarchy Arena)

Title Vacant

29.The Elite (Shaun Tempers [substituting for Jagged Edge] and Se7en)
07/27/2013-Cornelia, GA
Defeated Mikael Judas and Azrael to win vacant title

30.Urban Assault Squad [5]
10/26/2013-Cornelia, GA
Defeated the Elite and Jeremy Vain and Brodie Chase in a 3-way match.

31.Iceberg Slim (Iceberg and Slim J)
01/11/2014-Cornelia, GA
Won the title from Unforgivable Blackness (Shadow Jackson and Nemesis), formerly known as the Urban Assault Squad.

32.Washington Bullet (Jon Williams and Trey Williams)
02/09/2014-Cornelia, GA

33.Bobby Moore and Todd Sexton
05/10/2014-Cornelia, GA

34.Geter and Blaze
11/22/2014-Cornelia, GA (Anarchy Arena)

35.Devil's Rejects (Azrael and Stryknyn)
12/27/2014-Corlenia, GA
Defeated Big F'N Deal (Geter and Blaze) and William Huckaby and Joe Black in 3-way match.

36.Brian Blaze and Geter [2]
03/28/2015-Cornela, GA

37.Slim J. and Fred Yehi
04/11/2015-Cornelia, GA

38.C.B. Suave and P Dog
07/25/2015-Cornelia, GA

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