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November 1991--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1."The Fighter" Joe O.
11/91-Swansea, Ma. (Luther School)
Won a tournament to determine the first champion

2.Storm Kelly
02/92-Swansea, Ma. (Luther School)

Title held up
Shadow Warrior signed the contract and wrestled in the first 2 of 3 falls. Later Storm Kelly (dressed exactly the same as Shadow) switched places and pinned Joe O. for the final fall. Kelly unmasked claiming he wrestled the whole match, but later was stripped due to the illegal nature of the win. The title was placed in a tournament.

3."Ruthless" Ryan Amaral
03/92-Swansea, Ma. (Luther School)
Won tournament

4.The Shadow Warrior
05/92-Swansea, Ma. (Luther School)
TnT Tournament - Ryan Amaral was stripped of the title after using many foreign objects against "Brutal" Bob Evans at "Power-Fest 92". The title was put into a 24-man tournament named "Trials and Tribulations" Tournament (TnT for short)

5.Scott Z.
09/92-Pawtucket, RI (St. Raphael Acadamy)

6.Hurricane Harvey
12/92-Pawtucket, R.I. (Slater Jr. H.S.)

7.Scott Z. [2]
12/92-Swansea, MA (Luther School)
Hurricane Harvey gave up the title due to an injury from a car accident. 12 wrestlers fought for contention in a battle royal, with the winner facing Scott Z. for the title. The Defenseman won the battle royal and lost to Scott Z.

8."The Fighter" Joe O. [2]
02/93-Swansea, MA (Luther School)

9.Scott Z.[3]
03/93-Swansea, MA (Luther School)

10."Brutal" Bob Evans
05/93-Pawtucket, RI (St. Raphael Acadamy)

Title Vacant
Bob Evans gave up the championship due to personal reasons. The title was put into a 16-man tournament.

11.Maniacal Mark
06/93-Pawtucket, RI (St. Maria Gorreti's Hall)
Won tournament
Scott Z. suffered a knee injury (origin unknown) prior to the match. Sub-Zero stepped in. If Sub-Zero won, the title would stay with Scott Z.; If Sub-Zero lost, the title would go to the Punisher.

12.Amazin' Jay
12/93-Pawtucket, RI (St. Maria Gorreti's Hall)

13.Scott Z. [4]
07/94-Cranston, RI (Cranston Martial Arts Studio)

14.The Punisher
11/94-Providence, RI (St. Pius V Gym)

05/95 -- Punisher-Cranston, RI (Cranston Martial Arts Studio)

16.Amazin' Jay [2]
12/95-Providence, RI (St. Pius V Gym)

17.T.J. Richter
06/96-Pawtucket, R.I. (Jenks Jr. H.S.)

18."American Eagle" Shane Simons
01/97-Warren, R.I. (Fatima High School)

Title Vacant
Shane Simons gave up the title due to a medical condition. The title was awarded to the winner of a six-man battle royal.

19.Jason "the Slasher"
05/97-Newport, RI (Rogers High School)

06/97-Pawtucket, RI (Jenks Jr. High School)

21.Universal Soldier
06/98-Manville, RI (St. James Parish Center)

22.Gino Martino
05/99-Pawtucket, RI (St. Anthony's Parish Center)

Title Held Up
After defeating the Univesal Soldier in March 1999, Gino Martino gave the World Title to Scott Knight, and claimed he was not the world champion. PLW officials decided to strip the title from "whoever the champion" was.

23."Lethal" Paul Lauzon
05/99-Warwick, RI (Thayer Arena)
A new champion was determined in a top two contenders match.

Title Vacant
Paul Lauzon gave up the title due to personal reasons.

24.Don Juan de Santo
08/99-Manville, R.I.
A 16-man tournament was held, with Don Juan de Santo defeating T.J. Richter in the final match.

25.Dr. Heresy
09/2000-Providence, RI (St. Ann School)
Don Juan de Santo & Chris Venom in thriple-treat match

26."Heavenly" Johnny Angel
12/30-2001-West Warwick, R.I.

27.Dr. Heresy [2]
05/19/2002-Central Falls, R.I.
Defeated seven other wrestlers in "Pier 8 Brawl"
Johnny Angel was unable to wrestle at Power-Fest 2002 to due reasons beyond his control. Claiming that the fans wanted to see a world title match, Commissioner Derek Molhan awarded the championship to the winner of a Pier 8 Brawl contest.

28.Derik Destiny
05/02/2004-Brockton, Ma. (St. Edwards School)
Defeated Dr. Heresy and Kid Krazy in a triple threat match.

29.Jason "the Slasher" [2]
09/24/2005-Pawtucket, R.I. (Gradwell Field)

30.Chris Blackheart
05/20/2007-West Warwick, RI (Civic Center)

31."Punisher" Don Vega
05/04/2008-West Warwick, RI (Civic Center)

Title Vacant
Don Vega unable to defend the title due to injury

32."Sensational" Scott Levesque
09/25/2011-Plainville, Ma (Telford Park)
Defeated "English Lion" Eddie Ryan for the vacant title

33.J.T. Dunn
08/12/2012-Cumberland, RI (Diamond Hill Park)

34.Scott Levesque [2]
05/19/13-Pawtucket, RI (Saint Raphael Academy)

35."Mad Dog" Matt Storm
9/29/13-Plainville, Ma (Telford Park)

36."Sensational" Scott Levesque [3]
04/25/2015-Glocester, RI (Ponaganset High School)

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