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February 12, 2005--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Ru Starr
02/12/2005-Framingham, MA (Framingham Civic League)
Defeated "The Miracle" Mike Bennett in a 12-man tournament final to become the first champion.
NECW Meltdown

2.Joe Chece
05/14/2005-Framingham, MA

3.Johnny Idol
09/17/2005-Framingham, MA

4.Frankie Arion
03/18/2006-Framingham, MA (Framingham Civic League)

4.T.J. Richter
08/19/2006-Qunicy, MA
Reigning PWF Mayhem Junior Heavyweight champion; unifies both titles to become NECW Undisuputed Television champion.

5.Kristian Frost
02/26/2007-Quincy, MA
Defeats T.J. Richter, Scott Reed, Kellan Thomas, and Triplelicious in a Five Way match.

6.Brandon Locke
06/16/2007-Danvers, MA

7.Handsome Johnny
02/16/2008-Quincy, MA

Title Vacant
Handsome Johnny was stripped of the Television title due to injury

8.Handsome Johnny [2]
06/01/2008-Revere, MA
Defeated Chase Del Monte in a tournament final.

9.Brandon Locke [2]
02/21/2009-Quincy, MA

10.Ryan Matthews
04/18/2009-Quincy, MA

11.Kris Pyro
08/08/2009-Quincy, MA

NECW closes

12.Johnny Thunder
05/03/2013-Randolph, MA
Defeated Justin Corino in 4-man tournament final for the vacant title.

13.Mike McCarthy
12/06/2013-Beverly, MA

14.Todo Loco
06/13/2014-Everett, MA

15.Mike McCarthy [2]
06/28/2014-Stockton, MA

16.Todo Loco [2]
09/06/2014-Everett, MA

17.Beau Douglas
10/04/2014-Everett, MA
Defeated Loco and Mike McCarthy in 3-way match.

Title Vacant
Beau Douglas vacated the title due to back injury.

18.Scott Levesque
04/11/2015-Framingham, MA
Defeated Todo Loco for the vacant title.

19.Todo Loco [3]
09/12/2015-Everett, MA

20.Chris Escobar
05/21/2016-Abington, MA

21.Kris Pyro [2]
07/15/2017-Wakefield, MA
Defeated Devin Blaze for the vacant title.

22.Devin Blaze
08/12/2017-Wakefield, MA
Defeated Pyro, Anthony Stone, and Richard Holliday in 4-way match.

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