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December 19, 1968--Present

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.Billy Robinson
12/19/68-Okayama, JAPAN
Billy Robinson won a tournament to become the first champion.

2.Thunder Sugiyama
05/19/70-Sendai, JAPAN

3.Bill Miller
03/04/71-Kokura, JAPAN

4.Strong Kobayashi
06/19/71-Duluth, MN, United States *

5.Wahoo McDaniel
11/09/73-Wakayama, JAPAN

6.Strong Kobayashi (2)
11/30/73-Tokyo, JAPAN
Strong Kobayashi vacated the title on 01/31/74 when he leaves IWE to challenge New Japan's Antonio Inoki {Konji Inoki}.

7.Billy Robinson (2)
06/03/74-Tokyo, JAPAN
Robinson defeated Great Kusatsu in the tournament final to win the vacant title.

8.Superstar Billy Graham
08/16/74-Denver, Colorado, United States

9.Mighty Inoue
10/07/74-Saitama, JAPAN

10.Mad Dog Vachon
04/10/75-Tokyo, JAPAN

11.Rusher Kimura
04/19/75-Sapporo, JAPAN
Rusher Kimura vacated the titlle after being unsatisfied with a match against The Undertaker {Hans Schroeder} on 04/13/76 in Sapporo, JAPAN.

12.Rusher Kimura (2)
04/22/76-Sendai, JAPAN
Kimura defeated The Undertaker to regain the title.

13.Umanosuke Ueda
06/11/76-Ibaragi, JAPAN
The title was held up after a match against Kimura on 07/28/76

14.Rusher Kimura (3)
07/31/76-Koshigaya, JAPAN
Kimura defeated Super Assassin, who replaced injured Ueda for the rematch to claim the vacant title.

15.Alexis Smirnoff
07/21/79-Niigata, JAPAN

16.Rusher Kimura (4)
07/25/79-Mishima, JAPAN

17.Verne Gagne
11/13/79-Niigata, JAPAN

18.Rusher Kimura (5)
11/16/79-Wakayama, JAPAN
The title was abandoned when the promotion closed on 08/09/81.

19.Goro Tsurumi
07/20/96-Chigasaki, JAPAN
Goro Tsurumi defeated The Mummy in the tournament final when title was revived by IWA Kakutoushijuku.

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