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Alfred Hitchcock Hour (1962-1965)

A continuation of the dramatic anthology series hosted by the master of suspense and mystery. When the series Alfred Hitchcock Presents was revived in 1962, the name was changed, but the format stayed fairly true to the original. In each episode, viewers would be strung along with the story, never knowing which way the final twist would turn. The entire series is here.
The Joyful Woman
Wearing Blue Jeans
The Dark Pool
Dear Uncle George
Run For Doom
Death of a Cop
Season 2
Away From Home
A Nice Touch
Terror At Northfield
The Death Of Me
Blood Bargain
Nothing Ever Happens
Starring the Defense
The Cadaver
The Dividing Wall
Good-bye, George
Get Rid of Your Wife
Three Wives Too Many
The Magic Shop
The Sea of Death
Night Caller
The Evil of Adelaide Winters
The Jar
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