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December 1998--Present

Compiled by Phil Tsakiries

1.The House of Kane

2.Doc Hollywood and Switchblade
05/02/99-Martinsburg, WV
Defeated The House of Kane and The Thrill Kill Kult in a three way dance

3.Spazman Brian Anthony and The Combat Kid
09/18/99-Martinsburg, WV

4.The Thrill Kill Kult
01/15/2000-Martinsburg, WV
Defeated Combat Kid and Spike Callahan substituting for Spazman

5.Xavier Macabre and Ritchie Stevens
02/26/00-Keyser, WV

6.The Hell Fire Club

7.Bob Keller and The Combat Kid
12/02/2000-Moorefield, WV

8.Major Mayhem and Johny Grahem
06/09/2001-Moorefield, WV
Won Tag Team Turmoil match

9.Johny Grahem and Zubov
02/02/2002-Mansfield, WV

10.Shane Shadows and Brian Johnson
02/10/2002-Moorefield, WV

11.Sons of Bruno (Gino Sammartino and John Paisino)
06/01/2002-Keyser, WV

12.The Intimidators
03/08/2003-Moorefield, WV
Defeated Richie Stevens and Tommy Hawk substituting for the Sons of Bruno

13.Bob Keller and Eric Gibson
07/26/2003-Keyser, WV
Gauntlet Match

14.Gino Sammartino and Brian Johnson
11/08/2003-Keyser, WV

15.Bob Keller and Switchblade
03/13/2004-Keyser, WV

16.Damage Inc. (Slayer and Big Nasty)
8/21/2004-Keyser, WV

17.The Outcasts (Brian Johnson and Richie Stevens)
09/25/2004-Moorefield, WV

18.Damage Inc. [2]
09/25/2004-Keyser, WV

19.Outcasts [2]
12/11/2004-Moorefield, WV

20.Bob Keller & Shane Shadows
02/05/2005-Romney, WV

21.The Highwaymen (Jake Davis & Leslie Leatherman)
06/11/2005-Moorefield, WV

22.Bob Keller & Shane Shadows [2]
10/15/2005-Romney, WV

23.The Highwaymen [2]
01/26/2006-Paw Paw, WV

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