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Sometime before December 19, 1999--Present

Compiled by Earl Oliver and Brian Westcott

1.Death-n-Destruction (Frank Parker and Roger Anderson)
10/15/96-Charles City, VA

2.Genocide (Dark Justice and Nuclear Nightmare )
05/01/99-Suffolk, VA

3.Russian Mafia (Mikael Kolov and Nikolai Petrovka)
12/19/99-Newport News, VA

4.Preston Quinn and Scab
06/04/2000-Newport News, VA

5.2 Damn Badd (Phil Brown) and Steve Perez
09/24/2000-Newport News, VA

6.The Gentlemens' Club (Lord Everett DeVore and The Latin Lover)
02/25/2001-Newport News, Virginia (Mitty's Nightclub)
The Saltwater Redneck and Sketter charged the ring and nailed Perez and Badd with the belts, resulting in the pinfall that made the Gentlemen's Club the champions.

7.Hot Property and Korie James
05/13/2001-Chesapeake, VA

Ray Storm and Mark Anthony
11/18/2001-Newport News, VA

8.Christian York and Joey Matthews
12/01/2001-Smithfield, VA


9.Sean Lei and Sonjay Dutt
04/21/2002 Newport News, VA (Mitty's Nightclub)

04/21/2002-Newport News, VA
Belts were stripped from Lei and Dutt because of outside interference in the title change match.

10.Idol X and Greg Steele
07/14/2002 Newport News, VA
Defeated Preston Quinn and Sean Lei in a tournament final to win vacant title

11.Revelation (Malaki and Marchocias)
09/22/2002-Newport News, VA

12.Old School Empire (Damien Wayne and Mike Booth)
01/19/2003-Newport News, VA

13.Joey Silvia and Chris Escobar
04/11/2003-Bridgewater, VA

14.Old School Empire [2]
10/26/2003-Gloucester, VA

15.Phil Brown and Dirty Money
04/17/2004-Norfolk, VA

16.Revelation: 6D6 and Brandon Day
11/07/2004-Hampton, VA

17.Sean Lei and Dirty Money
08/14/2005-Hampton, VA

18.Street Sweepers: Vercetti and J-Sinn
09/11/2005-Hampton, VA

19.Ross Hall and James Hall
04/08/2006-Williamsburg, VA

20.Christian York and John Kermon
05/05/2007-Virginia Beach, VA

21.Hallstars: Ross Hall and James Hall [2]
07/07/2007-Virginia Beach, VA

22.Geordie Bulldogs: Sean Denny and Mark Denny
12/13/2008-Virginia Beach, VA
6D6 substitutes for Mark in the title match.

23.Assault and Battery: Diamond Victor Griff and Carlos Hottness
05/02/2009-Suffolk, VA

24.The Set (Lance Lude and J-Sinn)
02/27/2010-Virginia Beach, VA
Defeated Hallstars and Phil Brown and The Reason in a 3-way match.

25.Hallstars [3]
06/04/2011-Norfolk, VA

26.Chatch and Krotch
12/03/2011-Hampton, VA

27.Hallstars [4]
04/21/2012-Norfolk, VA

18.Set (J-Sinn and Lance Lude)
12/15/2012-Norfolk, VA

28.The Firm (Shorty Smalls and Mr. Class)
06/01/2013-Norfolk, VA
By default

29.Platinum Enforcers (Phil Brown and C.W. Anderson)
02/01/2014-Norfolk, VA
Defeated The Firm (Shorty Smalls and Mr. Class) (c) and the Geordie Bulldogs in 3-way match.

30. Geordie Bulldogs (Sean Denny and Mark Denny) [2]
12/06/2014-Norfolk, VA

31.Pink Pride Nation (Frankie Fontaine and Irresistible Isaiah)
07/25/2015-Norfolk, VA

Title Vacant
Pink Pride Nation (Frankie Fontaine and Irresistible Isaiah) were stripped for failure to defend.

32.Hellcats (Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve)
03/05/2016-Hampton, VA
Defeated the Hallstars (Ross Hall and James Hall)

33.Phil Brown and J.J. Blake
04/01/2017-Norfolk, VA

34.Hellcats: Jimmy Starz and Sexy Steve [2]
10/07/2017-Norfolk, VA

35.Gangrel and Kevin Thorn
07/28/2018-Norfolk, VA

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