Black Kachina

The Adventures of Champion (1955–1956)

The exploits of Champion, a wild stallion who befriends twelve year-old Ricky North in the American Southwest in the 1880's. Although Ricky, who lived on his Uncle Sandy's ranch, had a magnetic attraction for trouble, he was always rescued by the Wonder Horse, aided by the boy's other bosom companion, German shepherd dog, Rebel.
The Saddle Tramp
Crossroad Trail
Salted Ground
Medicine Man Mystery
Lost River
Renegade Stallion
Canyon of Wanted Men
Challenge of the West
The Outlaw's Secret
Hangman's Noose
King of the Rodeo
A Bugle for Ricky
The Stone Heart
The Deer Hunters
Johnny Hands Up
Black Kachina
Rails West
Andrew and the Deadly Double
Bad Men of the Valley
The Return of Red Cloud
Brand of the Lawless
The Die-Hards
Calhoun Rides Again

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