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Coast Currents #33
1) Julie Apostulu interview with Allen Ahtow: The Farmers Market
2) Coast Critters with Teresa Hurray tells us about the Swenson's Thrush
3) Noyo River Bird Watching Trip

Coast Currents #32
Steve Antler talks with Sheriff Tom Allman about his book "Out There in the Woods"

Coast Currents #31
1) BookTalk - Christie Olson Day talks with author s.e smith
2) Coast Critters with Teresa Hurray tells us about the American Kestral
3) Alan Ahtow talks with Tony Philips on the New Model Railway

Coast Currents #30
1) In the Studio with Alan Ahtow - Interview with Rod Jones about Abalone Watch
2) Coast Critters: Teresa Hurray talks about Ringtail Cats
3) Everything Edibble - Guest Marty Johnson with the Fort Bragg Grange

Coast Currents #29
1) BookTalk - Christie Olson Day talks with Jane Futcher,
author of "Women Gone Wild"
2) Coast Critters: Teresa Hurray talks about Black Oyster Catchers
3) Alan Ahtow talks to Bobbie Beacon about the Beacon Light Bar in Elk

Coast Currents #28
1) Coast Critters: Teresa Hurray talks about Skunks
2) Alan Ahtow talks about the B. Bryan Preserve

Coast Currents #27
1) Alan Ahtow interviews local Artist Yarrow Summer in her studio
2) Coast Critters: Teresa Hurray talks about Mountain Lions in Mendocino
3) BookTalk with Christi Olson - Day talking with local author Sid Garza-Hillman about hid book "APPROACHING THE NATURAL: A Health Manifesto.

Coast Currents #26
November 2012
1) BookTalk - Christie Olson Day talks with Jerry Duberstein and Mary Ellen Goggin about their new book, "Relationship Transformation"
2) Coast Critters with Teresa talking Wild Turkey
3) Alan Ahtow talks with author Heidi Cusick Dickerson and photographer Tom Liden co authors of "Mendocino Roots & Ridges", newly published by the Mendocino County Museum.

Coast Currents #25
October 2012
1) BookTalk - Christie Olson Day with author Jane Galer about her historical novel,
"The Navigator's Wife"
2) Coast Critters, Teresa Talks of Banana Slugs
3) Abalone Cook off

Coast Currents #24
September 2012
1) Alan Ahtow talks with Musician Steven Bates
2) Coast Critters- Raccoons
3) Shoreline 2012 Rodeo

Coast Currents #23
Book Talk Special- Christie Olson Day talk with Doug Fine, author of "Too High to Fail",
a book based on Mendocino county on the need for the legalization of Marijuana

Coast Currents #22
1) BookTalk Christie Olson Day Hyla Shifra Bolsta author of "The Illuminated Kaddish"
2) Coast Critters, California Quail
3) Alan Ahtow talks with Carolyne Cathey, Ex Dir of Mendocino Area Parks Assoc. (MAPA)

Coast Currents #21
1) Erica Fielder, Eco Artist talks with Alan Ahtow about her Interpretive Panels
2) Coast Critters ground squirrels
3) Vicki Fraser talks with Alan Ahtow about the California Rug Project

Coast Currents #20
1) Johanna Jensen talks about Peanque with Alan Ahtow
2) BookTalk- Christie Olson Day talks with local author Joel Schwartz about his memoir called a "A Daoist Journey in China
3) Susan Waterfall talks about chinese music and demonstrates chinese tea ceremony

Coast Currents #19
1) Lindsay Shields- Ex Dir of Mendocino Art Center talks the Alan Ahtow,
2) Local Author Ginny Rorby talks about her new book "Lost in the River of Grass" with Linda Rosengarten
3) Coast Critters Teresa tells us about Snowy Plovers

Coast Currents #18
1) Book Talk Christine Lindauer talks with Alice Ivec about her book "My Life on the Ranch by Big River"
2) World Book day Elizabeth & Christie Olson Day
3) The 2012 Cary Letsinger Memorial Fort Bragg Ice Bowl

Coast Currents #17
1) Interview with Robert Goleman and Sandy Glickfield, by Alan Ahtow.
2) Interview with poetry slamaster Christina Perez, by Elizabeth Swenson.
3) Interview with Justin Calvino of Regenerative Design Center, by Elizabeth Swenson.

Coast Currents #16
1) Interview with Tim Hallanan, by Ruth Sparks.
2) Coast Critters: Theresa Hurray and Fred Andews on owls.
3) Alan Ahtow interviews Robert Pinoli, owner/operator of the Skunk Train

Coast Currents #15
1) Interview with medical hypnotherapist Alena Guest, by Alan Ahtow.
2) Coast Critters: Theresa Hurray and Fred Andrews discuss the grey fox.
3) Interview with Anne Cole of Leadership Mendocino, by Sara Bodnar.

Coast Currents #14
1) Ruth Sparks (Mendocino Study Club) Interviews Rick Hanks who discusses the California National monument.
2) Interview with Linda Macahilas about the North Coast Toy Run, by Elizabeth Swenson.
3) Interview with David “Sus” Susalla of the Gualala Arts Center, by Alan Ahtow

Coast Currents #13
1) Johanna Jensen from Cowlicks discusses mushroom ice cream
2) Debra Dawson and dried mushrooms
3) Mushroom dyes
4) Alan Ahtow Interviews Eric Shramm – Mendocino Mushrooms

Coast Currents #12
1) Best Fish-n-Chips spots in Fort Bragg, with Samantha and Michelle
2) Coast Critters: black tail deer
3) Ruth Sparks talks about promoting Fort Bragg and the coast with Samantha Armbruster
4) Knife sharpeners at the Fort Bragg Farmer’s Market

Coast Currents #11
1) Best hiking spots in Fort Bragg with Samantha and Michelle)
2) Coast Critters: river otter
3) Alan Ahtow Interviews Forest Naylor- writer/director of “Sundays”
4) Tour of the local Farmer’s Market

Coast Currents #10
1) Alan Ahtow Interviews photographer Rita Crane

Coast Currents #9
1) Samantha Armbuster Interviews Captain Cass of the Sea Glass Museum
2) Coast Critters: Teresa talks of Ospreys
3) Alan Ahtow Interviews Dan Gjerde

Coast Currents #8
1) Soroptimist Quilt Show
2) McErricher State Park
3) Interview with Margaret Fox, by Alan Ahtow)
4) Highlights from the County Wide High School Slam Contest)

Coast Currents #7
1) Tour of beaches in Fort Bragg with Samantha and Michelle)
2) Alan Ahtow Interviews Linda Pack, Noyo Food Forest executive director
3) Samantha Armbruster Interviews Skunk Train conductor Chuck Whitlock

Coast Currents #6
1) SPECIAL: Alan Ahtow Interviews Anderson Valley author Bruce Patterson

Coast Currents #5
1) Giants World Series Trophy Visit to Fort Bragg
2) The Ice Bowl Benefit at College of the Redwoods
3) Best of Fort Bragg team reviews restaurants serving Fish Tacos)
4) Interview with Fred Anders from State Parks discussing Grey Whale migration, Samanth Armbruster
5) Crabbing trip on The Tailstar out of Noyo Harbor

Coast Currents #4
1) Sammers & Jammers tour of bars and pubs of Fort Bragg)
2) Annual Virgine de Guadalupe Festival
3) Alan Ahtow interviews Scott Schneider of Visit Mendocino County(VMC)

Coast Currents #3
1) Dias des las Muertes
2) Samantha Armbruster Interviews Dietmar Krumrey, from Lost Coast Culture Machine
3) Tour of side walk gardens with Fort Bragg Garden Club
4) Alan Ahtow Interviews author Ronnie James about her book “Touching Wings Touching Wild”

Coast Currents #2
1) Sammers & Jammers review local non profit breakfasts
2) The Coast Trail Acquisition Ceremony
3) 2010 Abalone Cook-Off and Festival
4) Alan Ahtow interviews Zida Borcich from Studio Z Mendocino

Coast Currents #1
1) Whale watching equipment
2) Swing Dancing
3) Patterson’s Irish Pub - Local History
4) Irish Set Dancing

Coast Critters

Seal Rookery
River Otter

Other Features

CC#2: GP Trail Opening
CC#3: Best of Grange Breakfasts
CC#5: Grey Whale Migration
CC#5: Ice Bowl
CC#5: Crabbing
CC#7: Best of Beaches
CC#9: Interview with Capt) Cass
CC#27: In the Studio with Heidi Cusick-Dickerson and Tom Liden

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