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April 16, 2005--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema

1.Jason Cross
04/16/2005-Columbus, GA
Defeated David Young in tourney final.

2."Disco Inferno" Glenn Gilberti
05/21/2005-Columbus, GA
Defeated Jason Cross, Tony Mamaluke, and Damien Steele in a Four Way match.

3.Damien Steele
06/04/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)
Defeated "Disco Inferno" Glenn Gilberti to win the title due to a contract clause.

Title was unified with the GCW United States Junior Heavyweight Title when Damien Steele defeated "Prime Time" Elix Skipper on 06/18/2005 in Columbus, GA

4.Jason Cross [2]
07/23/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)

5.Disco Inferno [2]
08/06/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)

6.Elix Skipper
08/27/2005-Columbus, GA

7.A. J. Steele
09/17/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)

8.Disco Inferno [3]
10/08/2005-Columbus, GA (GCW Sports Arena)
Defeated Steele and Chris Stevens in 3-way match.

Promotion name changed to Great Championship Wrestling
Title renamed as the Great Championahip Wrestling Television Title

9.Mike Foxx
12/10/2005-Columbus, GA

10.Damien Steele [2]
02/25/2006-Columbus, GA

11.Chris Stevens
03/04/2006-Columbus, GA
Defeated Damien Steele in a Loser Leaves Town match. On March 11, 2006, apparently GCW was going to have a title tournament for the vacant TV title, but according to the NWA by laws, when a champion loses a loser leaves town match and the title becomes vacant, then the title automatically goes around the waist of the #1 contender, which is Chris Stevens. GCW promoter Jerry Oates put the belt around Stevens' waist.

12.Scotty Beach
04/08/2006-Columbus, GA

13.Heath Miller
06/02/2006-Columbus, GA
Renamed Columbus Heavyweight Title when GCW no longer has television show.

14.Bobby Sanford
11/22/2006-Columbus, GA
Wins by forfeit.

15.Chris Stevens [2]
01/03/2007-Phenix City, AL

16.Shaun Banks
06/30/07-Phenix City, AL

10/08/2007-Phenix City, AL
Defeated David Young to win the title

Great Championship Wrestling renamed the GCW Columbus Heavyweight Title to the GCW Interstate Heavyweight Title

18.A.J. Steele
10/19/2007-Macon, GA

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