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September 9, 2006--Present

Compiled by Steven Hunter and Randy Cresswell with additional information from James Morgan

1.Ice Cage
09/09/2006-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)
Won 20 man Battle Royal to crown 1st TV Champion

2.Steven Rampage
10/14/2006-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)
Defeated Exodus and Ice Cage in triple threat match

10/14/2006-Brownsville, TN (New Breed Arena)
Defeated Steven Rampage in an impromptu match

1/13/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Defeated Psycho and Razor

5.Steven Rampage [2]
01/20/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

6.AC Havoc
02/17/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

7.Steven Rampage [3]
03/03/2007-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

Title Held Up
Rampageis stripped of title for violation of company policies, by Comissioner Jon Seymour after the victory.

8.Jennifer Justice
03/24/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Won Battle Royal To claim Vacant Title

04-21-07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Defeated Jennifer Justic and AC Havoc in Triple Threat Match

05-12-07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Unification Match of the Cruiserweight and TV Titles

05/19/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

12.Nigerian Nightmare
06/9/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Defeated Billy Joe Dream, Overkill and Azrael in a Fatal 4way match

07/7/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Defeated the Nigerian Nitemare

07/14/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Void left TIWF
Title Held Up

07/28/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)
Won a battle royal to claim the vacant title

15. Big Boy Bob
09/8/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

16. Chico Mendoza
11/3/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

17.Jake the Jackhammer
12/8/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

18. Ravishing Randy
12/22/07-Jackson, TN (True Force Arena)

19. Danny B. Goode
03/08/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Defeated Ravishing Randy 20.Buckwild Bill(1)
03/22/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

21.Danny B. Goode [2]
04/05/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

Title Held Up
05/01/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Commissioner Jon Seymour held title up when Danny won the Heavyweight Championship
Declared Battle Royale for the next week to determine new champ

22.Vic McNasty
05/10/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Won a lights out Battle Royale to become the new TIWF TV Champion

Title Vacant
Vic Mcnasty suffered an injury and forefeited the title

23.Chico Mendoza
06/07/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Defeated 7 contenders in a special challenge match to crown new TV Champ

24.The Outlaw
07/05/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

25.Dre' Black
08/09/2008-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Triple Threat Match involving Criss Braggs

26.Lawman Williams
09/06/2008 Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Defeated Outlaw and Dre' Black in a Triple Threat Match

27.Wildside [2]
11/01/2008- Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

28.Way Cool [2]
12/06/2008- Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

29.AC Styles
01/24/2009 Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena).

Title Held Up
02/0720/09 Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Best two of three falls 20 minute time limit against Way Cool
Tie 1-1 Comissoner Hotrod holds title up

30.Chris Lexxus
02/1420/09-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Rumble Finals

31.PK Ripper
02/21/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

32.Chris Lexxus [2]
03/07/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Kendo Stick on a pole match

33.Frankie Tucker
05/09/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

34.AC Styles(2) def. Frankie Tucker
08/22/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

34.Title Vacant
Vacated TIWF Competition Committee Top 3 contenders to face off (AC Styles unable to compete and defend)
09/11-09 Brownsville, TN

35.Big Brad Simpson
09/12/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Defeated Lawman Williams and Chadd Badd in 3 way match

11/7/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Defeated Big Brad Simpson/Frankie and Tucker/Chico Mendoza in a 4 Corners Cage match

37.Chico Mendoza [2] def. Kilo
12/5/2009-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

38.Buckwild Bill [2]
02/20/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

39.Hostile Brian Michaels
03/06/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
March Badness

40.Steven Rampage [4]
03/27/2010 Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

41.PK Ripper [2]
04/23/2010 Mckenzie, Tn. (TIWF BattleZone Arena)

42.Wildside [3]
07/10/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

Title Vacant
Commissioner Rodney Howard strips Wildside of Title
10/2/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

43.Geno Sydal
11/06/2010-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
November Pain
Defeated Pretty Boy James in Tournment Finals

Title Vacant
Geno Sydal forfeited the title by not defending it within 30 days

44.Jett Hero def.Knockout Kid, Big Brad Simpson, Stretch
01/08/2011-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Next Level 2011
Ladder Match

45.Big Brad Simpson def.Jett Hero
?/2011-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

46.Cletus Y.Tittle def.Big Brad Simpson
?/2011-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

47.T-Payne def.Cletus Y.Tittle
?/2011-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

48.Wildside [4]
06/13/2011 Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

49.Tim Edwards
11/11/2011 Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Defeated Wildside (c) and KoKo in a 3 way match

Title held up
Forefeiture failure to defend.

50.J.D.Wolfe def.
?/2012-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

51.KoKo Anderson
06/09/2012 Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)
Broken Dreams 2012

52.Josh "The Rockstar" Quiksilver
07/07/2012-Trenton, TN (TIWF Showplex Arena)

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