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October 23, 2005--Present

Compiled by Mark Oship

1.Northside City Boyz (Tony Zucco and Gordy)
10/23/2005-Rochester, NY (The German House)
Awarded inaugural title by defeating the Killer Steves (Steve McKenzie and Steve Kruz)

2.The United Nations (Al Jihad and Frenchie Martin)
02/19/2006-Rochester, NY (The German House)

3.The Saints (Chance Taylor and Mat Bomboy)
05/07/2006-Rochester, NY (The German House)
Kriptic Keegan replaced Matt Bomboy in the championship team when Bomboy left N.E.W.and the team then became known as Kaotik Youth

4.The Texas Outlaws (Blackjack Phoenix and Tex)
08/20/2006-Rochester, NY (The German House)

5.Next Era Daredevils (Chris Knieval and Billy Foxx)
10/14/2006-Brockport, NY (Sweden/Clarkson Community Center)

6.Scott and Steve Davidson
01/20/2007-Tonawanda, NY (Eldridge Bicycle Club)
Defeated Next Era Daredevils, Kaotik Youth and The Low Riders (P.J.Hanson and Mike McGee) in a Fatal Four-Way Match

Title Vacant
The Davidsons vacated the title due to an injury to Scott Davidson

7.The Ring Crew Express (Kevin Dunn and Mean Marcos)
02/16/2008-Rochester, NY (Main Street Armory)
Won the vacant title by defeating Trouble in Paradise (Dynamite Derek and Nick Paradise) in a Ladder Match

8.Spot Monkeys, Inc. (Brian Emanon and Trip)
5/31/2008-Rochester, NY (Main Street Armory)
Defeated Trouble in Paradise who wrestled and were disguised as the Ring Crew Express
Trip was injured in a June 2008 match and was replaced by Gorilla Rob in the championship team.After a falling out between Brian Emanon and Gorilla Rob in late 2008, Brian Brother Eric Emanon replaced Gorilla Rob in the championship team and the name of the team was changed to The Emanon Boyz.

Title Vacant

9.The Underworld Cartel
04/18/2009-Rochester, NY (The Auditorium Center)
Awarded the vacant title
NOTE: The Underworld Cartel consists of Titus Smith, Tyger Smith, and Da Latin Soldier.Any two of the above can defend the tag team titles.

10.The Shamrockers (Michael McKinger and Patrick O'Malley)
02/13/2010-Rochester, NY (The Auditorium Center)
Match fought under Irish Pub Brawl rules

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