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July 27, 2004--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema

1.Sonny Siaki and David Young
07/27/2004-Columbus, GA
Defeated John Bogey and Jason Cross for vacant title

2.AJ Steele and Bull Buchanan
10/30/2004-Columbus, GA

3.Elix Skipper and John Bogie
12/25/2004-Columbus, GA
Defeated A.J. and Damien Steele for title.

4.Glenn Gilberti and Johnny Swinger
01/01/2005-Columbus, GA

5.A.J. Steele and Damien Steele
02/12/2005-Columbus, GA

6.Sonny Siaki and The Wrestler
02/26/2005-Columbus, GA


7.Southside Trash: Rowdy and Big Daddy
03/26/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)
Defeated Sean Evans and Sonny Siaki in a tournament final to win vacant title.

8.David Young and Bull Buchanan
04/23/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)
Defeated Southside Trash and John Bogie and Lee Thomas.

9.John Bogie and Lee Thomas
06/11/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)
Defeated Bull Buchanan and Chris Stevens (subbing for David Young).

10.David Young and Chris Stevens
06/25/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)

11.Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones and Shaun Banks)
08/05/2006-Columbus, GA

12.David Young and Elix Skipper
11/15/2006-Columbus, GA
Defeated Banks and Bull Buchanan, subbing for Jones.

13.Johnny Swinger and Bull Buchanan
12/13/2006-Phoenix City, AL

14.Vik Dalishusand Hale Collins
/02/28/2007-Phenix City, AL
Defeated Swinger and Buchanan and Micah Taylor and Tony Santorelli in a 3-way match.

15.Micah Taylor and Tony Santorelli
04/18/2007-Phenix City, AL

16.Vik Dalishus and Hale Collins
05/30/2007-Phenix City, AL

17.Chris Stevens and David Young [2]
06/02/2007-Phenix City, AL

Title Vacant

18.Hot Like Lava [2]
11/17/2007-Phenix City, AL
Defeated David Young and Chris Stevens in tournament final

19.J-Rod and Tex Monroe
01/24/2008-Phenix City, AL

20.Hot Like Lava [3]
05/29/2008-Phenix City, AL

21.Bull Buchanan and Scotty Beach
07/24/2008-Phenix City, AL

22.Merchants of Death (Orion Bishop and Murder One)
08/14/2008-Phenix City, AL

23.John Bogie and Kareem Abdul Jamar
09/04/2008-Phenix City, AL

24.Merchants of Death [2]
10/16/2008-Phenix City, AL
Defeated John Bogie and Kareem Abdul Jamar in a Bohemian Grove Brawl match to win the titles

25.Rowdy and Raunchy (Southside Trash)
02/12/2009-Phenix City, AL

Southside Trash left GCW

26.Merchants of Death [3]
03/12/2009-Phenix City, AL
Defeated Cru Jones and Shaun Banks for vacant title

27.J-Rod and Frankie Valentine
03/19/2009-Phenix City, AL
Defeated Murder One and Shaun Banks, subbing for Orion Bishop, for the title

28.Bobby Moore and Kyle Matthews
07/02/2009-Phenix City, AL

Title Vacant

29.Dany Only and Ron Stalker
12/03/2009-Phenix City, AL
Defeated Cru Jones and Chris Stevens for vacant title.

30.Murder One and Michael Stevens
01/07/2010-Phenix City, AL

31.Scott Steele and Buff Bagwell
02/18/2010-Phenix City, AL

32.Hot Like Lava [5] br03/25/2010-Phenix City, AL

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