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Sometime prior to August 4, 2002--February 2006

Compiled by Mark Oship

1.Scott Davidson
Named first ESW Heavyweight Champion

TITLE VACANT Scott Davidson forfeits title due to injury

2.Steve Davidson
08/04/2002-Elks Lodge #346, Nigeria Falls, NY
Defeated Jonny Puma for vacant title

3.Jonny Puma [Scott Heim]
01/11/2003-American Legion Post #1451, Sanborn, NY

4."Mastiff" Will Christianson [Will Smith]
10/04/2003-St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY

5.Johnny Puma [Scott Heim] (2)
08/21/2004-Niagara Catholic High School, Niagara Falls, NY
ESW's First Anniversary Show

6.Damien Alexander
04/23/2005-St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY

7."Mastiff" Will Christianson [Will Smith] (2)
11/26/2005-Frontier Firehall, Niagara Falls, NY

Title is abandoned when ESW ceases operations in February 2006.

ESW reopened operations in September 2009 after breaking ties with Next Era Wrestling, and changed their name back to Empire State Wrestling.

9.Kevin Grace [Kevin Bruce]
04/04/2009-The Meeting Place, Bergholtz, New York
Defeated "Mastiff" Will Calrissian, Jonny Puma and Chris Cooper in a four-way elimination match, defeating Calrissian, at an Next Era Wrestling - Niagara show.
ESA left the Next Era Wrestling promotion to reopen Empire State Wrestling. ESW continued the linage of the ESW Tag Team Championship with Grace.

10.Chris Cooper
04/10/2010-North Tonawanda, NY (St. Johnsburg Firehall)

11.Bill Collier
11/22/2014-Lockport, NY

12.Will Calrissian
08/22/2015-N. Tonawanda, NY
Cashed in his "Ilio DiPaolo Cup" during Bill Collier* vs Chris Hero match and pinned Collier.

13.Bill Collier [2]
08/20/2016-N. Tonawanda, NY

14.R.J. City
05/20/2017-N. Tonawanda, NY

15.Kevin Bennett
11/25/2017-Niagara Falls, NY

16.Pepper Parks
05/19/2018- N. Tonawanda, NY

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