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July 21, 1990--Present

From the NAW Web Site
Compiled by Earl Oliver

1.Fire and Ice
07/21/90-Selma, Ca
Fire and Ice are Eric Freeze and Rick Blaze they won the tourament on this date against Awesome

2.Awesome Dudes (Len St Clair AKA Dr. Luther and Brett Como)
11/25/90-Mantica, Ca
Managed by Lord Halifax

3.Sudden Impact (Chris Jericho and Lance Storm)
01/28/91-Fresno, Ca

4.Masked Warriors (Wolverine and David Lugar)
02/17/91-Mantica, Ca

5.HellDogs (Gates of Hell and MadDog Ruff)
03/22/91-Visalia, Ca
Managed by Little Missy Perfect

6.The Surfers (Tim and Brian Hall)
04/12/91-Hanford, Ca
managed by Slippery Chrissy Seals

8.The Surfers
06/18/91-Fresno, Ca

9.HellDogs (2)
07/06/91-Firebaugh, Ca

10.The Surfers (2)
08/04/91-Fresno, Ca
The was cage/double dog collar match

11.Awesome Dudes (2)
09/21/91-Fresno, Ca
The Sufers lost when HellDogs interfered

12.Sudden Impact
11/20/91-Selma, Ca

Title Vacant
Promotion folds

Title revived by American Wrestling League as AWL Tag Team Titles

13.Red Heat (Boris Koloff and Red Machine)
02/14/99-Vancover BC
Red Heat defeated Army of Darkness team of Dr. Luthor and Incubus in tournment finals

Title renamed as the NAW Tag Team Titles when American Wrestling League changed its name to North American Wrestling in 1999.

14.Brute Forcz
05/30/2000-Table Mtn.Casino Defeated the Ballard Brothers

15.Crash Test Rejects
MooseJaw, SK-06/07/2001

16.Scotty Love and Rayne
06/13/2002-Vancouver, B.C.

17.Maxi Minx and Super Dave
06/27/2002-Selma, CA

18.Mike Rayne and Super Dave
11/15/2002-Fresno, CA
When Maxi Minx returned to her native Hungary the NAW Championship Committee and NAW Commissioner Sir Nigel Bolton allowed SuperDave Drexler to pick a new tag partner to defend the NAW Tag Team titles with. Drexler picked Mike Rayne

19.El Flaco Loco and Big Ugly
11/22/2002-Sacramento, CA

20.The Beautiful People
01/12/2003-Sacramento, CA
Best 2 out of 3 falls Tag Team title unification match with SPW Tag champions The Beautiful People (Clint Douglas & Handsome Jack w/Mgr Shane Dynasty)

21.Chupakabra and Chupacito
05/03/2003-Sacramento, CA

22.Bulldog Brian Raymond and Adam Thornstowe
05/16/2003-Sacramento, CA

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