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May 3, 2003--February 2006

Compiled by Mark Oship

1.Tommy Caliber
05/03/2003-St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY
Defeats Cade Cassidy in tournament final to become first ESW Interstate Champion

2.Chris Cooper
08/09/2003-Prince of Peace School, Niagara Falls, NY
ESW's First Anniversary show

3.Shade [Tim Meade]
02/15/2004-Eldridge Bicycle Club, Tonawanda, NY

4.Randy Walker
06/19/2004- Eldridge Bicycle Club, Tonawanda, NY

5.Shade [Tim Meade] (2)
08/21/2004- Niagara catholic High School, Niagara Falls, NY
ESW's Second Anniversary Show

Shade defeated ESW Hardcore Champion Ice to unify the two titles
12/04/2004 at, North Tonawanda, NY ( St. Johnsburg Firehall)

6.Randy Walker (2)
01/22/2005-St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY

7.Kevin Grace
05/21/2005-Frontier Firehall, Niagara Falls, New York

8.Gabriel Saint
08/26/005- Frontier Firehall, Niagara Falls, New York
ESW's Second Anniversary show

Title is abandoned when ESW ceases operations

9."Inferno" Johnny Adams
05/08/2010-Lockport, NY (The Keenan Center)
Won a 20-man Royal Rumble-style Battle Royal to reactivate Interstate Championship, last eliminating Ron Falco

10.Gabreal Saint [2]
09/24/2011-Lockport, NY

11.Kevin Bennett-12/07/2012-N. Tonawanda, NY

12.R.J. City
05/16/2015-Niagara Falls, NY

13.Coconut Jones
05/21/2016-Lockport, NY

14.Anthony Gaines
11/25/2016-Niagara Falls, NY

Title Vacant
When Anthony Gaines* does not defend the title.

15.Frankie Feathers
11/24/2018-N. Tonawanda, NY
Defeated Colin Delaney.

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