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October 23, 2008--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver

1.Booker T (Booker Huffman)
11/23/2008-Las Vegas, NV (Hard Rock Casino)
Booker T brought out a new TNA Title and declared himself to be the first TNA Legends Champion.
TNA Impact live broadcast

2.AJ Styles (Allen Jones)
03/15/2009-Orlando, FL
Destination X PPV

3.Kevin Nash
07/19/2009-Orlando, FL
Victory Road PPV

4.Mick Foley
07/22/2009-Orlando, FL

5.Kevin Nash [2]
08/16/2009-Auburn Hills, MI (The Palace)
Slammiversary PPV

6.Eric Young (Jeremy Fritz)
10/18/2009-Irvine, CA
Defeated Nash and Hotstuff Hernandez in a 3-way match.
Bound for Glory PPV
Renames title the TNA Global Title

7.Rob Terry
01/27/2010-Cardiff, Wales, UK
A.J. Styles won a Global Title match on July 13, 2010 at the Victory Road PPV, but the win was thrown out by TNA management because of interference by Kazarian

8.A.J. Styles [2]
07/22/2010-Orlando, FL
TNA Impact Broadcast

Title renamed the TNA World Television Title
TNA Impact Broadcast

9.Douglas Williams
12/05/2010-Orlando, FL (Universal Studios)
TNA Final Resolution PPV

10.Abyss (Christopher Parks)
01/09/2011-Orlando, FL (Universal Studios)
TNA Genesis PPV

Title Vacated
Abyss unable to defend the title because of a "storyline" injury

11.Gunner (Chad Lail)
03/14/2011-Orlando, FL
Defeated Murphy and Rob Terry in a three–way match to win the vacant title.
TNA Impact TV taping

12.Eric Young [2]
05/17/2011-Orlando, FL
TNA Impact TV taping

13.Devon (Devon Edger Hughes)
03/18/2012-Orlando, F

Title Vacant
Devon leaves TNA.

14.Samoa Joe (Nuufolau Joel "Joe" Seanoa)
09/27/2012-Orlando, FL
Defeated Mr. Anderson.

15.Devon [2]
12/06/2012-Orlando, FL

16.Abyss [2]
06/02/2013-Boston, MA
TNA Slammiversary PPV

Title Retired

17.Jeff Jarrett
06/28/2015-Orlando, FL
Defeated Bobby Roode, Matt Hardy, Drew Galloway, and Eric Young in a King of the Mountain match when the title is reactivated as the King of the Mountain Championship

Title Vacant

18.P.J. Black (Justin Gabriel)
07/27/2015-Orlando, FL
Defeated Bobby Lashley, Eric Young, Robbie E., and Chris Masters in a King of the Mountain match.

19.Bobby Roode
07/28/2015-Orlando, FL

20.Eric Young [3]
01/06/2016-Bethlehem, PA
Impact Wrestling broadcast on January 12, 2016.

21.Bram (Thomas Raymond Latimer)
03/19/2016-Orlando, FL

22.Eli Drake (Shaun Ricker)
04/23/2016-Orlando, FL

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