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1.Rhyno {Terry Gorden}
10/05/2005-Melbourne, Australia (Vodafone Arena)
Rhyno defeated reigning NWA World Champ, Jeff Jarrett, to become the 1st Champ
International Assault 2005 "Night 1"

2.Jeff Jarrett
10/08/2005-Newcastle, Australia (Newcastle Entertainmet Centre)
International Assault 2005 "Night 3"

Title Vacated
WSW stripped Jeff Jarrett of the title due to his commitments with TNA

3."American Dragon" Bryan Danielson
06/01/2007-Sydney, Australia (UNSW Roundhouse)
Bryan Danielson defeated Nigel Mcguinness to win the vacate title
WSW/AWF International Assault 2 "Night 1"

4.Billy Kidman {Pete Gruner}
06/03/2007-Newcastle, Australia (Newcastle Panthers)
WSW/AWF International Assault 2 "Night 3"

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