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February 1999--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Gold Exchange (Matt Murphy and Superstar Steve)
08/01/2001-Springfield, MO
Defeat The Harris Boys (Ron Harris and Don Harris)

2.Trevor Rhodes and Bull Schmitt
11/10/2001-Eldon, MO

3.Gold Exchange [2]
02/23/2002-Troy, MO

4.Trevor Rhodes and Wild Wade Chism
03/08/2002-Lebanon, MO

5.Gold Exchange (Matt Murphy and Superstar Steve and Ace Steele) [3]
Ace Steele was allowed to defend the title as a substitute for Superstar Steve

02/22/2003-Eldon, MO
Matt Murphy and Superstar Steve are stripped of the belts due to injuries suffered by Murphy in an automobile accident back on 12/08/2002.

6.Josh Besore and Marc Godecker
02/22/2003-Eldon, MO
Defeated Trevor Rhodes & Wade Chism in a 4-team tournament final to win vacant title.

7.Superstar Steve and Mason Hunter
02/14/2004-Eldon, MO

Title Held Up
04/24/2004-Winona, MO.
Title held up after a match between champions The Gold Exchange (Superstar Steve and Mason Hunter) and Dakota and Cody Hawk,

8.T-Money & "Dangerous" Derek McQuinn
06/05/2004-Eldon, MO
Defeated Superstar Steve and Trevor Rhodes in a tournament final to win held-up title.

9."Wild" Wade Chism and Dakota
11/13/2004-Kansas City, MO

10.Superstar Steve an Ace Steel
05/07/2005-Ozark, MO


11.Ty Dalton and Angelo
01/28/2006-Eldon, MO (Eldon Community Center)
Defeat The Midwest Mafia (Scarpone and Robert Anthony) in a 5-team one-night tournament final to win vacant title.

12.Wild Wade Chism and Mike Dibiase
12/09/2006-Maryland Heights, MO

13.Dinn T. Moore and Brandon Tatum
03/17/2007-Eldon, MO

14.Darin Waid and Superstar Steve
10/27/2007-Maryland Heights, MO

15.Marc Godeker and Steve Anthony
03/08/2008-Maryland Heights, MO

16.Dinn T. Moore and Brian Breaker
10/24/2008-Warsaw, MO
Defeated Steve Anthony and Marc Godeker

17.Darin Waid & Dustin Lane
01/30/2009-Richmond, MO

18.Steve Anthony and Bao Nguyen
07/10/2009-Waterloo, IA
Defeated Waid and Jason Jones, subbing for Lane;

Title Vacant

19.Superstar Steve and Mark Sterling
03/06/2010-El Dorado Springs, MO
Defeated Brain Breaker and Rayan Drago in a tournament final.

20.Ethan Wright and Cancun Kid
03/12/2011-Eldon, MO

Title Vacant

21.Jack Gamble and Jeff Strong
11/12/2011-Richmond, MO
Defeated Mark Sterling and Superstar Steve.

22.High Level Enterprise (Jack Gamble and Jon Webb)
Gamble chooses Webb when Jeff Strong is unable to defend the title.

23.Stash & Burns (Elvis Aliaga and Ryan Drago)
11/10/2012-Springfield, MO

24.Britton Tucker and Kris Wallace
04/19/2013-Eldon, MO

25.Black Hand Warriors (Dark Shadows and Michael Magnuson)
08/31/2013-Linn, MO

26.High Level Enterprise [2]
08/16/2014 Richmond, MO

27.Black Hand Warriors [2]
08/29/2014-Vienna, MO

28.High Level Enterprise [3]
09/13/2014-Linn, MO

Title Vacant
High Level Enterprise vacated the title because they went to Japan

29.Black Hand Warriors (Dark Shadows and Michael Magnuson) [3]
06/26/2015-Troy, MO
Defeated Espinosa and Justin D'Air in tournament final for the vacant title.

30.Elite Aggression (Dangerous Derek and Superstar Steve)
06/26/2015-Troy, MO

31.Black Hand Warriors (Dark Shadows and Michael Magnuson) [4]
03/19/2016-Troy, MO

Title Vacant

32.Brandon Espinosa and Steve Fender
11/04/2017-Troy, MO
Defeated Kyle Roberts & Warwick Stephens for the vacant title.

33.Scott Steiner and Kyle Roberts
03/10/2018-Moscow Mills, MO

34.Brandon Espinosa and Steve Fender [2]
Awarded the title back.

35.Kyle Roberts and Rex Fults
10/06/2018-Troy, MO

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