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(Los Angeles)


June 14, 1957--1968

From Wrestling Title Histories
by Royal Duncan & Gary Will
with additional information from Matt Benaka

1.Edouard Carpentier
06/14/57-Chicago, IL
Edouard Carpentier was allegedly recognized as the first Los Angeles based World Wrestling Association Champion because of a victory over National Wrestling Alliance Champion Lou Thesz.

2.Fred Blassie
06/12/61-Los Angeles, CA
Fred Blassie won the title when doctors ruled Carpentier was unable to continue in the third fall.

03/28/62-Los Angeles, CA

4.Fred Blassie (2)
07/25/62-Los Angeles, CA
Blassie won the match on cuts.

5.The Destroyer
07/27/62-San Diego, CA

6.Fred Blassie (3)
05/10/63-Los Angeles, CA

7.Bearcat Wright
08/23/63-Los Angeles, CA
Bearcat Wright defeated Blassie by countout.

8.Edouard Carpentier (2)
12/16/63-Indio, CA
Carpentier won the match against Wright by forfeit when Wright no-showed a scheduled defense.

9.Fred Blassie (4)
01/30/64-Los Angeles, CA

10.Dick The Bruiser
04/22/64-Los Angeles, CA

11.The Destroyer (2)
07/22/64-Los Angeles, CA
The Destroyer {Dick Beyer} won the title from Dick The Bruiser on a countout. The Bruiser still claimed to be champion and began his own Indianapolis based WWA federation with himself as their first champion.

12.Bob Ellis
09/10/64-Los Angeles, CA

13.The Destroyer (3)
11/13/64-San Diego, CA
The Destroyer won the match on cuts.

12/04/64-Tokyo, JAPAN
Toyonobori's title victory was not acknowledged in North America.
Destroyer returned to California as champion.

15.Pedro Morales
03/12/65-Los Angeles, CA

16.Luke Graham
07/23/65-Los Angeles, CA
Toyonobori arrived from JAPAN with the title he won from Destroyer.
Luke Graham defeated Toyonobori for the title.

17.Pedro Morales (2)
10/17/65-Los Angeles, CA

18.Buddy Austin
08/05/66-Los Angeles, CA

19.Bobo Brazil
09/02/66-Los Angeles, CA
Bobo Brazil won the match on cuts.

20.Buddy Austin (2)
09/16/66-Los Angeles, CA

21.Lou Thesz
10/14/66-Los Angeles, CA

22.Mark Lewin
10/28/66-Los Angeles, CA

23.III Kim
05/09/67-Seoul, SOUTH KOREA

24.Mike Dibiase
07/28/67-Los Angeles, CA

25.Buddy Austin (3)
08/25/67-Los Angeles, CA

26.Bobo Brazil (2)
01/12/68-Los Angeles, CA
The Los Angeles based WWA joined the NWA in 1968 and began to recognize Gene Kiniski as world champion.
The union caused the WWA World Title to become abandoned.

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