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Sometime prior to March 22, 2003--February 2006

Compiled by Mark Oship

1. Cade Cassidy and Shade [Tim Meade]
Named as first ESW Tag Team Champions

2.Steve and Scott Davidson
03/22/2003-St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY

TITLE VACANT Davidson Brothers vacate title when they leave ESW

3.Danny Magic [Dan Dobson] and Greg Khamra
05/03/2003-St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY
Win four-way match for vacant title against Sons of Thunder, TSK & Omen, and J.P. Hawke and N Damien Alexander

4.J.P. Hawke and Damien Alexander
08/09/2003-Prince of Peace School, Niagara Falls, NY

5.J-Man (Jaymin Olivencia) and R-Haz [Ryan Hazard]
12/06/2003-St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY

6.Purple Rain and Grappler X
03/20/2004-Eldridge Bicycle Club, Tonawanda, NY

7.Dre Gibson and Sakura
05/15/2004-Eldridge Bicycle Club, Tonawanda, NY

8.Benjamin Smythe and Brandon Thurston
08/21/2004- Niagara Catholic High School, Niagara Falls, NY
Won three-way elimination match against champions Sakura and Ryot (replaced Dre Gibson who left ESW in June), and Purple Rain and Grappler X.
ESW's First Anniversary Show

9.Ash and Hornet
04/23/2005-St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY

10.Ron Falco and Eric Everlast
07/29/2005-Prince of Peace School, Niagara Falls, NY
Won handicap match against Ash to win title (Hornet had left ESW to wrestle in Mexico)

Title is abandoned when ESW ceased operations in February 2006

ESW reopened operations in September 2009 after breaking ties with Next Era Wrestling, and changed their name back to Empire State Wrestling.

11."Mastiff" Will Calrissian [Will Smith] and Chris Cooper
09/19/2009 St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY
Defeated Jonny Puma and Kevin Grace in a tournament final
ESA left the Next Era Wrestling promotion to reopen Empire State Wrestling. ESW continued the linage of the ESW Tag Team Championship with Calrissan and Cooper.

12.Brandon Thurston and Mike Radski
02/27/2010 St. Johnsburg Firehall, North Tonawanda, NY

13.Famous [2]
06/05/2010-N. Tonawanda, NY Awarded when Radski and Thurston no-show.

14.Pepper Parks and Kevin Grace
09/11/2010-N. Tonawanda, NY

15.Rochester Wrecking Crew (Rob Sweet and Hellcat)
06/04/2011-N. Tonawanda, NY

16.Peacock Experience (Dalton Castle and Will Calrissian)
2012/10/06 Lockport, NY

17.Flatliners (Matt Burns and Asylum)
06/01/2013-N. Tonawanda, NY

18.The Hurricane and Johnny Adams
08/23/2014-N. Tonawanda, NY

19.Hate Brigade (Bobby Sapphire and Roscoe Black)
04/042015-N. Tonawanda, NY
Defeated Johnny Adams (c) in handicap match when the Hurricane no-shows.

20.Frankie Feathers & Jonny Puma
11/28/2015-Niagara Falls, NY
Won a tag team battle royal.

21.Rochester Wrecking Crew [2]
05/21/2016-Lockport, NY

22.Oliver St. Express (Andrew Cravatta and Randy Philbrick)
03/25/2017 -N. Tonawanda, NY

23.Game Over: James Sayga and Vince Valor
05/19/2018-N. Tonawanda, NY
Defeat Oliver St. Express (Andrew Cravatta and Randy Philbrick), the High Seas (Nick Ando and Cloudy) and North America's Most Wanted (Daniel Garcia and Tarik) in 4-way match.

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