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July 10, 2001--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Extreme Clown Posse (Krull and Milenko)
07/10/2001-Springfield, TN
Defeated Big T and Jesse Chainz in tournament final to become the first champions.

2.Wild Boys (Ben Jordan and Steve Neely)
08/07/2001-Springfield, TN

3.Extreme Clown Posse (Krull and Milenko) [2]
11/21/2001-Springfield, TN

4.Hot Rod Biggs and Hammerjack
01/04/2002-Springfield, TN

5.Extreme Clown Posse (Krull and Milenko) [3]
03/15/2002-Springfield, TN

6.New Breed Extreme (Devon Day and Kid Sinistar)
04/19/2002-Springfield, TN

7.KY Players (K-LO and Frankie D)
05/12/2002-Paducah, KY
Win by forfeit.

8.Suicide Kings (Kid Thrilla and Patrick Miller)
05/17/2002-Springfield, TN

9.Chris Michaels and Brandon Walker
06/14/2002-Springfield, TN 10.Suicide Kings (Patrick Miller and Kid Thrilla) [2]
06/28/2002-Springfield, TN

Thrilla and Miller stripped of title due to no-show.

11.Jeff Daniels and Tim Renesto
10/04/2002-Springfield, TN
Defeated Faron Foxx and Arrick Andrews

12.Sudden Impact (Chris Gatlin and Steve Lane)
10/18/2002-Madison, TN

13.Heartbreakers (John Cesar and Larry Valentine)
11/28/2002-Madison, TN

14.Superfly P and Robbie Ruffin
12/20/2002-Madison, TN

15.Heartbreakers (John Cesar and Larry Valentine) [2]
01/03/2003-Madison, TN

TITLE VACANT 02/28/2003
Heartbreakers stripped of title.

16.Goonees ( Slacker-J and Dynamite Dan)
04/18/2003-Madison, TN
Defeated Chris Bomb and Superfly P in four-way tournament final.

17.Superfly P and Krull
05/30/2003-Madison, TN

18.Goonees (Slacker-J and Slacker Dan) [2]
06/13/2003-Madison, TN

19.Sweet Dreams (Sweet Daddy Z and Neal Dream)
09/05/2003-Madison, TN

20.Lethal Weapons (Chris Bomb and Ty Blade)
09/12/2003-Madison, TN

21.Arrick Andrews and Matt Catalino
10/03/2003-Madison, TN

22.Lethal Weapons [2]
10/31/2003-Madison, TN

23.Hot Rod Biggs and Devon Day
12/19/2003-Madison, TN

24.Suicidal Youth (Arrick Andrews and Ryder)
01/30/2004-Madison, TN

25.Fast and Furious (Hammerjack and Shane Eden)
03/12/2004-Madison, TN

26.Suicidal Youth (Arrick Andrews and Ryder) [2]
04/09/2004-Madison, TN

27.Fast & Furious [2]
07/02/2004-Madison, TN
Defeated Arrick Andrews/Ryder and Dan Morrow/Bryan Turner.

Shane Eden and Hammerjack quit the promotion to work for Bert Prentice's rival group.

28.Dan Morrow and Bryan Turner
07/16/2004-Madison, TN
Defeated Arrick Andrews and Ryder, Matt Korbaine and Kevin Dunn to win vacant title.

29.Matt Korbaine and Kevin Dunn
08/13/2004-Madison, TN

30.Tim Renesto and Void
08/27/2004-Madison, TN

31.Matt Korbaine and Kevin Dunn [2]
09/10/2004-Madison, TN

32.Bryan Turner and Dan Morrow [2]
09/24/2004-Madison, TN

33.Arrick Andrews & Ryder
11/19/2004-Madison, TN

34.Larry Valentine & John Caesar
03/13/2005-Columbia, TN
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