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October 16, 1999--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema

1.Scott Venom
10/16/99-North Versailles, PA
Wins a ten man battle royal to win the vacant championship

2.Jimmy Anjel
01/21/2000-North Versailles, PA

3.Super Hentai
02/05/2000-North Versailles, PA

4.Boomer Payne
06/10/2000-North Versailes, PA

5.Super Hentai [2]
10/28/2000-McKeesport, PA
Wins the title in a six-man tag match when Hentai, Quinn Magnum and Crusher Hansen defeated 987 (Boomer Payne, JB Destiny and Gator)

02/17/2001-McKees Rocks, PA

Title Vacant
Stripped of title for not making any defenses within a 30 day period.

7.Crusher Hansen
06/23/2001-McKeesport, PA
Wins the vacant Title in three-way match featuring Dean Jablonski, JB Destiny

Title Vacant
Hansen stripped of title for no-showing a mandatory title defense

8.Dirk Ciglar
09/08/2001-McKeesport, PA
Vacant Title is awarded to whomever eliminates Ciglar in the "Burgh Brawl" Battle Royal. Ciglar eliminates himself to win the title.

Title Vacant
Ciglar forfeits title due to injury

9.Quinn Magnum
10/06/2001-McKeesport, PA
Wins vacant title in a five-way laddermatch featuring Brandon K, Homicyde, Nikita Allanov, Scott Venom

Title Vacant
Magnum stripped of title for unprofessional conduct

10.Guido Corleone
11/10/2001-McKeesport, PA
Wins the vacant title in a battleroyal

Title Vacant
Corleone Stripped of title for not making any defenses within a 30 day period.

11.Daron Smythe
12/15/2001-McKeesport, PA
Won a "Four Corners" match featuring Dash Bennett, Bison, Sean Stylez to capture the vacant title.

12.Dash Bennett
02/16/2002-McKeesport, PA

13.Paul Atlas
03/02/2002-McKeesport, PA
this match unified the Three Rivers and NLW Heavyweight Titles.

14.Jimmy Anjel
Is given the title by Paul Atlas when Atlas wins Triple Crown.

15.Mad Mike
06/21/2002-McKeesport, PA

16.Scottie Gash
10/26/2002-McKeesport, PA
Match is forfitted and the title is awarded to Gash when Mad Mike fails to show for "winner take all, title v title" match

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