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October 1999--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Mark Chambers
SCCW Committee named Mark Chambers as its Heavyweight Champion upon formation of the company.

2.Andy Jaxx
SCCW Committee named Andy Jaxx as its Heavyweight Champion, upon the retirement of Mark Chambers.

3.Iron Fist
02/12/2000-Roxbury, MA

4.Dr. Heresy
06/09/2000-New Bedford, MA

5.Johnny Angel
08/26/2000-New Bedford, MA

6.Dr. Heresy [2]
11/10/2000-New Bedford, MA

7.Don Juan DeSanto
12/22/2000-Fall River, MA
The SCCW Heavyweight Title was held up after a match between Don Juan DeSanto and Dr. Heresy ended in a no contest; DeSanto then announced that he would put the title up for grabs in Battle Brawl 2000, which would happen later on that night.

8.Don Juan DeSanto [2]
12/31/2000-Fall River, MA
DeSanto ended up winning the 18-man Royal Rumble Style Match.

9.Nick Steel
02/16/2001-New Bedford, MA

10.Johnny Angel [2]
03/16/2001-Fall River, MA

11.Adam Booker
06/29/2001-Fall River, MA

12.Dr. Heresy [3]
The SCCW Heavyweight Title was scheduled to be on the line in a contest between Adam Booker and Johnny Angel, due to transportation problems Booker was unable to make it, therefore his partner Dr. Heresy was awarded the SCCW Heavyweight Title.

13.Johnny Angel [3]
07/14/2001-Stoughton, MA

14.Adam Booker [2]
07/20/2001-Fall River, MA
The SCCW Heavyweight Title was put on the line in a Tag Team Match between Johnny Angel and Ariel vs. Adam Booker and Dr. Heresy, where the person scoring the pinfall would become the SCCW Heavyweight Champion, Adam Booker scored a pinfall on Ariel and was named the new SCCW Heavyweight Champion.

Adam Booker was unable to defend the title within the 30-day period.

15.Johnny Angel [4]
08/17/2001-Fall River, MA
Defeats The Highlight Kid to win vacant title.

16.The Punisher Don Vega
08/31/2001-Northampton, MA

17.Johnny Angel [5]
09/02/2001-Sturbridge, MA

18.The Punisher Don Vega [2]
09/08/2001-New Bedford, MA

19.Johnny Angel [6]
12/29/2001-Fall River, MA
Wins Steel Cage match.

20.G.Q. Smooth
05/31/2002-Fall River, MA

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