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April 8, 2004--Present

Compiled by Mario Pulsone

On 04/08/2004 in Pottstown, Pennsylvania (Academy Hall), Josh Daniels and Matt Striker fought The Christopher Street Connection (Buff E. and Mace) to a double Count-Out in a Match to become the 1st World-1 Tag Team Champions, since there was no winner the titles still remained vacated

1.Extreme Horsemen (Steve Corino and "The Enforcer" CW Anderson [Chris Wright])
04/09/2004-Quarryville, Pennsylvania, United States (Hoffman Building)
Corino and Anderson defeated Masato Tanaka and Guillotine LeGrande {Chuck LeGrande} to become the 1st Champions

2.Greg Spitz and Mark West
09/16/2005-Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (AMF Boulevard Lanes)
Managed by Rob Dimension
Members of Team PWF Spitz and Mest won both the World-1 Tag Team Titles and the PWF Universal Tag Team Titles

On 01/29/2006 in Boyertown, Pennsylvania, United States (Pheasantland Rollerdome), Team PWF loses a Final Conflict Match to Team World-1 and thus all PWF Titles were Retired...Greg Spitz and Mark Mest were then just the World-1 Tag Team Champs

3.Larry Sweeney and King Kaluha 05/07/2006-Boyerstown, PA
Defeated Mark Mest & Greg Spitz and The Patriot and Josh Daniels in a Three Way match.

Downtown Playboys originally win the unified World-1 Tag Team titles but the titles are ununified and Downtown Playboys are now just the PWF universal Tag Team Champs

4.The Heartbreak Xpress ("Sensational" Sean Davis and "Fabulous" Phil Davis)
The Heartbreak Xpress, current OVW Southern Tag Team Champs, were awarded the titles and became the Unified World-1 Tag Team Champions

4.The Vachon Brothers
05/06/2006-Sandwich, MA

5.The Nightmare and Cross Examiner

6.The Heartbreak Xpress [2]
11/25/2006-Valdosta, Georgia

7.Vordell Walker and Dagon Briggs
06/15/2007-Savannah, Gerogia (Alee Shrine Temple)
Walker and Briggs defeated The Heartbreak Xpress in a Streetfight to win the titles

Promotion closes

8.Tommy Thunda and Vinnie Vertigo
Holders of the unified Premier and B4W titles, recognized as WORLD-1 title when the promotion restarts.

Title Vacant
Tommy Thunda and Chris Rockwell vacated the title for the W-1 Tag League. ,

9.Ricky Reyes and Ryan Sawyer
12/27/2009-Allentown, PA
Defeated Chris Rockwell and Roxie Cotton in the W-1 Tag League final.

10.Steve Corino and Colby Corino
02/24/2010-Allentown, PA

11.Kid America and Bobby Shields
12/05/2010-Jackson, NJ

12.Sumie Sakai and Roxie Cotton
02/13/2011-Jackson, NJ
A female team, defeat Kid America and Bobby Shields (c) and Shane Hagadorn & Marcus Dillinger in a 3-way match.

Title Vacant
Roxie Cotton vacated the title when her partner, Sumie Sakai, could not make the scheduled defense.

13.Pelle Primeau and Mike Matixx
06/12/2011-Jackson, NJ
Defeated Special Forces (Super Sweet and Milo Shizo) for the vacant title

14.Kid America and Super Sweet
12/04/2011-Jackson, NJ

WORLD-1 closes in 2012

15.Sky High (American Tiger and Andrew Everett)
05/16/2014-Hubert, NC
Defeated F1rst Generation (James Anthony and Victor Andrews) when PWF restarts.

16.F1rst Generation (James Anthony and Victor Andrews)
07/11/2014-Hubert, NC
Won the title from American Tiger and Ricky Morton (subbing for the injured Andrew Everett).

17.Team Fab (Fabulous Frankie and Luscious Lance)
08/22/2014-Hubert, NC

18.F1rst Generation [2]
09/21/2014-Hubert, NC

Title Vacant
F1rst Generation (James Anthony and Victor Andrews) vacate the title for the Premier Tag League tournament.

19.Jagger and Eddie Brown
12/26/2014-Hubert, NC
Defeated King Corino and Jakob Hammermeier in 8-team Premier Tag League final.

20.F1rst Generation [3]
01/16/2015-Hubert, NC
Defeated Jagger and Eddie Brown (c) and Colby Corino and T.K. Stark in 3-way match.

21.Extreme Rednecks (Chuck Payne and Kyle Payne)
04/09/2016-Morganville, NJ
Won from Kid America and Super Sweet, who are again recognized as champions when the promotion restarts.

22.Tito Santana and Travis Lee
04/09/2016-Morganville, NJ

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