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June 25, 2004--Present

Compiled by John Ferraro

1.Millennium Killaz (Gino Martino and Ali Mohammed)
06/25/2004-Blackstone, Ma
Defeats Men Of Business (Paulie Gilmorea and Jimmy Cash) to become first Champions

Titles Vacant
NWW Tag Team Titles are vacated after Ali Mohammed of the Millenium Killas suffers a potentially career ending knee injury in a match against Paulie Gilmorea in Attleboro, MA for Ultimate Championship Wrestling. He not only cracked his tibiae, he also tore ligaments, and could be forced into retirement.

2.The Men Of Business (Jimmy “Jact” Cash and “Big” Paulie Gilmorea)
11/20/2004-Bellingham, MA
MOB with WAAF Radio Personality Spazz beat The Widowmaker and “Dangerous” Donny Rotten (with Brian Cairo) for the vacated New World Wrestling Tag Team Championshi

3.Southern Exteme (Widowmaker and The Texas Outlaw)
08/20/2005-Attleboro, MA (Family Center)

4.The Vachon Brothers
05/06/2006-Sandwich, MA

5.The Slaughterhouse (The Outpatient and Crazy Chainsaw Bastard)
12/09/2006-Attleboro, MA
Christmas Carnage Hardcore Match

6.Dan Bidondi and Mr. Terry Allen
2/24/2007-Marlboro, MA
Slaughterhouse Rules Hardcore Match

7.The Slaughterhouse [2]
3/31/2007-Sandwich, MA
Slaughterhouse Rules Hardcore Match

8.Dan Bidondi and MR TA

8.The Slaughterhouse [3]
03/31/2007-Sandwich, MA (Sandwich High School)
Defeated Dan Bidondi and Big Money (subbing for MR TA)

9.The Kennal Club (Tony Kahuko and Moondog Maximus)
09/29/2007-Attleboro, MA (Moose Lodge)

9.Brutus Beefcake & Paulie Gilmore
04/05/2008-Sandwich , MA ( Sandwich High School )
Defeated Kennal Club (Prof. Maki Sushi subbing for Tony Kahuko)

10.Title Vacated
Following the event in Sandwich, Commissioner Steve Burgundy decided that since Dr. Grange's team did not have a partner authorized by NWW Board of Directors for this title match, he would strip both parties under NWW Rule number 921.

11.Barbie and Luscious Latasha
04/12/2008-Attleboro, MA (Moose Lodge)
Defeated Kennal Club, Craig Trace and Todd Sople and The Phoenix and Chris Sterling in Battle Royal to win the Vacated tag team titles

12.La Parka Dos arnd Profebssor Maki Sushi
04/12/2008-Attleboro , MA (Moose Lodge)

13.The Slaughterhouse[4]
04/12/2008-Attleboro , MA (Moose Lodge)

14.The New School Wrecking Crew (Pierre Vachon and Jim Tanner)
03/14/2009-Sandwich, MA (Sandwich High School)

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