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March 17, 2005--Present

Compiled by Steven Hunter and Randy Cresswell with additional information from James Morgan

1.Hardknocks Hooligan
03/17/2005-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)
Finals Match to determine New TIWF Champ
Defeated Jawbreaker Jesse Dee

2.Lawman Williams
10/08/2005-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)
Defeated Hardknocks Hooligan and Jawbreaker Jesse Dee

3.Hardknocks Hooligan [2]
10/22/2005-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)

4.Lawman Williams [2]
11/5/2005-Jackson, TN (VFW Post 1848)
November Pain card

5. Albino Rhino
12/08/2005-Braden, KY (Braden Middle School)

6.Lawman Williams [3]
01/14/2006-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)

7.Steven Rampage
03/25/2006-Ripley, TN (National Guard Armory)

06/2/2006-Brownsville, TN (Wyatt Duke Armory)

9.Steven Rampage [2]
08/10/2006-Trenton, TN (Trenton County Fairgrounds)

10.Weasel [2]
09/09/2006-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)

11.PK Ripper
10/14/2006-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)

12.Lawman Williams [4]
02/16/2007-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)

13.Dazzlin' Dixie
02/24/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

14.Lawman Williams [5]
03/03/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

15.Boogieman Scream (Steven Rampage under Mask) [2]
03/17/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

16.Big Boy Bob
04/7/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

17.Steven Rampage [3]
06/09/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Defeated Way Cool, PK Ripper and Big Boy Bob in a 4 way match

18.Way Cool
06/16/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

Title Held Up
07/14/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Match vs. PK Ripper resulted in a double pin.
Title Held up by Commissioner Jon Seymour.

08/18/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Defeated PK Ripper in Tournament Finals

20.Weasel [3]
09/08/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

21.Steven Rampage [4]
09/08/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

22.Lawman Williams [6]
10/07/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Strap Match

23.Big Boy Bob [2]
02/16/2008-Trenton, TN (Trenton Peabody High School)
Texas Bullrope Match

24.The Punisher" Dre' Black
04/05/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

25.Danny B. Goode
05/01/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Ladder Match also involving Vic McNasty, Chico Mendoza, Oz, Steven Rampage

Title Vacant
06/21/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

26.Mark Southern
07/12/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Defeated Simon Reed in a Finals match to crown new champion

27.Simon Reed
08/16/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

09/20/08-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

29.Chico Mendoza
10/25/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

30.Hardknocks Hooligan
11/15/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

31.Chico Mendoza [2]
11/29/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

32.Jawbreaker Jesse Dee
12/14/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

33.Chico Mendoza [3]
01/17/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

34.Devon Day
02/07/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

35.Lawman Williams [6]
07/3/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Texas Bullrope Match

36.Knockout Kid
08/22/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

37.Devon Day[2]
08/29/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

38.Lawman Williams [7]
10/17/2009-Brownsville, TN
Fall Festival

39.Devon Day [3]
10/17/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

40.Knockout Kid [2]
11/21/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

03/06/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
March Badness

42.Way Cool [2]
05/15/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

43.Kilo [2]
06/05/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Broken Dreams

44.Way Cool [3]
06/19/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

45.Bad Brad Simpson
07/24/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

46.Way Cool[4]
07/31/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

47.Taylor Payne
08/14/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

48.Way Cool [5]
09/18/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

49.Motley Cruz
10/02/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

50.Chico Mendoza [4]
11/20/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

51.Gator McAllister
01/15/2011-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

52.Chico Mendoza [5]
01/29/2011-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

53.Steven Rampage[6]
?/2011-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

54.Nick Grymes
11/05/2011-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Triple Threat Best of 3 Falls Match
November Pain

55.Lawman Williams[18]
03/03/2012-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena) March Badness

Title Vacant
Lawman Williams Retired

56.Super Pro
06/23/2012-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Won Battle Royale Invitational Tournament then unmasks to reveal himself as A.J. Bradley

09/22/2012-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Dealer's Choice

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