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August 16, 1998--Present

Compiled by Eric Roelfsema and Brian Westcott

1.Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher)
08/16/98-Baltimore, MD
Defeated Jimmy Cicero and Julio Sanchez in 8 man elimination match.

2.Jimmy Cicero and Julio Sanchez
09/20/98-Baltimore, MD

3.Stevie Richards and Earl The Pearl
11/04/98-Glen Burnie, MD

4.The Guetto Mafia (2-Dope and Sydeswype)
02/07/99-Baltimore, MD

5.Danny Rose and Bruiser
05/02/99-Baltimore, MD

6.The Guetto Mafia [2]
05/16/99-Owings Mills, MD

7.Adam Flash and Bruiser
05/22/99-Pylesville, MD

8.Jimmy Cicero and Romeo Valentino
07/08/99-Baltimore, MD

9.Bruiser and Jerry "The King" Lawler
11/13/99-Owings Mills, MD

12/05/99-Baltimore, MD
Jerry Lawler is unavailable for dates until the spring.

10.Earl the Pearl and Rich Myers
01/19/2000-Glen Burnie, MD
Defeat Jimmy Cicero/Chad Austin and Joey Matthews/Christian York in tournament final to win vacant title.

11.Joey Matthews and Christian York
05/17/2000-Glen Burnie, MD

12.Cueball Carmichael and Dino Divine
08/02/00-Ocean City, MD

12.Romeo Valentino and "Soda Pop" Ronnie Zukko
02/21/2001-Glen Burnie, MD
Managed by Candie

13.The Ghetto Mafia [3]
06/09/2001-Middle River, MD
Defeated Romeo Valentine/Ronnie Zukko and Rich Myers/Earl "the Pearl" in a three way elimination match

14.Holy Rollers
07/18/2001-Glen Burnie, MD
Defeat Ghetto Mafia and Romeo Valentino and Ronnie Zukko in a Triangle Keys on a Pole Street Fight match

15.Rich Myers and Earl The Pearl

16.Christian York and Joey Matthews [2]
11/03/2001-Paw Paw, WV

17.Dino Devine and Chad Bowman
05/22/2002-Glen Burnie, MD

18.2-Dope and Sideswype
07/16/2003-Glen Burnie, MD
Defeated Chad Bowman/Dino Divine and Buzz Stryker/Derek Wayne
MCW and MEWF Tag Team Title are now unified.

19.The Slackers
02/26/2006-Dundalk, MD (MCW Arena)
Defeated Jason Static and Judas Young, The Holy Rollers, and The Ghetto Mafia to win vacant title.
MCW Resurrection

20.The New Age Outlaws: Billy Gunn and Road Dogg (B.G. James)
02/26/2006-Dundalk, MD (MCW Arena)
Defeated The Slackers and The Holy Rollers in a Three Way match.
MCW Resurrection

21.Danny Doring and Danny Jaxx
03/26/2006-Dundalk, MD
Defeated The New Age Outlaws, The Holy Rollers, and The Slackers.

22.Jason Static and Scott Fowler
05/07/2006-Dundalk, MD

23.The Bruiser and Genesis
09/10/2006-Glen Burnie, MD

24.Kelly Bell and Buzz Stryker
12/28/2006-Dundalk, MD

25.Ruckus and Sabian
04/21/2007-Bel Air, MD
Defeated Kelly Bell and Buzz Stryker and Doyle Day and Buck Chyld.

26.Ghetto Mafia (2-Dope and Qenaan Creed)
09/09/2007-Dundalk, MD

27.Zachary Shane and Johnny Hardwick
04/05/2008-Dundalk, MD
Defeat Gettho Mafia and Ryan Mcbride and Teddy Stigma in a 3-way match.

28.Ghetto Mafia [2]
05/04/2008-Dundalk, MD
Defeat Shane and Hardwick and Ryan Mcbride and Teddy Stigma in a 3-way match.

29.Teddy Stigma and Ryan McBride
12/27/2008-Dundalk, MD
Won a ladder match to win the titles


30.Dino Divine and DJ Hyde
04/11/2009-Dundalk, MD

31.Tyler Hilton and Zachary Shane
07/11/2009-Dundalk, MD

32.Team Macktion (Kirby Mack and TJ Mack)
12/26/2009-Dundalk, MD

33.Holy Rollers (Earl the Pearl and Ramblin' Rich)
07/31/2010-Dundalk, MD

34.Fed-Up (G-Fed and C-Fed)
07/30/2011-Dundalk, MD

35.Black Wallstreet
12/30/2011-Dundalk, MD

36.Fed-Up [2]
04/06/2012-Dundalk, MD

37.Adam Flash and Ronnie Zukko
12/29/2012-Dundalk, MD

37.G-Fed & Buck Chyld
08/10/2013-Dundalk, MD
Defeat New Age Scumbags, The Hell Cats, Napalm Bomb and Dope, Solo and Chuck Lennox, Mitch Miller and Paul White, and Hoss Hagood in a gauntlet match

37.Black Wall Street (Bomb and Solo)
03/22/2014-Joppa, MD
Won the title from G-Fed and Buck Chyld.

38.Christian York and Ruckus
10/03/2014-Waldorf, MD
Won the title from Black Wall Street: Napalm Bomb and Solo.

39.Black Wall Street [2]
10/04/2014-Dundalk, MD

40.Hell Cats (Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve)
12/27/2015-Joppa, MD

41.Ecktourage (Dirty Money and Eric Chapel)
07/19/2015-Joppa, MD
Defeated Hell Cats: Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve (c), Fed Up: C-Fed & G-Fed, and Black Wall Street: Napalm Bomb & Solo in a 4-way match.

42.Lio Rush and Patrick Clark
10/03/2015-Joppa, MD
Defeated Ecktourage: Dirty Money and Eric Chapel (c) and Hell Cats: Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve in a 3-corners match.

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