Alcoa Theatre (1957-1960)

Alcoa Theatre was a half-hour American anthology series telecast on NBC at 9:30 pm on Monday nights from September 30, 1957–May 23, 1960. The program also aired under the title Turn of Fate. Alcoa Theatre was syndicated together with Goodyear Theatre as Award Theatre. In 1955, The Alcoa Hour premiered in a one-hour format aired on Sunday nights, but it was reduced to 30 minutes, retitled Alcoa Theatre, and moved to Monday evening in 1957. The show employed an alternating rotating company of actors: David Niven, Robert Ryan, Jane Powell, Jack Lemmon and Charles Boyer.
Most Likely to Succeed
Strange Occurrence
Town Budget
The Dark File
High Class Type of Mongrel
Goodbye Johnny
Operation Spark
Day the Devil Hid
Small Bouquet
Longhouse on Avenue A
Minister Accused
Face to Face
The Tweed Hat
The Glorious Fourth
333 Montgomery Street
The Silent Kill
How's Business

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