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      TeleMendo Live Redux

Individual perfomances from TeleMendo Live! the MCTV Telethon aired on September 17, 2011

Mike Ward and
John Bush

Run Time: 00:22:50

Earl Oliver
Run Time: 00:24:01

The Whales
Run Time: 00:20:41

Alajandro Yanez
Run Time: 00:2318

David Brown
Run Time: 00:21:42

The Rose Knight Band
Run Time: 00:23:08

John Pitts and
John Bush

Run Time: 00:20:16

Run Time: 00:26:19

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Mickey and
Elizabeth Zekley

Run Time: 00:26:19

Marcus McCallem
and John Bush

Run Time: 00:22:13

Ira Rosenberg
and the Senior
Center Jazz Chorus

Run Time: 00:19:37

Billy Schieve
and John Bush

Run Time: 00:25:17

Toby Lurie
Run Time: 00:18:51

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