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(Puerto Rico)


1974--November 1987

Compiled by Manuel Gonzalez

1.Huracan Castillo and Maravilla
Billed as champions on first show.

2.Carlos Colon and Gino Caruso

3.Huracan Castillo and Maravilla

4.Jose M. Perez and Carlos Col�n

2.Bruce Swayze and Jim Dalton
06/01/74-Caguas, PR

5.Jose M. Perez and Carlos Col�n [2]
07/12/74-Ponce, PR

07/20/74-Caguas, PR

7.Jose Rivera and Jack Venano
11/23/74-Caguas, PR

8.Vikingo and Ciclon Sudamericano
12/21/74-Caguas, PR

9.Pierre Martel and Michel Martel
03/08/75-Caguas, PR

10.Jose Rivera and Ciclon (Ciclon Sudamericano)
08/02/75-Caguas, PR

11.Bull Gregory and Ali Baba
10/11/75-Bayamon, PR

12.Carlos Col�n and Cowboy Bob Ellis
12/25/75-Caguas, PR

01/10/76-Caguas, PR

01/17/76-Caguas, PR
Title held up after a match between the Infernos and Jose Rivera and Jose M. Perez, 03/06/76, Bayamon, PR.

15.Infernos [2]
03/13/76-Bayamon, PR
Title held up after a match between the Infernos and Carlos Col�n and Jose Rivera, 08/07/76, Caguas, PR.

16.Infernos [3]
08/28/76-Bayamon, PR

17.Antonino Rocca and Miguel Perez
09/11/76-Bayamon, PR

18.Higo Hamaguchi and Gordon Nelson
10/16/76-Bayamon, PR

19.Hercules Ayala and Victor Jovica
12/04/76-Caguas, PR

12/25/76-Bayamon, PR

21.Mitchell Martel and Daniel Martel
03/04/77-Ponce, PR
Title held up after a match between the Martels and Jose Rivera and Hercules Ayala, 05/07/77, Bayamon, PR.

22.Mitchell Martel and Daniel Martel [2]
05/21/77-Caguas, PR

06/25/77-Caguas, PR

24.Mitchell Martel and Daniel Martel [3]
07/02/77-Caguas, PR

25.Carlos Col�n and Jose Rivera
08/27/77-Bayamon, PR

10/29/77-Caguas, PR

27.Carlos Col�n and Victor Jovica
11/14/77-San Juan, PR

28.Hollywood Blondes: Jack Evans and Larry Sharpe
12/17/77-San Juan, PR
Title held up after a match between the Hollywood Blondes and Victor Jovica and Chief Thunder Cloud, 04/22/78-Caguas, PR.

29.Hollywood Blondes [2]
05/06/78-Bayamon, PR

30.Carlos Col�n and Chief Thunder Cloud
05/27/78-Bayamon, PR

31.Pierre Martel and Jean Martel
07/22/78-San Juan, PR

32.Pierre Martel and Rick Martel
Awarded when Jean Martel leaves WWC.

02/04/79-Bayamon, PR
Martels lose a Loser Leaves Town match to Invader I and II.

33.Dutch Mantel and Frankie Laine
02/12/79-Bayamon, PR
Defeat Jose Rivera and Chief Thunder Cloud.

34.Carlos Col�n and Hurricane Castillo, Sr.
05/05/79-San Juan, PR

35.Dutch Mantel and Frankie Laine [2]
05/19/79-Guaynabo, PR

36.Invaders I and II
08/05/79-San Juan, PR

37.Dutch Mantel and Frankie Laine [3]
08/11/79-Caguas, PR

38.Mitsu Ishikawa and Haru Sonoda
09/24/79-Bayam�n, PR
Dutch Mantel leaves WWC.

39.Haru Sonada and Mitsu Ishikawa
10/13/79-Bayamon, PR
Win tournament.

40.Hurricane Castillo and Ciclon Negro
11/17/79-Bayamon, PR

41.Roger Kirby and Dick Steinborn
12/27/79-Bayamon, PR

42.Carlos Col�n and Eric Froelich
02/09/80-Caguas, PR

43.Luke Graham and Gorgeous George, Jr.
03/22/80-Bayamon, PR

44.Luke Graham and Bulldog Brower
Awarded when George, Jr. leaves WWC.

45.Pierre Martel and Mr. Fuji
05/23/80-Ponce, PR

06/14/80-Caguas, PR
Team splits up after a match vs. Carlos Col�n and Jose Rivera.

47.Carlos Col�n and Jose Rivera [2]
09/11/80-Bayamon, PR
Win tournament.

48.Dutch Mantel and Danny Condrey (Dennis Condrey)
10/11/80-Bayamon, PR

49.Carlos Col�n and Invader I
01/19/81-San Juan, PR

50.Pastores (Sheepherders): Luke Williams and Butch Miller
02/28/81-Bayamon, PR

51.Medics (a combination of Medic I, II or III)
04/04/81-Bayamon, PR

52.Pastores [2]
05/22/81-Bayamon, PR

53.Jack Brisco and Jerry Brisco
08/08/81-San Juan, PR

54.Kangaroos: Don Kent and Bruno Bekkar
10/22/81-San Juan, PR

55.Invader I and Super Gladiador
11/23/81-San Juan, PR

56.Kangaroos: Don Kent and Bruno Bekkar [2]
12/05/81-Bayamon, PR

57.Invader I and Super Gladiador [2]
01/26/82-Bayamon, PR

58.Moondogs: Rex and Spot
02/13/82-San Juan, PR
Title held up after a match between the Moondogs and Tommy Gilbert and Eddie Gilbert, 05/08/82, San Juan, PR.

59.Moondogs: Rex and Spot [2]
05/15/82-San Juan, PR

60.Tommy Gilbert and Eddie Gilbert
06/05/82-San Juan, PR

61.Kangaroos: Don Kent and Johnny Heffernan
08/14/82-San Juan, PR

62.Assassins [2]
08/28/82-San Juan, PR

63.Pierre Martel and Gino de la Serra
09/17/82-Ponce, PR

09/25/82-San Juan, PR

10/30/82-San Juan, PR
Defeat Pierre Martel and Gino Della Serra.

65.Scorpio and Mr. Tempest
02/03/83-San Juan, PR

66.Gran Apolo and Enrique Vera
02/11/83-Manat�, PR

Vera leaves WWC.

67.Buddy Landel and Terry Gibbs
03/25/83-San Juan, PR
Defeat King Tonga and Gran Apollo.

68.King Tonga and Gran Apollo
06/11/83-San Juan, PR

69.Medics I and II [2] 07/10/83-Aguadilla, PR

70.King Tonga and Gran Apollo
10/08/83-Guaynabo, PR

Gran Apollo retires.

71.Medics I and II [3]
06/07/84-Bayamon, PR
Defeat Invader III and Toru Tanaka.

72.Invaders I and III
08/04/84-San Juan, PR

73.Sheepherders [3]
01/06/85-Bayamon, PR

74.Invader III and Super Medico
03/02/85-Guaynabo, PR

75.Sheepherders [4]
03/23/85-San Juan, PR

76.Invaders I and III [2]
08/25/85-Bayamon, PR

77.Ron Starr and Chicky Starr
03/05/86-San Juan, PR
Title held up after a match between the Starrs and Invaders I and III, 04/19/86, Caguas, PR.

78.Ron Starr and Chicky Starr [2]
06/02/86-Bayamon, PR

79.Miguelito Perez and Hurricane Castillo, Jr.
11/08/86-San Juan, PR

80.Miguelito Perez and Big Red
Awarded when Castillo, Jr. is "injured" by Chicky Starr.

81.Gran Mendoza and Bob Heffernan
01/06/87-San Juan, PR

82.Miguelito Perez and Tony Atlas
04/25/87-Caguas, PR

83.Hunters: Dale Veasey and Bob Brown
06/20/87-San Juan, PR

WWC announced that the promotion would not recognize the WWC North American Tag Team Champions anymore. Instead, they began to recognize the WWC Caribbean Champions.

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