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December 12, 2009--Present

Compiled by Brian Westcott

1.Tyler Veritas
12/12/2009-Philadelphia, PA (The Arena)
Defeated Adam Cole in tournament final to become the first champion.
CZW Cage of Death XI

2.Drew Gulak
04/10/2010-Philadelphia, PA

3.Jake Crist
07/09/2011-Philadelphia, PA

4.Dave Crist
04/14/2012-Voorhees, NJ

5.A.R. Fox
07/14/2012-Voorhees, NJ
Reigning CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion, wins a double title match.

6.Alex Colon
09/14/2013-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated A.R. Fox (c), Shane Strickland, and Andrew Everett in 4-way match.

7.Devon Moore
01/11/2014-Voorhees, NJ

8.Shane Strickland
03/08/2014-Voorhees, NJ

9.Joe Gacy
07/30/2014-Blackwood, NJ

10.Shane Strickland [2]
08/13/2014-Blackwood, NJ

11.Joe Gacy [2]
12/13/2014-Voorhees, NJ

12.Frankie Pickard
07/01/2015-Blackwood, NJ

13.Tim Donst
07/11/2015-Philadelphia, PA

14.Joey Janela
10/10/2015-Voorhees, NJ

15.Lio Rush
03/26/2016-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated Joey Janela, Dave Crist, and David Starr in 4-way match.

16.Joey Janela [2]
03/26/2017-Voorhees, NJ

17.Johnny Yuma
03/26/2017-Port Huemene, CA

18.Maxwell Jacob Friedman 19.Joey Janela [3]
10/14/2017-Sewell, NJ

20.Maxwell Jacob Friedman [2]
12/09/2017-Sewell, NJ

Title Vacant

21.Rey Fenix
08/04/2017-Dayton, OH
Defeated A.R. Fox in tournament final to become the final champion; has defeated Shane Strickland in semi-final; Friedman has lost to Strickland in the first round.

Title Vacant
Maxwell Jacob Friedman is stripped of the title on 2018/04/14 for throwing the belt on the ground.

22.Zachary Wentz
05/12/2018-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated Alex Reynolds, John Silver, and Wheeler YUTA in 4-way match.

23.Ace Austin
09/07/2018-Dayton, OH
PWR Scramble champion, defaets Zachary Wentz* and DTU Alto Impact champion Alex Colon in a 3-way triple title match.

09/08/2018-Voorhees, NJ
Defeated Austin, Jordan Oliver, and K.C. Navarro in a 4-way match for CZW Wired Title; Austin keeps DTU and PWR titles.

25.Jordan Oliver
10/13/2018-Voorhees, NJ

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