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July 23, 2000--Present

From the PCW web site

1.C.I.A (Crazy Italian Americans)

2.Vicious and Delicious
04/27/99-Marysville, CA
Defeated to become the first champions

3.Crash Canyon and Nic Rage
01/29/2000-Yuba City, CA

Title Vacant

4.Crash Canyon and Kid Hollywood
04/01/2000-Yuba City, CA
Defeated Rage and Delicious to win vacant titles

5.Cheap Thrill Hill and Ghetto Star
04/01/2000-Yuba City, CA
Defeated Canyon and Hollywood on same card
CTH was subsequently released by the promotion
Ghetto Star announced Kerry Cash as his new partner on July 27, 2000

6.Kerry Cash and Ghetto Starr
07/23/2000-Chico, CA
Star picked Cash as his new tag team partner

7.Too Sexy Toad and SBS
10/21/2000-Chico, CA (Silver Dollar Fairgrounds)
Redemption Card

8.Sextons (Shane Sexton IV and Dick Sexton)
01/20/2001-Yuba City, CA

9.Disposable Teens (Malachi Downing and Kryton Downing)
02/16/2002-Yuba City, CA
Defeated Dick Sexton and Joe Dodire (Subbing for Shane Sexton IV)

Title Vacant

10."The Original Legend" James Hate and Scotty Aboot
11/26/2002-Marysville, CA
Defeated Malachi and Austin Avalon in a TLC match.

11.Skitzo Mafioso & MPT
11/26/2005-Yuba City, CA
Defeated The Hollywood Angels: Billy Blade and Tommy Angels.

12.Adam Thornstowe and Vinny Massaro
03/11/2006-Yuba City, CA

13.The Mafia (Vennis DeMarco and Chris Corleone)
09/30/2006-Oroville, CA

14.American Pride: Derek Sanders and Nate Rulz
10/19/2007-Oroville, CA

15."Old School" Oliver John and Tito "Pitbull" Aquino
04/19/2008-Oroville, CA

Title Vacant

16.Team Luxury (Dave Dutra and Matt Carlos)
05/07/2011-Yuba City, CA Defeat Suburban Commandos (D-Unit and T-Rent).

17.Suburban Commandos
08/20/2011-Yuba City, CA

18.Heart Breakers (Vennis DeMarco and Mitch Valentine)
2012/04/07 Chico, CA

20.Chico Hammerz (Chico Lopez and Shoop Shellhammer)
06/02/2012-Yuba City, CA

21.Chico Lopez defeats Valentine in a singles match.

22.Dream Team (Will Rood and Mitch Valentine)
06/02/2012-Yuba City, CA

23.PCW Originalz (Rik Luxury and Mr. Prime Time {Zack Reeb})
05/13/2013-Oroville, CA

24.Shoot 2 Kill (Dominik Simon and Buddy Royal)
02/08/2014-Oroville, CA

25.Rik Luxury and Mitch Valentine
10/11/2014-Chico, CA

26.Real Deala'z (Will Roberts and Patrick S. Abbott)
01/10/2015-Oroville, CA

27.Shunned (Atticus Lynch and Amish Johnson)
02/10/2016-Oroville, CA
Defeated Patrick Abbott in handicap match.

28.Classic Connection [2]
03/19/2016-Gridley, CA
Won a gauntlet match against the Shunned, Suburban Commandos: D-Unit & T-Rent, and Beard Money (Julio Pedroza and Will Cuevas)

29.Cult 45 (Rik Luxury and Will Roberts)
01/14/2017-Oroville, CA

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