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April 21, 2007--Present

Compiled by Tim Robertson

04/21/2007-Dyersburg, TN
Defeated Gunner Thompson, J.Weezy and "Real Deal" Tim Edwards in a 4 Corner Elimination match to become the 1st champion

2.Gunner Thompson
04/28/2007-Dyersburg, TN

3.The Sicilian Kid
05/26/2007-Dyersburg, TN

4."Real Deal" Tim Edwards
06/19/2007-Dyersburg, TN
Won a Hardcore Elimination Battle Royal
Summer Jam

Title Relinquished
Edwards threw the belt away declaring that hardcore matches were for people that couldn't wrestle. The Sicilian Kid got the belt from the trash and was still recognized as champion

5.T.W. Justice
Defeated The Sicilian Kid
06/23/2007-Dyersburg, TN
24/7 rule put into effect on this night

6. Lil' Tim Alfonzo
06/23/2007-Dyersburg, TN

7.The Sicilian Kid [2]
06/23/2007-Dyersburg, TN

8.J. Weezy
06/30/2007-Dyersburg, TN
Won a Hardcore Scramble Match

Title Vacant
Weezy was fired from NBW and a 4 Corners match was made to determine the new champion

9. Lil' Tim Alfonzo [2]
07/21/2007-Dyersburg, TN
Defeated Gunner Thompson, The Sicilian Kid and Zane Richards in a 4 Corners match

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