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August 9, 2002--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.The Egomaniacs (Johnny Idol and Mike Steele)
08/09/2002-Somerville, MA (Good Time Emporium)
Defeated Slyk Wagner Brown and April Hunter in a tournament final to become the first champions.

2.Antonio Thomas and Chad Storm
12/20/2002-Revere, MA

3.The Noize Boyz
04/18/2003-Fitchburg, MA
Phantom title change. Chad Storm, who held the title with Antonio Thomas, has quit the business.

4.The Egomaniacs [2]
06/14/2003-Hamden, CT

08/22/2003-Hamden, CT
Johnny Idol and J-Busta (subbing for Mike Steele) are stripped of the titles after a match involving Idol and J-Busta vs. Anthony Michaels and Mark Gore ended in a double pin

5.D.C. Dillinger and Eddie Edwards
09/20/2003-Hamden, CT
Defeated Magic and Suba in tournament final

6.Chris Venom and Brian Fury
03/13/2004-Framingham, MA

7.D.C. Dillinger and Eddie Edwards [2]
05/15/2004-Framingham, MA

8.Robin Knightwing and Kevin Grace
08/21/2004-Framingham, MA
Won Four Way match.

9.Dan Freitas and Brian Nunes
08/22/2004-Somerville, MA
Won Four Way match.

10.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan
10/15/2004-Watertown, MA

11.Dan Freitas and Brian Nunes [2]
12/04/2004-Plainfield, CT

12.ddie Edwards and D.C. Dillinger [3]
02/12/2005-Framingham, MA (Framingham Civic League)

13.RAVE (Kristian Frost and Zack Statik)
03/19/2005-Framingham, MA (Framingham Civic League)

14.Matt Logan and Bryan Logan [2]
04/21/2005-Somerville, MA (Good Time Emporium)

15.RAVE: Kristian Frost and Zack Statik [2]
04/23/2005-Seekonk, MA (Seekonk Congregational Church Hall)
Defeated Matt Logan and Bryan Logan, Fred Curry, Jr. and Pat Masters, and Afterburn (P.C. Cruise and Ray Diamond)

16.The A-List (Mark Bourne and Andre Lyonz)
06/04/2005-Plainfield, CT

17.Matt Logan and Mark Bourne
03/18/2006-Framingham, MA (Framingham Civic League)
Sabotage (Eddie Edwards and DC Dillinger) stormed an interview segment and injured memebers of both teams (The A-List vs. Logan Brothers) just before a scheduled Title match. Sabotage's manager, Sean Gorman, demanded that the Titles be forfeited to his team. Matt Logan and Mark Bourne came to the ring and challenged Sabotage to a match for the titles. Matt Logan pinned Eddie Edwards with a flying body press to win the match and the titles.

Mark Bourne suffered a back injury and could not defend the titles.

18.The Wild Boys (Mike Lynch and Billy King)
07/22/2006-Quincy, MA
Defeated Jose Perez and Pat Masters and Scott Reed and T.J. Richter in a Triple Threat Elimination match to win vacant title.

19.The Dogs Of War (Matt Storm and Kyle Storm)
12/16/2006-Quincy, MA

Title Vacant

20.Chase Del Monte and Fred Curry Jr.
02/16/2008-Quincy, MA
Defeated Bryce Andrews and Vain Valentino in tournament final for the vacant title.

21.PRIDE (Dan Freitas and Brian Nunes)
07/12/2008-Quincy, MA

22.Crown Jewels (Darling Damon and Bad Boy Jason)
03/21/2009-Quincy, MA

23.Rican Havoc (Don Vega and Jose Perez)
11/28/2009-Somerset, MA

24.Crown Jewels [2]
02/21/2009-Quincy, MA

25.Rican Havoc (Don Vega and Jose Perez)
11/28/2009-Somerset, MA

26.Crown Jewels [3]
11/28/2090-Somerset, MA
Titles returned due to contractual dispute.

27.Rican Havoc [2]
05/15/2010-Quincy, MA

28.All Money i$ Legal (K-Pusha and K-Murda)
03/23/2012-Blackstone, MA
Defeated Matt Logan & Bryan Logan for the vacant title.

Title Vacant

29.Scotty Slade and Mark Shurman
02/01/2013-Randolph, MA
Defeated Mike Webb and Nick Farenheight.

30.Mikey Webb and Nick Fahrenheit
06/08/2013-Beverly, MA

31.Scotty Slade and Mark Shurman [2]
10/06/2013-Beverly, MA

32.Evan Siks and Jacob
05/13/2014-Abington, MA

33.D.C. Dillinger and Nick Fahrenheit
09/06/2014-Everett, MA

34.The END (Scotty Slade and Mark Shurman) [3]
01/10/2015-Everett, MA

Title Vacant
The END (Scotty Slade and Mark Shurman) were stripped of the title for no-showing the scheduled defense.

35.Regulators (Brute VanSlyke and Jack Maverick)
03/05/2016-Wakefield, MA
Defeated the Glamour Express (Buddy Romano and Mike Paiva) in tournament final for the vacant title.

Title Vacant
Regulators (Brute VanSlyke and Jack Maverick) did not appear on a scheduled title defense.

36.Heavy Hitters (Frank Champion and Shay Cash)
09/10/2016-Wakefield, MA
Defeated Kool People (DJ A.C. and Sammy Deleon).

37.Adrenaline Rush (Daniel Evans and Keith Youngblood)
08/12/2017-Wakefield, MA
Defeated the Heavy Hitters: Frank Champion and Shay Cash* in the semi-final of NECW Tag Team Classic 2017.

38.Kool People (DJ AC and Sammy Deleon)
08/12/2017-Wakefield, MA
Defeated Adrenaline Rush in the final of NECW Tag Team Classic 2017

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