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February 9, 2008--Present

Compiled by The Masked Marvel

1.Kurt Adonis
02/09/2008-Fairfield, CT (Knights of Columbus Hall)
Defeated Paul Lombardi, Brian Anthony, and Tookie Tucker in a Four Way match.
PGW Big Trouble in Little Fairfield 2008

2.Ron Zombie 06/07/2008-Bethany, CT (Bethany Athletic Association Carnival) Defeated Kurt Adonis in a tag team match with PGW North American Champion Brian Anthony. Chris Battle, Zombie's tag team partner, won the PGW North American title. PGW Chaos at the Carnival 2008

3.Kurt Adonis [2]
06/21/2008-Bridgeport, CT (Cardinal Shehan Center)
Defeated Rob Zombie and Tookie Tucker in a tag team steel cage match.
Adonis' tag team partner was Marvin Swinestein.
PGW The Last Resort 2008

4.Ron Zombie [2]
08/31/2008-Branford, CT (Branford Town Green)
Bulldog Blanski was the special guest referee.
Event was held at the "Branstock" black metal festival.
PGW The Curse of Zombie 2008

Title Vacant
10/04/2008-Fairfield, CT (Knights of Columbus Hall)
The title is declared vacant by promoter Joe LaChance following Zombie's controversial victory over Adonis. The new champion would be decided in the main event.
PGW Battlefield: Fairfield II

5.Kurt Adonis [3]
10/04/2008-Fairfield, CT (Knights of Columbus Hall)
Defeated 99.1 WPLR disc jockey Magilla in a tag team match with Ron Zombie. Brian Anthony had introduced Adonis as his mystery partner.
Stevie Richards was the special guest referee and later helped Adonis by kicking Magilla in the groin and counting the pinfall.
PGW Battlefield: Fairfield II

6. Brian Anthony
12/05/2008-East Haven, CT (East Haven Academy)
Defeated Kurt Adonis in a "champion vs. champion" match. Adonis was forced to retire as part of the pre-match stipulations.
PGW Fight Before Christmas 2008

7.Ron Zombie [3]
10/10/2009-Fairfield, CT (Knights of Columbus Hall)
Defeated Brian Anthony in a Loser Leaves PGW match.
PGW Battlefield: Fairfield III

8.Frankie Arion
12/05/2009-Fairfield, CT (Knights of Columbus Hall)
Defeated Brian Fury. Arion was originally scheduled to face Matt Taven to decide the #1 contender but was put in the main event to wrestle for the championship when Ron Zombie failed to appear. Brian Anthony invoked a "rematch clause" and brought out Brian Fury to fight in his place.
PGW Fight Before Christmas 2009

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